Paper ReferenceNameAuthors
PS1.001Are our obese, diabetic patients controlled properly?Maria Jose Agueros Fernandez (ES), A Perez Martin, L Ruiz Pastor, JR Lopez Lanza, C Huidobro Dosal, P Aguilera Samaniego, C de la Hoz Regules, A Avellaneda Fernandez, MA Pereda Garcia, MA Gandara Revuelta, A Nofan Maayah, R Lopez Videras
PS1.002Study of the control of diabetic patients with adverse cardiovascular events. Are we controlling high risk correctly?Maria Jose Agueros Fernandez (ES), A Perez Martin, JL Hernandez Hernandez, JR Lopez Lanza, L Ruiz Pastor, C de la Hoz Regules, MA Pereda Garcia, M Gago Bustamante, A Alonso Gonzalez, J Linio Mateos, E Calderon Ortiz, F Ruiz Guerrero
PS1.003Do we control diabetic patients according to international recommendations?Maria Jose Agueros Fernandez (ES), A Perez Martin, JL Hernandez Hernandez, JR Lopez Lanza, L Ruiz Pastor, C De La Hoz Regules, Ma Pereda Garcia, M Gago Bustamante, A Alonso Gonzalez, J Linio Mateos, E Calderon Ortiz, F Ruiz Guerrero
PS1.004Intraosseous infusion: a good alternativeInmaculada Redondo Puelles (ES), E Almenar Cubells, D Diaz Gil, V Navalon Monllor, E Hernandez Hernandez, J Alonso Oro, A Alabor lloret, A Quile Raga, P Quijano Baos, O Perez Quintana, M Zapata Perez
PS1.005Cardiovascular risk and ankle-brachial index evolution in a population cohort at 5 years of follow-upMaria Teresa Alzamora (ES), J Alegre, B López, R Forés(1,2,4), G Pera, A Heras, M Sorribes, M Valverde, P Torán
PS1.006Progression and risk factors of peripheral arterial disease in a population cohort after 5 years of follow-upMaria Teresa Alzamora (ES)R Forés, M Viozquez, A Sancho, G Corroto, JM Baena-Díez, G Pera, R Inglada, C Vela, J López-Grado, P Torán
PS1.007Cutaneous ulcer - dermoscopyMaria Teresa Alzamora (ES), R Inglada, M Escofet, M Martinez de Lagran, P Perez, J Alegre, B Lopez, A Heras, A Clos
PS1.008Dyspnea at 66Diego Ámez Rafael (ES), S Muñoz de la Casa, B Robles Casado
PS1.009Getting diagnosis with an abdominal xrayDiego Ámez Rafael (ES), B Guerrero Barranco, N Rivera Rodríguez
PS1.010Health conditions and healthcare expenses among undergraduate students at Prince of Songkla University receiving medical care at Songklanagarind HospitalWadee Amruklert (TH)
PS1.011Overcoming challenges in a young woman with uncontrolled asthma despite inhaled corticosteroid therapyMari Carmen Anton Sanz (ES), MA Sanchez Calso
PS1.012Factors associated with malnutrition in patients in home care.Maria del Carmen Arias Blanco (ES), B Muñoz Díaz, J Martinez de la Iglesia, J Redondo Sánchez, R Escuder Egea, S Ruiz Rejano, M Marin Lobo
PS1.013Prevalence and conditioning factors for breastfeeding on São Miguel IslandTânia Bairos (PT), J Carvalho, F Valente, A Machado, M Rodrigues, M Tavares, B Sheremeta, J Medeiros
PS1.014How do we manage the heart failure in primary health care?Olivera Batic-Mujanovic (BA), L Dzafic, L Gavran, E Alibasic, S Kreitmayer Pestic, E Ramic
PS1.015Questionnaire based urinal dysfunction measurement in daily family doctor practice. A two-countries comparative studyAntanas Bliudzius (LT), L Mada, A Chiticariu, AI Banaite, V Kasiulevicius, E Danescu
PS1.016Men awareness and participation in prostate cancer screening programAgnieska Ieva Banaite (LT), A Bliudzius, V Kasiulevicius
PS1.017The use of simplified I-PSS questionnaire in family doctor practiceAntanas Bliudzius (LT), A Ieva Banaite, V Kasiulevicius
PS1.018Total cholesterol level association with cholesterol controlling therapy in patients with elevated cardiovascular risk in LatviaJanis Blumfelds (LV)
PS1.019The role of family doctor in cardiovascular risk factors' screening in Istrian county: the importance of user-friendly it supportMorena Butkovic (HR), K Bonassin
PS1.020Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm screening in Primary Care: prevalence and diagnostic concordance.Laura Bravo Merino (ES), R Maroto Salmon, A Fañanás Mastral, N González Lozano, G Meijide Santos
PS1.021What medical students think about LGBT people and their health needs?Ülkü Bulut (TR), D Güldal, D Altiparmak, A Uzuner
PS1.022Program for improvement of pneumococcal vaccination in adults with risk factors in primary care Juan Cabre (ES), L Torrente, A Lopez, V Salvado, E Vicente, A-F Salinas, H-J Ledezma, R Sagarra, R Frigola, C Chancho
PS1.023Experience about an educational activity on differential diagnosis - Dr House’s Workshops Esperanza Vicente (ES), J Cabre, R Sagarra, L Dudasu, A Baquero, C Chancho, J Vizcaino
PS1.024Health education in patients with congestive heart failure followed in primary careLuis Antonio Calleja Cartón (ES), M del Carmen Faz García, S Ruz Portero, E Alarcón Pariente, G Martinez Alonso, J Paz Galiana
PS1.025Diabetes mellitus type 2: control and complicationsJuan Paz Galiana (ES), G Martinez Alonso, M Del Carmen Faz García, LA Calleja Cartón, M Méndez Ramos, JF Luis Sorroche
PS1.026Functional assessment and level of dependence in eldery patients of a rural population; correlation sociodemographicLuis Antonio Calleja Cartón (ES), M del Carmen Faz García, J Paz Galiana, G Martinez Alonso, JP García Paine, S Ruz Portero
PS1.027AIDS patient with lymphoepithelial cyst of the parotid gland associatedLuis Antonio Calleja Cartón (ES), I Mayorga Chamorro, J Paz Galiana, G Martinez Alonso, M del Carmen Faz García, JP García Paine
PS1.028Presentation lung carcinoma in a young patient, carcinoid tumorLuis Antonio Calleja Cartón (ES), E Calleja Cartón, JP Garcia Paine, J Paz Galiana, M Del Carmen Faz García, S Ruz Portero, G Martinez Alonso
PS1.029Atypical presentation of lung cancer as pneumothoraxLuis Antonio Calleja Cartón (ES), E Calleja Cartón, J Paz Galiana, JP García Paine, M del Carmen Faz García, S Ruz Portero, G Martinez Alonso
PS1.030Neck pain as a symptom diagnosis of lung cancer. Warning signsLuis Antonio Calleja Cartón (ES), I Mayorga Chamorro, JP Garcia Paine, J Paz Galiana, M del Carmen Faz García, S Ruz Portero, G Martinez Alonso
PS1.031Myocardial infarction: prognosis and quality of life in elderly patientsLuis Antonio Calleja Cartón (ES), M del Carmen Faz García, M Ariza González, ML Morales Sutil, J Paz galiana, S Ruz Portero
PS1.032Temporary distal cyanosis: a case reportJuan Paz Galiana (ES), M Ariza González, M del Carmen Faz García, LA Calleja Cartón
PS1.033Role of point-of-care tests in adults with acute haryngitis in primary careOlga Calviño Dominguez (ES), S Hernandez Anadon, C LLor VIla, S Crispi Cifuentes, A Moragas Moreno, F Gomez Bertomeu, L Palacios Llamazares, M Hernández Anadón, JM Cots Yago, C Bayona Faro
PS1.034Healthy ageing the truth behind the curtainAna Cláudia Magalhães (PT), S Vilar Santos, T Caridade
PS1.035Actinic keratosis and squamous cell carcinomaAna Campos Portela (PT), MI Oliveira, M Ribeiro
PS1.036Platelet count increases in smoking pregnantsZeliha Cansever (TR), M Oncel, R Selimoglu, T Cengiz, H Alptekin, A Deniz
PS1.037Active listening and therapeutic touch in primary careCarmen Carrazoni (ES), E Perpinyà, MJ Morro, R Casas, M Pérez, M Diamanti
PS1.038Meningioma: a diagnosis in Family MdicineAna Carvalho (PT), A Fernandes
PS1.039Association between silicone breast implants and autoimmune diseases: is there any evidence?Rute Carvalho (PT), AF Lima, J Barreira, V Guedes
PS1.040Benign breast disease: management in the primary care settingRute Carvalho (PT), MT Pedro
PS1.041Polymyalgia rheumatica: the pain that matters (regarding a clinical case)Raquel Carvalho-Ferreira (PT), C Costa, E Fernandes
PS1.042Prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in young patient in the province of Ciudad Real. SpainMario Andrés Castillo Wisman (ES), Y Stark
PS1.043Prevalence of nocturnal leg cramps in the overall populationMario Andrés Castillo Wisman (ES), N Carvajal Vogschtmid, JL Del Burgo Fernández
PS1.044Receiving preconception care of pregnant women and related factorsYasemin Cayir (TR), S Zortul, M Navruz
PS1.045Application of the telemedicine for the optimal control of asthma patientsCarmen Celada Roldan (ES), PJ Tarraga Lopez, J Panisello Royo, A Celada Rodriguez, FJ Callejas Gonzalez, A Molina, L Tarraga Marcos
PS1.046Correlation between dental caries and diet, oral hygiene habits, and other indicators among elementary students in Xiulin-township, Hualien-county, TaiwanYi-Chen Cheng (TW), H-K Huang, C-H Wu, C-C Chen, J-I Yeh
PS1.047Polypharmacy among residents in a nursing home in SingaporeSeng Kwing Cheong (SG), TY Wong, LK Tan
PS1.048Trend in morbid obesity prevalene in Korea adults, 2002 - 2013Kyunghee Cho (KR), J Lee, D Kim, E Choi
PS1.049Prevalence of Aspirin prescription among type 2 diabetic patients in Songklanagarind Hospital Rattanaporn Chootong (TH)
PS1.050Knowledge, attitudes and practices ( KAP) of primary care healthcare providers towards childhood pneumococcal vaccination in SingaporeAngelia Chua (SG), PH Tan
PS1.051Primary care physicians’ knowledge of ACGME core competenciesAngelia Chua (SG)
PS1.052Correct inequality in health for handicap patients with the development of exercise machineSeekaow Churproong (TH), P Jongkol, K Pasayadej, S Chadsarin, P Watakit
PS1.053Family physicians’ approach and knowledge about the use of child car safety seats and seat beltsFatma Goksin Cihan (TR), F Gokgoz Durmaz, R Kutlu
PS1.054Mediterranean boutonneuse fever a case in primary careAlexandra Company (ES), N Selvi, M Rosich, M Navarro
PS1.055Hypertension in the elderly: characterisation of a sample of patients in a primary care health unitAndré Correia (PT)
PS1.056Renal function and glycemic control in metformin-treated diabetic patients – a cross-sectional studyAndré Correia (PT), AR Costa, F Fernandes
PS1.057“Metformin + PPI = -B12?” – Prescription study in diabetic patients of a primary health care unitAndré Correia (PT)
PS1.058Central hemodynamics and hypertension: assessment in a Portuguese public health center population - research protocolPedro Coutinho (PT), A Alves, J Castanheira, AC Silva, V Gomes, H Ferreira
PS1.059Current evidence of calcium supplementation during pregnancyPedro Coutinho (PT), J Castanheira, Â Alves, AC Silva, V Gomes, Helena Ferreira
PS1.060A case report of a confirmed Zika virus imported infection in BarcelonaElvira Couto Jaime (ES), D Piñango, F Pont Barrio, J Muñoz Gutierrez, V Rubio Plana, E Sequeira, M Martinez
PS1.061Case study of an abrupt statin intolerance - crucial role of family physiciansRafael Cunha (PT)
PS1.062Epilepsy in Celiac disease: a case-report Miguel Damas (PT)
PS1.063The relationship between hyperuricemia and hypertension in primary care patientsHardisman Dasman (ID), FF Diana, RB Herman
PS1.064Antibiotic's utilisation in Croatia, 2005-2014: a preliminary resultsDanijela Daus-Sebedak (HR), M Vrcic Keglevic
PS1.065Ethics in HIV communicationTania Dias (PT), JP Águeda
PS1.066Eat to forgetTania Dias (PT)
PS1.067What is the effectiveness of topic probiotics in the prevention of recurrent vaginitis?Tania Dias (PT)
PS1.068Description of cervical cancer screening in a family health unit - a cross-sectional studyAna Diogo (PT), F Azevedo, A Madeira, I Pinhão
PS1.069The impact of risk factors on strokeBiljana Djukic (BA), S Kecman-Prodan, M Krmpot- Knezevic, N Radanovic, L Buzadzija
PS1.070Uterine cancer mortality trends in TurkeyNurhan Dogan (TR), N Sensoy, I Dogan
PS1.071When is too much water?Diana Dominguez Jimenez (ES), IC Sanchez, M Sanchez
PS1.072Febrile syndrome: importance of the clinical interviewDiana Dominguez Jimenez (ES), MA Moreno Fontiveros, R Muñoz Maya
PS1.073Looking trough dysmenorrheaDiana Dominguez Jimenez (ES), MA Moreno Fontiveros, R Muñoz Maya
PS1.074Young women with hemorragic stroke: HTA with a bad controlDiana Dominguez Jimenez (ES), DM Sanchez, B Arza Varo
PS1.075Awareness of vitamin B12 deficiency in type 2 diabetics on long-term Metformin amongst Irish general practionersEdel Doorley (IE), AJ Reeves
PS1.076Identifying cases of violence against women and children: an essential skill set in family medicineElisabeth Engeljakob (PH), MTT Bautista, R Piano, MG Rosal, GL Diaz
PS1.077Bioethics: the percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubeMarina Escofet Peris (ES), A Sas, V Vallespin, M De Lagrán Soria
PS1.078Sixth nerve palsy, abducens palsyMarina Escofet Peris (ES), A Sas, M de Lagrán Soria, I Exposito, A Yarrin, C Aguilar
PS1.079A study of patient anxiety before surgical operationAudrone Fabijanskiene (LT), A Vaiciuniene, D Vaitekuniene, J Pudziuveliene, V Simatoniene, L Jaruseviciene
PS1.080implementation of a cooperative movement in general practiceJannik Falhof (DK), C Lynge, N Evaldsen, H Kjær
PS1.081Dysphagia plus candidiasis (almost) ruined a marriageAndreia Fernandes (PT), M Oliveira
PS1.082The vagina as a potential reservoir for enterobius vermicularis? A ten year-old female child with recurrent pinworm infectionAna Teresa Fernandes (PT), AI Costa, J Teixeira, C Antunes
PS1.083Quality assessment and improvement in registering the diagnosis of osteoporosisAna Teresa Fernandes (PT), F Dinis
PS1.084Dizziness: a clinical approach in primary health careAna Teresa Fernandes (PT), J Teixeira
PS1.085Pregnancy after 65 years? A Case ReportAna Teresa Fernandes (PT), S Leite
PS1.086A preventable deathCarmen Celada (ES), MS Fernánandez, AC Coman
PS1.087Insertion of intrauterine device (IUD)María Fernandez Zambrano (ES), C Navarro Robles, EM Romero Rodríguez
PS1.088Fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome: are they related?Mafalda Ferreira (PT)
PS1.089Evaluation and quality improvement for obtaining written informed consent in family planning proceduresAna Margarida Ferreira (PT), T Tavares, J Gonçalves, A Baptista, P Vasconcelos, A Pinho, S Aleixo, P Loureiro
PS1.090Characterization of contraception in women in perimenopause from two Family Health Units Ana Margarida Ferreira (PT), AM Correia, M Rocha, T Tavares
PS1.091“Dr, I prefer to have pimples!” - a clinical case on the effects of isotretinoin Ana Margarida Ferreira (PT), AM Correia, M Rocha, T Tavares, E Monteiro
PS1.092Should I stay or should I go? - My Istanbul pre conference exchangeAna Beatriz Figueiredo (PT)
PS1.093Usefulness of urinalysis in primary health careLiliana Fonte Dias (PT), J Pinto de Sousa
PS1.094Is diabetic dermopathy interesting to search in a GP's office? Why?Pierre Frances (FR), A Poya, B Suzanne
PS1.095Is it important for a GP to know dermatological signs of type 2 diabetes?Pierre Frances (FR), A Poya, M Neil, T Jean-Eudes
PS1.096The age of patients with chronic pain and the experience of chronic pain and quality of lifeZlata Frasto (BA), A Lasic, N Ferizovic, F Husic, L Kurtalic, L Salcer-Sunjic
PS1.097Hair loss in a young girlLuísa Freitas (PT), C Morais
PS1.098Preventive health consultations with disadvantaged 20-44-year-old patients in general practice, Denmark. The general practitioners experiences. Questionnaire and focus group interviewKirsten Schierup Freund (DK), J Lous
PS1.099Prevalence of urinary incontinence in elderly in Baanpru city Hatyai district Songkhla provinceOrapan Fumaneeshoat (TH)
PS1.100Vulnerable populations in healthcare: immigrants, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic positionNelva Mariela Gallardo Aguilar (ES)
PS1.101Differential diagnosis of patients with important hyperhidrosisPaula Garcia Acosta (ES), L García Rebertos, A Santamaría Godoy, S Maadi Ahmed, J Martinez Estevez, A Tomás Vizcaíno
PS1.102Chilaiditi syndrome as incidental finding in a patient with abdominal painJuan Pablo García Paine (ES), D Cobos Guillot, T González-Granda García
PS1.103Unusual complications of frecuent diseases: diabetic amyotrophyLorena García Rebertos (ES), J Martínez Estevez, A Santamaria Godoy, P García Acosta, A Tomás Vizcaíno, S Maadi Ahmed
PS1.104Emotions and opinions of women with psychosocial disconfort in relation to therapeutical intervention through a self-help groupVicente Jose Gavara Palomar (ES), J Mroz, C Ariza Copado, I Santos Carillo, B Badillo Puerta, M Soto Martinez, M Perez Jimenez, L Bolivar Romero, F Alcazar Manzanera, F Aguera Mengual, MJ Conesa Espejo, M Boksan
PS1.105Lumbar pain in young male. Why shound we not underestimate the enemy.Vicente Jose Gavara Palomar (ES), J Mroz, B Badillo Puerta, Il Santos Carillo, A Martinez Más, C Ariza Copado, M Sanchez Alaminos, D Martinez Antequera, F Alcarar Manzanera, R Gomez Garcia, S Garcia Meseguer, A Zapata
PS1.106Atherosclerosis as the main challenge of prevention in family medicine practiceLarisa Gavran (BA), B Pojskic, O Batic-Mujanovic, A Alic, S Prasko, E Ramic, I Gledo
PS1.107Swallowing functions and activities of daily living impact for anxiety and depression symptoms in palliative care patientsBerk Geroglu (TR), FM Alanyali, H Mergen, Y Kilic Öztürk
PS1.108Endometriosis - a reflection concercing the role of the family physicianMargarida Gil Conde (PT), R Ramos
PS1.109Is sleep deprivation in children related to weight gain? An evidenced-based reviewBeatriz Figueiredo (PT), M Garcês Gonçalves, MR Cunha, S Silva Amaral, M Gayo, A Rodrigues Teixeira, MM Bernardo
PS1.110Prevalence of Alzheimer´s disease in a primary health care centerPedro Alejandro Gonzales Flores (ES), S Sanchez Casco, M Pons Querol, P Rubinstein Aguñin
PS1.111Claude Bernard Horner syndromePedro Alejandro Gonzales Flores (ES), S Sanchez, J Ribas, A Diaz, MJ Narvaez
PS1.112FIRES… a rare epilepsy syndromeSusana Grilo Lourenço (PT), D Rodrigues, M Lopes, N Nunes, T Pereira Leite, R Ramalho, H Canilhas
PS1.113Beyond the differential diagnosis of chest painBeatriz Guerrero Barranco (ES), D Ámez Rafael, J Benitez Gil
PS1.114The importance of exploring the distal pulsesBeatriz Guerrero Barranco (ES), C Padilla del Campo, D Ámez Rafael
PS1.115Management of the most usual problems of contact lenses in primary careBeatriz Guerrero Barranco (ES), D Ámez Rafael, L López Puerta
PS1.116Occasional use of antimicrobials among patients taking oral anticoagulant therapy: is there any reason of concern?Silvia Hernandez Anadon (ES), J Ferre Rey, C Llor Vila, J Blade Creixenti, JL Piñol Moreso, O Calviño Dominguez, S Crispi Cifuntes, A Moragas Moreno, J Cots Yago, C de Diego Cabanes
PS1.117Glass foreign body in the lung: an unusual etiology of back painMaria Alba Herrero Mateu (ES), N Selvi Miralles, E Sant Arderiu, M Catalán Adell, S Yun Viladomat
PS1.118Chronic diarrhea… what do we think?Amparo Hervás Docon (ES), L Gené Huguet, JM Vilaseca, N Sánchez Ruano, C Ramírez Maestre, E Sant Arderiu
PS1.119Face and content validity plus psychometric properties of a symptom diary for patients with urinary tract infection in primary careAnne Holm (DK), G Cordoba, J Brodersen
PS1.120Vascular ultrasound screening of subclinical arteriosclerosis alongside with assessment of vulnerability in plaque evolution towards thromboembolic complications through the strain-elastographyMihai Iacob (RO), S Saftescu, M Ghiris, M Stoican
PS1.121Sadness as perceived by nursing home patientsKristina Riis Iden (NO), S Ruths, S Hjørleifsson
PS1.122Comparison of the effectiveness of leech therapy and TENS therapy in the treatment of primary osteoarthritis of the knee: A randomized controlled studyMemet Isik (TR), M Ugur, T Sari
PS1.123Prevalence of blood brotherhood among high school students in Erzurum and the effect of peer-led education on this practiceMemet Isik (TR), T Set, AS Khan, UZ Avsar, Z Cansever, H Acemoglu
PS1.124Branded and generic drugs in general practice: findings after switching to generic olanzapineDomenico Italiano (IT), E Spina
PS1.125Relationship between alcohol consumption and prostatic hyperplasia according to facial flushing after drinking in Korean men Hak Sun Jang (KR), JS Kim, SS Kim, J-G Jung, S-J Yoon, HJ Ang, HC Joung
PS1.126Teaching consultation skills to medical students using e-learningMerete Jørgensen (DK), K Witt
PS1.127The indication for mammography - case rapportVanja Jovanovic (RS)
PS1.128Overdoing in community medicine: a case report coping with a renal incidentalomasInbal Kadman-Aizic (IL), Tom Axelrod, Amnon Lahad
PS1.129Secondary prevention of diabetic retinopathy in patients with diabetes in a rural area of GreeceFoivos Evangelos Kakavitsas (GR), A Grammenandi, G Mpalis, S Zoupas, I Perrakis, K Pentari, D Tsara, E Vlachos
PS1.130Association between socioeconomic status and cancer screening in Koreans over 40 years in age based on the 2010-2012 KNHANESHee-Taik Kang (KR)
PS1.131High-risk drinking is associated with dyslipidemia in a different way, based on the 2010-2012 KNHANESHee-Taik Kang (KR)
PS1.132Microalbuminuria and diabetes mellitus at older age of lifeEnisa Karic (BA), E Ramic, R Smajlovic, A Bajraktarevic, M Ramic, O Batic-Mujanovic, E Tupkovic
PS1.133Family medicine doctors' opinion about prostate cancer screening. A pilot studyRabee Kazan (ES), M Gavagnach, M Delgado, B de Pablo, M Serra, A Arevalo, L Foj, F Ferrer, X Filella, N Giménez
PS1.134Factors influencing alcohol consumption in adolescent at Khwao Sinarin district, Surin, Thailand 2016Nichakan Khunudom (TH), M Kiatkawinphong , P Subhaluksuksakorn, S Churproong, R Kongmueang
PS1.135Association between baseline thyroid stimulating hormone and changes in fasting free fatty acid and muscle mass in euthyroid menYun-Jin Kim (KR), H-R Hwang
PS1.136New Center for Education and Research for General Practice (CERGP) in CopenhagenUlrik Bak Kirk (DK), A Heltberg
PS1.137The relationship between uric acid and homocysteine levels based on alcohol-related facial flushingSunkyung Lee (KR), EC Kim, JS Kim, WC Uh, SY Choi, BS Jeong
PS1.138How is the formation of a resident primary care in a community hospital in Spain? It is exportable to Europe?Fernando Leiva-Cepas (ES), N Ramos Rodríguez, EM Romero Rodríguez, A Cabello Chanfreut, A López Matarín, J López Moreno, JM Madeira Martins, R Reyes Vallejo, RS Fernández Márquez, J.A Fernández García, LA Pérula de Torres, JL Zambrana García
PS1.139Alcohol and head trauma ... Why increase its incidence?Ferna Leiva-Cepas (ES), JI Moscosio Cuevas, N Ramos Rodríguez, EM Romero Rodríguez, I López-López, A Cabello Chanfreut, RJ Reyes Vallejo, L López-Marín, J Cuevas Cruces, A López Matarín, JM Madeira Martins, JA Fernández García
PS1.140Quality improvement projects in a family medicine residency programmeFong Seng Lim (SG)
PS1.141A review on the effects of antidepressants on the prevention of post-stroke depression in patients with acute strokeDerek Lim (SG)
PS1.142Use of oral steroids for otitis media with effusion treatment - evidence-based clinical reviewAna Filipa Lima (PT), R Carvalho
PS1.143Sibling risk of hospitalization for heart failure - a nationwide studyMagnus Lindgren (SE), JG Smith, X Li, J Sundquist, K Sundquist, B Zöller
PS1.144Socio-demographics could predispose an increase in falling riskI-Chia Liu (TW), W-R Yu, C-Y Ho, J-S Lee
PS1.145Influenza vaccination coverage in health care workers. Valencia Region (Spain). Seasons 2011/12 to 2015/16Jose Antonio Lluch-Rodrigo (ES), AM Alguacil-Ramos, A Portero-Alonso, E Pastor-Villalba
PS1.146Pneumococcal vaccination in people older 18 years by risk group. Valencia Region (Spain). Years 2014-2015Jose Antonio Lluch-Rodrigo (ES), E Pastor-Villalba, AM Alguacil-Ramos, A Portero-Alonso
PS1.147Influenza vaccination coverage in pregnancy. Valencia Region (Spain). Seasons 2011/12 to 2015/16Jose Antonio Lluch-Rodrigo (ES), AM Alguacil-Ramos, A Portero-Alonso, E Pastor-Villalba
PS1.148Analysis of the refusal of human papillomavirus and influenza vaccine. Valencian Region (Spain).Jose Antonio Lluch-Rodrigo (ES), E Pastor-Villalba, R Martin-Ivorra, A Portero-Alonso, AM Alguacil-Ramos
PS1.149What do our physicians know about their retirement?Victor Lopez-Marina (ES), D Rodriguez Vargas, R Alcolea Garcia, L Alonso Valles, S Maseda Garcia, E Bartolozzi, M Gardeñes, T Rama Martinez, G Pizarro Romero
PS1.150Knowledge of stroke in patients over 65 years old attended in primary careVictor Lopez-Marina (ES), T Rama Martinez, D Rodriguez Vargas, R Alcolea Garcia, P Beato Fernandez, R Rodo Bernado, G Pizarro Romero
PS1.151Drugs dealing in our clinic practiceCarmen María López Ríos (ES), J Zarco Manjavacas, A Ubiña Carbonero, J Paz Galiana, JP García Paine
PS1.152Abdominal pain in patient with chronical kidney failureCarmen María López Ríos (ES), J Zarco Manjavacas, A Ubiña Carbonero, J Paz Galiana, JP García Paine
PS1.153About a case of Guillain-Barre syndromeCarmen María López Ríos (ES), J Zarco Manjavacas, A Ubiña Carbonero, FJ Cervilla Suarez, JP García Paine
PS1.154Atypical presentation of acute appendicitisCarmen María López Ríos (ES), J Zarco Manjavacas, A Ubiña Carbonero, JF Cervilla Suarez, JP García Paine
PS1.155Cognitive impairment as a symptom of metastasis in the central nervous systemCarmen María López Ríos (ES), J Zarco Manjavacas, A Ubiña Carbonero, J Paz Galiana, JP García Paine
PS1.156Differential diagnosis of dyspnea in disabled patientsCarmen María López Ríos (ES), J Zarco Manjavacas, A Ubiña Carbonero, J Paz Galiana, JP García Paine
PS1.157Rhythm disturbance in older patientsCarmen María López Ríos (ES), J Zarco Manjavacas, A Ubiña Carbonero, J Paz Galiana, JP García Paine
PS1.158Risk of urinary tract infections in diabetic patientsCarmen María López Ríos (ES), J Zarco Manjavacas, A Ubiña Carbonero, FJ Cervilla Suarez, JP García Paine, J Paz Galiana
PS1.159Risks of polypharmacyCarmen María López Ríos (ES), J Zarco Manjavacas, A Ubiña Carbonero, J Paz Galiana, JP García Paine, FJ Cervilla Suárez
PS1.160Seizure de novo in elderly patientCarmen María López Ríos (ES), J Zarco Manjavacas, A Ubiña Carbonero, J Paz Galiana, JP García Paine, FJ Cervilla Suárez
PS1.161Syncope in young and healthy patients as indicative of congenital heart diseaseCarmen María López Ríos (ES), J Zarco Manjavacas, A Ubiña Carbonero, J Paz Galiana, JP García Paine, FJ Cervilla Suárez
PS1.162Urological sepsis in patient with care deficitCarmen María López Ríos (ES), J Zarco Manjavacas, A Ubiña Carbonero, J Paz Galiana, JP García Paine, FJ Cervilla Suárez
PS1.163Scorpion bite. What to do?Soraya López Zacarez (ES), L Tomás, AM Fernández, AE Pérez, P Martinez, MD Navarro, MT Villamor
PS1.164Severity of symptoms as measured by the I-PSS questionnaire in 2035 adult males from RomaniaLeonard Mada (RO), V Blaga, A Abdelnasir, S Nastase
PS1.165Clinical practice "The skin cancer screening in primary care"Olga Magalhães (PT)
PS1.166CV risk self-assessment for perimenopausal womenLjiljana Majnaric (HR), S Sabanovic, S Bekic, D Stolnik, A Sestak
PS1.167The role of Bupropion in treating sexual dysfunction in women – an evidence-based reviewAna Marques (PT), A Falcão e Cunha
PS1.168Clinical spectrum of musculoskeletal manifestations of diabetes mellitusAna Marques (PT), I Brito
PS1.169Pellegrini-Stieda syndrome as a cause of knee painRosario Martínez-Fuerte (ES), I Sierra-Martínez, L Sierra-Martínez, LA Diez-Suárez, N Sanz-González
PS1.170Hip fractures in patients with type 2 diabetesRosario Martinez-Fuerte (ES), I Sierra-Martínez, L Sierra-Martínez, LA Diez-Suárez, N Sanz-González
PS1.171Antioxidants for male fertility – an evidence based reviewAna Luisa Martins (PT), B Leite da Cunha, A Pontes, Soares
PS1.172An analysis of overweight and obese children versus normal weight children in a primary care practiceDumitru Matei (RO), MA Iancu, LN Ghilencea, CG Bejan
PS1.173The value of markers for assessing of hypertension development in young patientsDumitru Matei (RO), MA Iancu, CG Bejan, LN Ghilencea, CC Diaconu
PS1.174Assessing the level of basic knowledge regarding mental health of the patients in everyday practice of the family doctorsDumitru Matei (RO), MA Iancu, IA Radu
PS1.175Family doctors’ role in early identification of mental disorders in RomaniaDumitru Matei (RO), MA Iancu, CM Smith
PS1.176Self-efficacy and personality traits relations with body composition after a phase II of cardiac rehabilitationManuel Luis Mellado Fernández (ES), AJ Madueño Caro, E Otero Chulián, J Delgado Pacheco, M Pardo Lafarga, M Muñoz Ayllón, M Pajares Vinardeli
PS1.177One- year follow up of a smoking cessation program in a clinic of family medicine department in Izmir, TurkeyVildan Mevsim (TR), A Demirci, C Alkan, L Dogan, C Akkol
PS1.178The relationship between sleep quality in patients with chronic diseases and newly diagnosed depressionVidan Mevsim (TR), A Erdem, I Günes
PS1.179The violence of patients with psychiatric disorders against healthcare workerVildan Mevsim(TR), OO Kuman, O Tutuncu
PS1.180Probiotics for irritable bowel syndrome: an evidence-based reviewCatarina Morais (PT), R Freitas
PS1.181Anisakis: think about it in a recurrent urticaria!Madalina Beatrice Morna Bejenaru (ES)
PS1.18224 hours ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in primary careEstera Muchlyte (LT), L Maldaryte, K Simanauskas, A Mikenaite
PS1.183Opinions of key stakeholders on medication management at transitions of care in IrelandKhalid Munir (IE), O Alabi, P Redmond, T Grimes, T Fahey
PS1.184Case: oromandible dyskinesia secondary to cleboprideRuth Muñoz Maya (ES), A Hurtado de Mendoza Medina, CM Jiménez Herrera
PS1.185A must in family medicine: long-term symptoms overviewRuth Muñoz Maya (ES), CM Jiménez Herrera, A Hurtado de Mendoza Medina, E García Martín, AB Bárcena Atalaya, D Domínguez Jiménez, J Gómez Rubio, M Solís Aguilera, MD Bernal Peinado
PS1.186The ultrasonography as a useful tool to diagnose in primary care: a case of choledocholithiasisCristina Navarro (ES), M Briones, S Reviriego, M Fernández
PS1.187Copper intrauterine device (IUD) removal in a primary care health centerCristina Navarro (ES), M Fernandez, S Reviriego
PS1.188Sulfonamide skin hipersensibility as adverse effect of open angle glaucoma treatmentAndrea Nicolás Carrillo (ES), M Bosh Ventura, V Monforte Rodríguez, N Fernández Danes, JC Ruibal Suarez, C Sundu
PS1.189Zenker's diverticulum masquerade as gastroextraesophageal refluxAndrea Nicolás Carrillo (ES), NM Gallardo Aguilar, S Salord Vila, V Monforte Rodríguez, JC Ruibal Suarez
PS1.190The potential of integrative medicine to address modern challenges of health care Natalia Majumdar Nielsen (IN), R Yeskendirov
PS1.191A letter to young general practitioners, family practitioners! Martina Novinscak (HR), S Atalay
PS1.192Chronic non-cancer pain management in primary health care: evidence-based practices for safer opioid prescribingMarco André Oliveira (PT), L Da Silva Correia, DI Alves
PS1.193Attitudes towards women and violence tendency of students in high schools of IzmirTugba Onat (TR), C Kendir Copurlar, G Akyol, I Ekim Yardim, D Guldal
PS1.194Patients with epilepsy: relationship between their psycho-emotional status and suicidal behaviourSonata Varvuolyte (LT), V Ozeraitiene, D Makaraviciene, N Stasinskaja, M Teliakiene, V Gaigalaite
PS1.195Coexistence of diaphragm eventration and thoracic ectopic kidneyOnur Ozturk (TR), Y Yildiz, M Igde, BG Oksuz
PS1.196Scimitar syndrome - a late onset associated with asthma clinicOnur Ozturk (TR), M Igde, BG Oksuz, R Aydin
PS1.197Satisfaction assessment and burnout of employees in community health centersOnur Ozturk (TR), EI Uyar
PS1.198A general overview on occupational health and safety and occupational disease subjectsOnur Ozturk (TR), I Fidanci
PS1.199Adenovirus infections in primary careOnur Ozturk (TR), B Demir, BM Yalcin, M Unal
PS1.200Severe acute renal failure secondary to noncompliance of insulin-treatmentJuan Paz Galiana (ES), JP García Paine, LA Calleja Cartón, J Bueno Fonseca, J Zarco Manjavacas, CM López Ríos
PS1.201Quality of life of elderlyAdriano A Pedrosa (BR), E Santos, A Pedrosa
PS1.202Male gynecomastiaTeresa Pereira Leite (PT), D Rodrigues, H Canilhas, M Lopes, R Ramalho, S Grilo Lourenço
PS1.203Descriptive study of inpatient in a palliative care centre of hospital complex of PontevedraSantiago Pérez Cachafeiro (ES), C Arca, G D'Angelo, P Rodriguez-Casal, A Cardalda Mouriño, MJ Martínez Guimil
PS1.204Observational study of prehospital management of acute chest painSantiago Pérez Cachafeiro (ES), P Rodriguez-Casal, G D'Angelo, C Arca Pichel, ME Lois Martinez
PS1.205Pediatric patient profile who comes to the ambulatory emergency Marin Santiago Pérez Cachafeiro (ES), P Rodriguez-Casal, AB Piñon-Gamallo, G D'Angelo, ME Lois Martinez
PS1.206Rapid diagnostic referral for colorectal cancer in PontevedraSantiago Pérez Cachafeiro (ES), JA Esperón Güimil, M Martínez Pillado, SM Ayude Díaz, R Martínez Liñares, N Otero Leiro
PS1.207Frail elder, a challenge for the family doctorEstefanía Pérez Nicolás (ES), A Ruíz García, D Khazzoum Collado, C Donato Ripoll, M Mora Moya
PS1.208Do our patients know a lot about osteoporosis?Alvaro Perez-Martin (ES), MJ Agueros Fernandez, MA Pereda Garcia, JR Lopez Lanza, A Avellaneda Fernandez, JL Hernandez Hernandez, M Izquierdo Martinez, M Gago Bustamante, V Viota Gonzalez, C de la Hoz Regules, C Traspuesto Pascual, I Muñoz Franco
PS1.209Analysis of the knowledge our patients have on calcium and vitamin DAlvaro Perez-Martin (ES), MJ Agueros Fernandez, JL Hernandez Hernandez, JR Lopez Lanza, A Avellaneda Fernandez, A Alonso Gonzalez, MA Pereda Garcia, M Gago Bustamante, B Bermejo Garcia, C de la Hoz Regules, C Traspuesto Pascual, I Muñoz Franco
PS1.210The control of diabetic patients with renal failure. Are we doing it correctly?Alvaro Perez-Martin (ES), MJ Agueros Fernandez, L Ruiz Pastor, Jose JR Lopez Lanza, A Avellaneda Fernandez, M Gago Bustamante, MA Pereda Garcia, C Fernandez Galanche, F Ruiz Guerrero, C de la Hoz Regules, C Traspuesto Pascual, I Muñoz Franco
PS1.211Pediatric pathology at the emergency department of a health centerJosé Ángel Sánchez Ortiz (ES), R Gámez de la Torre, N Jorge Martín, J-C Perez-Sanchez, A Bernad, JC de Sola Jurado
PS1.212Evaluation of the monitoring of patients with type 2 diabetes by performing retinography and exploration using monofilamentJosé Ángel Sánchez Ortiz (ES), N Jorge Martín, MA Castaño Fuentes, I Cámara Bravo, R Gaméz de la Torre, MR Sánchez Pérez
PS1.213Pain treatment and the elderly patientsJosé Ángel Sánchez Ortiz (ES), A Bernad, Ne Jorge Martín, I Cámara Bravo, J-C Pérez Sánchez, MA Castaño Fuentes
PS1.214Use and satisfaction of electronic prescriptionsMiguel Bueno-Ortiz (ES), A Piñana-López, C Alonso-García, N Luquin-Ciuró, JE Caballero-Martinez, R Luquin-Martinez, E Ros-Martinez, L Tomás-Ortíz, MD Navarro-Miralles, S López-Zacarez, MD Rogriguez-Santos, J Alemay-Salanova
PS1.215Use of electronic recipe in a health centerJosé Miguel Bueno-Ortiz (ES), A Piñana-López, C Alonso-García, N Luquin-Ciuró, R Luquin-Martinez, J Alemany-Salanova, L García-Guerrero, E Ros-Martinez, B Guerrero-Díaz, J Fernández-Lorencio, J Fernández-Caro, D Rodriguez-Santos
PS1.216Focusing on the tight relationship between mental health and family violence:||practice and training implicationsLodewijk Pas (BE)
PS1.217Bullous pemphigoid in elderly patient treated with EnalaprilDaniela Piñango (ES), E Couto Jaime, V Aragunde Miguens, A Pereira Rosalén
PS1.218Great chest painMaria Jose Piñero Acín (ES), J Jimenez Oyonarte, E Miravalles Acosta, M Muñoz, AI Díaz Salado, J Sánchez-Tembleque Sánchez, S Pérez Baena
PS1.219Anamnesis, the most important part of an interviewMaria Jose Piñero Acín (ES), E Miravalles, J Jimenez, M Muñoz
PS1.220Medical representative visits and opinion leaders: a declining versus a rising source of information for family doctorsAnne-Laure Pittet (CH), A-F Chevalley, F Stiefel
PS1.221Use of OTC drugs in patients in health care center mostarGordana Pivic (BA), M Pivic, A Zalihic, S Saks, A Zalihic Pita
PS1.222Sicilian GP trainees interest in abroad exchanges: a cross sectional studyAlessio Platania (IT), S Messina
PS1.223Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome - management in primary health careJoana Pontes (PT), MA Magalhães
PS1.224Do we always listen well to our patients? Maybe today they´re telling us a different story...Daniela Florentina Pruteanu (ES), N Pastor Gradolí, M Aspas Requena
PS1.225The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and physiciansRandolph Quaye (USA)
PS1.226The power of money outcome and quality of treatmentNevenka Radosavljevic (RS)
PS1.227Morbidity trends of hypertension registered in Croatian Family Practice and the consumption of antihypertensive drugs: longitudinal study, 2005-2014Mirica Rapic (HR), B Macesic, M Vrcic Keglevic
PS1.228Primary care services delivered through the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Victoria - going to the peopleMorton Rawlin (AU)
PS1.229Clinical characteristics and survival in polymedicated elderly patientsRicardo Enrique Reolid Martínez (ES), I Hernández Cerón, M Martínez Ruiz, AB Sánchez López, GM Tello Nieves, MC Ayuso Raya, T Martínez Carmona, I Párraga Martínez
PS1.230Sub acute aortic dissection type B, mimicking acute left abdominal pain: a case reportMiriam Rey Seoane (ES), R Kazan, C Herranz martinez, AB Rascón García, J Carmona Pirez, M Fernandez Ferreira, JC Verategui Córdova
PS1.231Tuberculous supra-clavicular lymphadenitis : a case reportMiriam Rey Seoane (ES), P Denoël, J-C Macquinay, L Entwistle
PS1.232Breasts are also important to men. Cannabis smoking and anabolic steroids in gynecomastia. Two case reports in primary care Miriam Rey Seoane (ES), J Carmona, IM Rosado, A Haro, C Herranz, R Villafáfila, G Lorenz
PS1.233Late-life depression or cancer?Marta Ribeiro (PT), AR Faustino, A Campos Portela
PS1.234Medical approach of dysphagiaMarta Ribeiro (PT), AR Faustino
PS1.235Evaluation of a new multidisciplinary healthcare model addressed to patients in situation of complexity in primary careBrenda Elizabeth Riesgo Escudero (ES), SE Riesgo, MD Moriano García, R Viñas Vidal
PS1.236Not all dementiasBeatriz Guerrero Barranco (ES), N Rivera Rodríguez, D Ámez Rafael
PS1.237Interference of speculum lubrication in Papanicolaou test accuracy and pain relief – evidence based reviewSara Rocha (PT), C Rodrigues, S Vieira, MC Baldaia, D Ferreira, B Serra, C Silva
PS1.238Quality of diabetic patients follow-up in one Family Health Unit Martina Rocha (PT), T Tavares, A Correia, A Ferreira
PS1.239Contraception and pagophagia: a clinical case Martina Rocha (PT), TTavares, A Ferreira, A Correia, A Pinheiro
PS1.240Eagle syndrome: report of a clinical caseRaquel Rodrigues (PT), S Araújo, S Fraga
PS1.241Ophthalmoplegic migraine oriented by primary careVioleta Rodriguez (ES), C Tusa, J Rubi
PS1.242Loss of consciousness and convulsions in young African man, the family doctor as active watcher of his patientsVioleta Rodriguez (ES),C Tusa, J Rubi, D Amez, B Guerrero, JA Cuenca, G Amodeo
PS1.243Breast cancer does not forget menVioleta Rodriguez (ES), C Tusa, I Revelles, S Maadi, JA Cuenca, A Santamaria, G Amodeo, JM Rodriguez
PS1.244Deep vein thrombosis detected in primary care Violeta Rodriguez (ES), C Tusa, JA Cuenca, A Tomas, N Rivera, A Santamaria, G Amodeo, P Berenguel
PS1.245Vulvovaginal-Gingival Syndrome (VVGS): a case reportIsabel Roig Grau (ES), R Rodríguez Roig, G Esquerrà Casas, D Rodríguez Sotillo, I Fornell Boixader, F Díaz Gallego
PS1.246Effectiveness of a multidisciplinary intervention to improve frailty parameters in the community-dwelling frail older peopleLaura Romera (ES), F Orfila, JM Segura, M Möller, L Fabra, G Foz, Susana Lancho, N Bastida, M Cullell, N Martí, D Martinez, M Giné
PS1.247Impact of a training programme for professionals in primary care in the treatment of patients with excessive alcohol consumptionEsperanza María Romero Rodríguez (ES), LA Pérula De Torres, JA Fernandez García, JM Parras Rejano
PS1.248Nursing homes are important learning sites for work-based training for medical studentsElin Olaug Rosvold (NO), J Straand, G Kvalvaag, I Os
PS1.249Social support for over 65 year-old peopleVictor Rubio Arribas (ES), N Garate Villanueva, E Cossio Arribas, M De Las Cruces Sanchez Fernande, C Grau i Osso, AL Rengifo Martinez, P Iturrioz Rosell, L Arriaga Goirizelaia, M Ferran Mercade, A Calvo Elizazu
PS1.250Psychotropic drugs in primary care Victor Rubio Arribas, N Palomo Gallo, M Arocena Jimenez, X Vazquez Albisu, I Larraza Maiza, AL Rengifo Martinez, N Garate Villanueva, P Iturrioz Rosell, E Cossio Arribas, L Arriaga Gorizelaia
PS1.251Benzodiazepines in primary care: do we prescribe them correctly?Victor Rubio Arribas (ES), A Zubeldia Iturralde, N De Sousa Alcalde, I Sanchez Pombar, S Gonzalez Urio, M Yañez Vidal, P Navarro Puyuelo
PS1.252How we treat patients of high cardiovascular risk in primary prevention and which their adherence to the treatment isAntonio Sánchez Calso (es), L de la Rosa González, C Lorenzo Coss, GM Roben, M Leclercq, MC Antón Sanz
PS1.253Tiredness yes, but why?Elena Sánchez Pablo (ES), SI Roncero Martín, M García Aroca, CM Maté Sánchez de Val, C Botías Martínez, MT Palacios Lóopez
PS1.254Behind the weaknessElena Sánchez Pablo (ES), SI Roncero Martín, M García Aroca, CM Maté Sánchez de Val, C Botías Martínez, MT Palacios López
PS1.255Broken heartCarmen Celada Roldán (ES), E Sanchez Pablo, C García Balsalobre, MS Fernández Guillén, M García Aroca, JF García García, M Gonzálvez María Dolores, R García Gómez, A Martínez Mas, MI Gómez López
PS1.256Uncontrolled hypertension in the Primary Care Unit at Songklanagarind HospitalTharntip Sangsuwan (TH), S Jamulitrat
PS1.257Sexually transmitted diseases in elderly patients: a challenge to family medicineNuno Santos (PT), AC Guimarães, T Valle
PS1.258Dermatological manifestations of polycystic ovary syndromeCarla Silva (PT), S Martins
PS1.259The dual bronchodilation role in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - evidence-based reviewCarla Silva (PT), S Moreira, S Faria
PS1.260The evaluation of patient complaints in hospitals of TurkeyCemil Isik Sonmez (TR), D Oztas, KÖ Demiralp, Y Ustu, M Ugurlu
PS1.261Quality-of-life assessment in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasiaKosana Stanetic (BA), B Djajic, O Siljegovic
PS1.262Care and educational needs of general practitioners and primary care nurses to treat disabled patientsHannelore Storms (BE), V Moermans, N Claes)
PS1.263Medical practice in prisons: public health, ethical and legal aspectsVasilios Stoukas (GR)
PS1.264HIV-infected patients in Greece: retrospective epidemiological analysis (1984-2015) and documentation of access problems to the National Health SystemVasilios Stoukas (GR), I Mavroyianni, S Chorianopoulou, I Iliadi, E Kakalou
PS1.265The health sysem as a cmplex aaptive sstem. Findings from literature reviewJoachim Sturmberg (AU)
PS1.266Stakeholders’ perception of primary care in Switzerland: current state, anticipated development, and role of GPsMelanie Stutz (CH), C Jung, A Zeller, P Tschudi
PS1.267Primary care intervention on systemic arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus in elderly peopleAna Rosa Murad Szpilman (BR), AFL Rodrigues, NJC Checon, TV Ribeiro, LB Nóbrega, MA Puppin
PS1.268Hypertensive and diabetic patients’ delivery of care: the importance of group activity in health promotionAna Rosa Murad Szpilman (BR), LB Nóbrega, TV Ribeiro
PS1.269Hansen´s disease campaign: importance of early detectionAna Rosa Murad Szpilman (BR), TV Ribeiro, LB Nóbrega
PS1.270The challenge for family doctors to improve equality in health of patients with rare diseasesPatrick Tabouring (LU)
PS1.271The attitudes and behaviours of pregnant women against smokingMakbule Neslisah Tan (TR), E Kuruoglu Kandemir, V Mevsim
PS1.272Antibiotic therapy in acute bronchitis Tiago Tavares (PT), M Rocha, M Correia, M Ferreira, A Pinho, AP Pinheiro
PS1.273A very special way of being Tiago Tavares (PT), M Rocha, M Correia, M Ferreira, MJ Almeida
PS1.274Do physical exercise during pregnancy increase the risk of miscarriage? Tiago Tavares (PT), M Rocha, M Correia, M Ferreira, AP Pinheiro
PS1.275Diagnosis of COPD in a family health unit Tiago Tavares (PT), M Rocha, M Correia, M Ferreira
PS1.276The follow-up of diabetic patients in a family health unit Tiago Tavares (PT), M Rocha, M Correia, M Ferreira, P Vasconcelos, AP Pinheiro
PS1.277Acute gastric volvulusDiogo Tavares da Silva (PT), MJ Nunes da Silva, J Meneses Santos
PS1.278Fever – a diagnosis on the edge of the skinDiogo Tavares da Silva (PT), J Lacerda
PS1.279Review of hyperuricemia as new marker for metabolic syndromeRita Teixeira (PT)
PS1.280Psoriasis – what is the role of family physician?Joana Tendais-Almeida (PT), M Almeida
PS1.281How often do you ask… “Does your child snore?” – an approach proposal of children’s obstructive sleep apneaJoana Tendais-Almeida (PT), M Almeida, T Barbosa, M Rios
PS1.282Bilateral renal infarctionLuz Amelia Tezen Valderrama (ES), DP Remolina Cabrera, AM Lafuente Navarro
PS1.283Subnormal levels of urine albumin-creatinine ratio and glomerular filtration rate as risk factors of cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetesVictoria Tkachenko (UA)
PS1.284Barriers in health care of patients with diabetes mellitus in RomaniaDaciana Toma (RO), A Balan, M Mara
PS1.285The relation between low ankle-brachial index and cardiovascular risk factors in RomaniaAnca Balan (RO), D Toma, S Alexiu, R Tanasescu
PS1.286The challenge to be a female GP in Romania. Is burnout syndrome more frequent between female than male GP'S?Daciana Toma (RO), A Balan, S Feldmann, S Alexiu, I Efrim, R Tanasescu
PS1.287Cohesion and family adaptability of patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 controlled and uncontrolledJuan Carlos Tomas Lopez (MX), E del Rocio Rivera Tello
PS1.288How can we improve the Hungarian Family physicians’ and residents’ attitude towards OSAS (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome)?Peter Torzsa (HU), A Ádám, A Becze, D Csatlós, A Eöry, C Hargittay, A László, B Márkus, J Nemcsik, Z Szakács, L Kalabay
PS1.289Preterm delivery – what cause?Ana Valadares (PT), MC Almeida, L Casquilho
PS1.290The paper of primary care on the war against cancerJordi Valldosera Santo (ES), MI Herreros, O Ochoa, M Rosello, A Muriscot, R Lara, R Vilalta, JM Sabate, M Miralles, R Olive, D Borras
PS1.291Diabetic retinopathy screening in primary care: can we prevent blindness in our diabetic patients?Maria Yolanda Valpuesta Martin (ES), MI López, JC Pastor, S Hernández, M Piriz, F Sanz, L Larrañaga
PS1.292The role of family doctors during the follow-up of hunger strikes of undocumented migrant workers in BelgiumRita Vanobberghen (BE), D Devroey, J Vandevoorde
PS1.293Importance of monitoring nonspecific symptoms for diagnosis in primary care Maria Dolores Vázquez García (ES), L Monteagudo González, J Aracil Fernández, C Flores Alvarez, P Lázaro Aragües, N Rodríguez García, JA Alarcón González
PS1.294Providing optimal care for frail elderly people: development of an integrated care pathway by GP’s and community nursesLisette Verlee (NL), R van der Sande, J Vriezen
PS1.295The diabetic retinopathy menace. Changes observed in eight years follow up of a Spanish populationEsperanza Vicente Navarro (ES), R Sagarra, P Romero-Aroca, JJ Cabré, S de la Riba, A Valls, A Moreno, D Puig, F García-Moya
PS1.296Influenza vaccination coverage among elderly people - a quality improvement studyMarta Vidigal (PT), A Viegas, D Ferreira, J Moutinho, L Diogo
PS1.297When memory is a family problem - the role of the family physicianAna Viegas (PT), Sa Santos, S Nabais, M Cleto, C Ramos, C Oliveira
PS1.298Adequacy of the urgencies and study of the most frequent reasons of consultation in emergencies of a primary care centerClara Vilavella (ES), E Saul, N Abellan, E Miñana, R Quinta, A Llenas, A Maresme
PS1.299European Medicines Agency (EMA) inspection: strategy to follow in clinical trialsRosa Vinas (ES), A Vinas, S Sarret, M Bandres, A Casas, A Boquet
PS1.300Informed consent form of a clinical trial in primary care: avoidable mistakesRosa Vinas (ES), MM Fores, I Zamora, B Riesgo, S Sarret, M Bandres
PS1.301Dealing with the crying patientsMladenka Vrcic Keglevic (HR), G Petricek, H Tiljak
PS1.302Prevalence and factors associated with geriatric syndrome in elderly in Community Medical Unit 4 of Buriram HospitalParisom Wongsakda (TH), W Petchnarong, J Maithong, K Mungprayoon, S Innarong, N Thamklang, N Tassanawiwat, P Subhaluksuksakorn, P Sangkarit, N Namwichaisirikul, E Yodkhaw
PS1.303Relationship between the health locus of control and treatment compliance among the T2DM patientsEdiz Yildirim (TR), O Acar, SI Ekim Yardim, D Guldal
PS1.304Correction of imaginary illness will make healthcare more affordableTarik Eren Yilmaz (TR)
PS1.305Towards general consensus on Dientamoeba fragilis: a case reportMariko Yoshinaga Galvér (SE)
PS1.306Patterns of complementary and alternative medicine use among Arab immigrants in Denmark: A qualitative studyWael Zeid (DK), JS Andersen, M Kristiansen
PS1.307Common intestinal parasites among children in Gharbya Governorate, Egypt.Wael Zeid (DK), E AlFalogy, R Goweda
PS1.308Attitudes towards interprofessional collaboration among primary care physicians and nurses in SingaporeRuth Mingli Zheng (SG), GCH Koh, YF Sim
PS1.309Evaluation of the quality of the records of Barthel Index in a Portuguese primary healthcare unitPatricia Zlamalik (PT), T Martins, AM Macedo, J Carvalhido, A Araujo, M Pinto, D Magalhaes, P Ponte
PS1.310Utilisation of dermatologicals in Croatian primary health care: longitudinal study, 2005 - 2014Branka Živkovic Duvnjak (HR), V Tabak, M Vrcic Keglevic
PS1.311Utilisation of corticosteroids in Croatian primary health care: longitudinal study, 2005-2015 Branka Živkovic Duvnjak (CR), V Tabak, M Vrcic Keglevic
PS2.001Outcomes from a workshop on e-Health: smarter planet, smarter healthcareZelal Akbayin-Sloane (TR), H Lygidakis, U Kirk, R Gomex-Bravo, PA Sloane
PS2.002Weight gain: guilty or not?Sara Almeida (PT), M Carvalho
PS2.003A singular case of knee painEnrique Almenar Cubells (ES), E Moreno Perez, D Diaz Gil, E Hernandez Hernandez, A Quiles Raga, O Perez Quintana, F llorens Vazquez, J Alcaide Domingo
PS2.004Epidermolysis bullosa or child butterflyEnrique Almenar Cubells (ES), E Moreno, R Peinado, M Sabater, E Hernadez, D Diaz, A Quiles, O Perez, F Llorens, J Alcaide, C Nuevalos
PS2.005Dementia vs. mental illnessDiego Ámez Rafael (ES), L Calvo Domínguez, E Fernández Martín
PS2.006Who decides?Diego Ámez Rafael (ES), L Calvo Domínguez, C Padilla del Campo
PS2.007Child overweight and obesity among the population of patients of a Primary Care Unit – Do doctors recognize a problem?Claudia Andrade (PT), L Cabrita, C Craveiro
PS2.008Vitamin D and cardiovascular disease - an association? An evidence based reviewClaudia Andrade (PT), F Godinho
PS2.009GP and erectile dysfunction: what is hiding beyond?Claudia Augurio (IT), V Nedi, G Schiavone Giacco, G Loria, GL Pulcino
PS2.010Communicating bad news in the context of primary health careRenata Barbalho (BR), B Stelet
PS2.011Acupuncture on allergic rhinitis - what is the evidence?Marlene Barros (PT), A Carvalho, A Silva, J Castanheira
PS2.012Management of atrial fibrillation in family medicine practiceOlivera Batic-Mujanovic (BA), D Kamberovic, L Gavran, M Becirovic, E Alibasic
PS2.013Treatment of spondyloarthropathy in Family medicine's ambulanceSanja Batinic-Jojic (BA)
PS2.014Tobacco addiction in medical students and relationship with anxiety and depressionAylin Baydar Artantas (TR), M Atmaca, Y Üstü, I Karatas Eray, M Ugurlu
PS2.015Quality of child health surveillance in the 2nd year of lifeJoana Rita Bento (PT), N Sousa
PS2.016Quaternary prevention – when to stop following the guidelinesJoana Rita Bento (PT), N Sousa
PS2.017Once again the brain can cause impotenceIsabel Blasco Gallardo (ES), M Pérez Álvarez, JD Garcés, M Rubio Villar, N Bellet Lafarga, E Rojo Subiñas
PS2.018Burden of Dengue among the poor is more prevalentAni Bodoutchian (USA), A Caraccioli, V Kumar
PS2.019Clinical Practice Heterogeneity among General Practitioners attending Type 2 DiabetesLaura Bravo-Merino (PT), F Alvarez-Guisasola, R Maroto-Salmón, G Garcia-Velasco
PS2.020Sepsis associated with difficulties of diagnostic and high costsLinda Bridina (LV), A Krumina
PS2.021Monitoring risk of cardiovascular events, argument in increasing hypertensive patient compliance Ileana Brinza (RO)
PS2.022New approach to obesityMateja Bulc (SI), D Durrer, H Akan
PS2.023Sixty-six year old woman with casual diagnosis of pulmonary nodule on preventive clinical practice in primary careJosé Miguel Bueno-Ortiz (ES), N Luquin-Ciuró, R Luquin-Martínez, A Piñana-López, C Alonso-García, E Ros-Martínez, L Tomás-Ortiz, S López-Zacarez, MF Navarro-Miralles, MM Ciuró-Díaz, MB Guerrero-Díaz, M Del Carmen Font-Escod
PS2.024The desicion support systems as a tool to facilitate the decision-making process in the selection of specialities in medicineÜlkü Bulut, E Yildrim, El Kuruoglu, AD Güldal
PS2.025Experience of ultrasound diagnosis of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) in risk patients in a primary care center in Huelva, SpainJavier Caballero García (ES), A Pascagaza Acero, M Pedregal González
PS2.026West syndrome - a diagnosis is not everythingDaniel Carquejo (PT), A Alves, E Fernandes, C Jorge, F Ribeiro, R Magalhães
PS2.027The 5 minute shoulder approach in general practitioner consultDaniel Castro (PT), N Camelo, H Aleixo, L Carvalho, L Fernandes, C Silva, T Lino, J Barroso, S Faria
PS2.0285 minutes' hip disorders approach - common disorders, diagnosis and treatment in primary careDaniel Castro (PT), H Aleixo, N Camelo, L Carvalho, L Fernandes, T Lino, J Barroso, C Silva, S Araújo
PS2.029Efficacy of Trimebutine therapy in patients with gastro-esophageal reflux disease and irritable bowel syndrome Dimitrios Chatzopoulos (GR), I Moschos, M Tzitiridou, H Taloumtzis, D Paikos, I Kountouras
PS2.030Evaluation of self-esteem, body image and childhood trauma in obese women over 18 years oldFatma Goksin Cihan (TR), A Duran Karagulmez, R Kutlu
PS2.031Prevalence and degree of control of cardiovascular risk factors in patients enrolled in the study IBERICANSergio Cinza-Sanjurjo (ES), JL Llisterri Caro, MÁ Prieto Díaz, C Escobar Cervantes, A Barquilla García, J Benitez Rivero, A Moyá Mengual, L Pinto Pena, MC Díez Pérez, V Lasso Oria
PS2.032Evaluation of the degree of control of INR in anticoagulated patients with atrial fibrillation, a year later, in the field of primary care in Galicia. Study of ANFAGAL Study+Sergio Cinza-Sanjurjo (ES), A Soto-Jove Bernaldo de Quirós, A Louro González, B Pascual Seara, C Pérez Pérez, J Martínez Barrios, JN Carreira Arias, J Álvarez Fernández, C Lires Rodríguez, MJ Veleiro Tenreiro, P Moix Blazquez, R Blanco Rodríguez
PS2.033Dementia and suicide - the missing bondAna Coelho Rodrigues (PT), B Castro
PS2.034Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder - not only geneticsAna Coelho Rodrigues (PT), B Castro
PS2.035Family medicine training in PortugalRaquel Coimbra (PT), J Castro
PS2.036Shyncronous neuroendocrine tumors: a case reportAlexandru Claudiu Coman (ES), A Delgado Garcia, EB Zapata Ledo, M Boksan, CM Maté Sanchezdel Val, T Kostyrya, RM Requena Ferrer, J Flores Torrecillas, F Guillén Cavas
PS2.037Different type of sciaticaAlexandru Claudiu Coman (ES), E Beatriz Zapata Ledo, A Delgado Garcia, Ja Flores Torrecillas, RM Requena Ferrer, E Esteban Redondo, P Gea Fernandez
PS2.038Snoring may reveal more!Alexandru Claudiu Coman (ES), A Delgado Garcia, EB Zapata Ledo, J Flores Torrecillas, RM Requena Ferrer, E Esteban Redondo, P Gea Fernandez
PS2.039‘Learning whilst serving’ - skills developed volunteering in Belize Alan Cordey (UK), A Dekker
PS2.040Improving skills in diagnosis of basaliomaDaniela Correia (PT), P Lopes
PS2.041The role of family medicine in diagnosing and treatment of failure to thriveDaniela Correia (PT), P Lopes
PS2.042Characterization of absences to scheduled appointments in users from one family doctor fileAndré Correia (PT)
PS2.043Cervical cancer screening overview in pregnancy – evaluation and quality improvementAndré Correia (PT), A Cadete, D Garrido Oliveira, L Sutil
PS2.044Obesity and hypertension in 11-13 years adolescents – reality of a health care unitAndré Correia (PT)
PS2.045Amiodarone and thyroid function - Quality Assessment ProtocolAna Margarida Correia (PT), A Ferreira, M Rocha, T Tavares
PS2.046Prescribing oral anticoagulants in atrial fibrillationAna Margarida Correia (PT), A Ferreira, M Rocha, T Tavares
PS2.047Use of α-adrenergic antagonists in renal colic - what is the evidence?Nádia Correia (PT), S Almeida
PS2.048The profile of women has impact on preconception evaluation? – A case-control studyNádia Correia (PT), A Relvas, AC Rodrigues, A Margarida Pinho, C Silva, JP Águeda, M Lopes, S Almeida, T Dias
PS2.049Vulvar lichen sclerosus – an unusual cause of vulvar pruritusCarla Sofia Costa (PT), R Carvalho-Ferreira, E Fernandes
PS2.050Influence of Individualized Professional Support on the Breastfeeding Rates in Ten Individual Family Practices from RomaniaEmiliana Costiug (RO), L Barbacariu, V Herdea, I Brinza, CF Pop, Ioan Muresan, SN Rus, R Ghionaru, L Comnea, M Puscas
PS2.051Point of care testing in the West of Ireland - testing who caresCharlie Cox (IE), L Varzgaliene, T McGuinness, A Heerey, E O'Shea, G McGuire, M Kelly
PS2.052The blue bracelet - first step towards dementia friendly communityTatjana Cvetko (SI), M Cvetko
PS2.053Outcome of andullation therapy in an elderly patient with Parkinson’s diseaseZehra Dagli (TR), AG Ceyhun Peker, F Ak, AS Tekiner
PS2.054Report of practice – the psychodynamic psychotherapy in family medicineTania Dias (PT)
PS2.055Family medicine residents in end-of-life care: are they up for it?Goldie Lynn Diaz (PH), MTT Bautista, E Engeljakob, MG Rosal
PS2.056Smartphone interventions for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review of the evidenceSara Dinis (PT), M Ferro, D Neves, V Esteves
PS2.057Is medical school a mind changer? A longitudinal study of student’s personality traitsSara Dinis (PT), A Mota-Pinto, MFRF Gaspar, JA Pereira da Silva
PS2.058The primary health care response capacity: an experience of a department of family and community medicine teaching - care unit, Paysandú, Uruguay, 2014Diana Domenech, D Strozzi, A Miriyam, A de Oliveira Lucía, C Graciela, G Nury
PS2.059Whooping cough in a 2 year old patient properly inmunized. Medical reemergency of whooping cough in Spain Diana Dominguez Jimenez (ES), MA Moreno Fontiveros, MJ Martínez Vera
PS2.060Sistemic onset of juvenile idiopathic arthritis in a 5 year-old patient. The importance of a quick suspicion in primary careDiana Dominguez Jimenez (ES), MA Moreno Fontiveros, MJ Martinez Vera
PS2.061The emerge of alterantive treatments: are we ready? Diana Dominguez Jimenez (ES), MA Moreno Fontiveros, MJ Martinez Vera
PS2.062Domestic violence: a new point of view neededDiana Dominguez Jimenez (ES), R Muñoz Maya, MA Moreno Fontiveros
PS2.063Bibliographic review of knee pain treated with acupunctureDiana Dominguez Jimenez (ES), R Muñoz Maya, MA Moreno Fontiveros
PS2.064Determinants of general practitioner’s cancer related gut feelings - a prospective cohort studyGé Donker (NL), E Wiersma, M Heins
PS2.065Inguinal lymphadenopathy: lymphogranuloma venereum and gonococcal co-infeccionMaria Ines dos Reis Marques van Zelst (ES), A Romagosa Perez-Portabella, D García Hernández, AI Vieira Rodrigues, N Aniceto Calero, N Subirats Duran, J Martinez Tellez
PS2.066Retroperitoneal tumors: uncommon cause of low back pain – a three case series reportDiana Duarte (PT), L Costa, C Morgado, M Ferreira, A Moniz
PS2.067Overactive bladder: prevalence and impact on life qualityDiana Duarte (PT), I Vinga, C Morgado, M Ferreira, A Antunes, A Moniz
PS2.068The relation between Fagerstrom nicotine dependence and smoking starting age with patients who consult smoking cessation clinicBurcu Duran Tak (TR), G Soguksu, C Begüm Üces, D Toprak
PS2.069Voluntary termination of pregnancy in a Portuguese local health unit - 8 years after the law approval Sofia Faria (PT), C Gama, J Seabra, M Leite
PS2.070Sexuality in the elderly. Can we improve it?Andreia Fernandes (PT)
PS2.071False hematuriaEliana Fernandes (PT), CS Costa, R Carvalho-Ferreira
PS2.072A daily headacheMaría del Socorro Fernánandez (ES), C Celada, S Lopez, L Tomas, IM Martínez, EM Fernández, AC Coman
PS2.073Lower leg painMaría del Socorro Fernánandez (ES), C Celada, S Lopez, L Tomas, IM Martínez, EM Fernández, AC Coman
PS2.074A long lasting tummy painCarmen Celada (ES, S López, L Tomas, IM Martínez, EM Fernández, MS Fernánandez, AC Coman
PS2.075Not another migraineCarmen Celada (ES), S López, L Tomas, IM Martínez, EM Fernández, MS Fernánandez, AC Coman
PS2.076Risky cryotherapyMaría del Socorro Fernánandez (ES), C Celada, AC Coman, S López, L Tomas, IM Martínez, EM Fernández
PS2.077An epidemiologic study in patients with cardiovascular risk factors in primary careMaria Fernandez Zambrano (ES), C Navarro Robles, C Garrido Laguna
PS2.078Evaluation of patients’ satisfation with the Continuity of Care Unit (CCU) consultationMaria del Carmen Fernández-Alonso (ES), D Rey Garcia, D Rodríguez Pérez, E Izquierdo Delgado:, M Andrés Calvo, S Rizzo Raza, A Ruiz de Temiño de la Peña, G VegaTejedor, Y Valpuesta Martin, I Martin del Bosque
PS2.079A warning about intimate partner violence victims profile Maria del Carmen Fernández-Alonso (ES), M De Andueza, S Herrero Velázquez, L Alegre Ramos, V Ruiz Abad, J Cordero Guevara, JI Recio Rodríguez
PS2.080Myofascial pain syndrome: management strategies for primary care providers Mafalda Ferreira (PT)
PS2.081After all, it wasn’t just Sinusitis…Ana Margarida Ferreira (PT), AM Correia, M Rocha, T Tavares, A Madeira
PS2.082The importance of analyzing the population – sharing the experience of a family doctor traineeAna Margarida Ferreira (PT), AM Correia, M Rocha, T Tavares, A Madeira
PS2.083Residents of family medicine (FM) of two family health units (FHU) in ArrábidaTatiana Ferreira (PT), ME Pereira, SB Costa, GC Neves, L Lucas, T Matos
PS2.084Referral of oncologic patients to the Palliative CareFabiana Ferreira (PT)
PS2.085Individual common comorbidities and 5 year mortality in the oldest old of a community-dwellingAssumpta Ferrer Feliu (ES), F Formiga, H Sanz, L Tarín, D Mestre, F Mera
PS2.086Patterns of multimorbidity and mortality in in the oldest old of the community. Five years of Octabaix Study follow-upAssumpta Ferrer Feliu (ES), L Tarín, F Formiga, H Sanz, G Padros, P Barreto, MJ Megido
PS2.087Depressogenic drugs: a reviewMariana Fidalgo Leite (PT)
PS2.088Sleeping habits of an adolescents’ population from a Rural Northern Portuguese cityCarla Rodrigues (PT), S Rocha, AB Figueiredo
PS2.089Adolescents’ oral hygiene habits from a Rural and Northern Portuguese cityCarla Rodrigues (PT), AB Figueiredo, LC Rocha, R Brás, S Rocha
PS2.090Pancoast tumor: diagnosis in primary careIvan da Fonte Fortunato (ES), A Perez, D Piñango, M Puig
PS2.091Do trainee doctors need to attend Medical Leadership School? A trainee led initiative in England developing leadership skills in doctorsClare Fozard (UK), J Hayden, E Kane
PS2.092Comparative characteristics of some parameters of diabetes mellitus among immigrant patients and Israeli-born patientsMargarita Fraimovitch (IL), J Wainstein
PS2.093Hyperprolactinemia - clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatmentJorge Freitas (PT), A Alves
PS2.094Diabetic eye screening: only diabetic retinopathy?Matilde Fuentes Riaza (ES), MA Sarlat Ribas, S Riera Carmona, A Ubieto Lope, E Martin Gracia, L Palacios Soler, F Pallares Jimenez, M Salgado Pineda, E Mayor Isaac, S Moreno Gutierrez, C Sala Bozano
PS2.095Feasibility and results of abdominal ultrasound in primary careManuel García Lareo (ES), JM Baena, A Larrañaga, R Villar, N Moreno, AG Perez Cervera, V Forero, E Burbano, G del Carlo
PS2.09624 hours of sleep: tiredness or drug intoxication?Juan Pablo García Paine (ES), J Paz Galiana, LA Calleja Cartón, J Zarco Manjavacas, FJ Cervilla Suarez
PS2.097Emergency care to visual hallucinationsJuan Pablo García Paine (ES), J Paz Galiana, J Zarco Manjavacas, LA Calleja Cartón, J Bueno Fonseca
PS2.098Costal pain after hard movement. Pneumonia with pleural effusionJuan Pablo García Paine (ES), A Saez Gómez, M Pérez Caravante, JC González Ranea
PS2.099Suspected stroke: presyncope secondary to medication changeJuan Pablo García Paine (ES), N Gómez Casas, A Saez Gómez, M Pérez Caravante
PS2.100Pain in the right upper limb: pulmonary thromboembolism in young women taking contraceptivesJuan Pablo García Paine (ES), A Saez Gómez, M del Mar Aguilar Díaz, M Pérez Caravante
PS2.101Left posterior interosseous nerve syndromeJuan Pablo García Paine (ES), C Ramos Cantos, E Sevillano Pérez
PS2.102Abdominal pain in the emergency department: the importance of the temporal evolution. Report of a caseJuan Pablo García Paine (ES), D Nuñez Castillo, J Paz Galiana, D Cobos Guillot
PS2.103Why do Chinese immigrants go to emergency departments in an European country?Rocio Garcia-Gutierrez Gomez (ES), H Liu, JJ Gómez Marco, M Gilliam, J Moreno Jiménez, E Klusova
PS2.104High dose statins in secondary prevention, between clinical guidelines and intravascular imagingIsmail Dogu Kilic (TR), L Ghilencea, C di Mario
PS2.105An algorithm to follow in case of a positive score in the ADS screening testCarmen-Raluca Ghionaru (RO), M Rus
PS2.106Tailored implementation strategy to improve the management of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in primary careMaciek Godycki-Cwirko (PL), A Kowalczyk
PS2.107Factors associated with multi-ethnic Asian patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus achieving their LDL-cholesterol goal in a developed urban communityChin Goh (SG), K Koh, P Goh(1, 2), N Tan(1, 2), E Koh
PS2.108An unexpected outcome from a large weight loss caseRita Gomes (PT), S Pires, S Oliveira, J Alves, R Silva
PS2.109Pacifier as a risk factor for acute otitis media: what is the evidence?Rita Gomes (PT), S Pires, S Oliveira, J Alves, R Silva
PS2.110Ageing in Portugal: the inverted pyramidRita Gomes (PT), S Pires, S Oliveira, J Alves, R Silva
PS2.111What advice can we give our patients to optimize their odds of aging with better health?Rita Gomes (PT), S Pires, S Oliveira, R Silva
PS2.112Curable hypertension: a case reportMatilde González-Solanellas (ES), L Eroles-Mallolas, M Puig-Esmandia, E Borrajo-Vispo, R Moreno-Feliu, M Roca-Costa
PS2.113Adenopathy and pregnancy: a case reportMatilde González-Solanellas (ES), A Piera-Salmeron, M Puig-Esmandia, J Martínez-Tellez, R Moreno-Feliu, N Subirats-Duran, MI dos Reis Marques van Zelst
PS2.114A patch of hardened skin ( localized Morphea )Elizabeth Gregorutti (ES), G Lovatón-Villena, AM Guarido-Maraver
PS2.115Frontal fibrosing alopecia: alopecia of the Duchess of UrbinoAna Guarido (ES), G Lovaton, E Gregorutti, C Fernandez
PS2.116Testicular self-examination and testicular cancer: the factsBeatriz Guerrero Barranco (ES), D Ámez Rafael, N Rivera Rodriguez
PS2.117Football matches and the emergency service visitsBeatriz Guerrero Barranco (ES), N Rivera Rodriguez, D Ámez Rafael, L López Puerta
PS2.118Diagnostic in the eyes - a case of Graves' diseaseFlávio Guimarães (PT), A Martins, AF Vilaça
PS2.119Factors effecting the initiation of insulin therapy in type 2 DM patients in primary care: perspective of family physiciansAzize Dilek Güldal (TR), S Yaprak, T Günvar
PS2.120Testing for parasitic infections in traveller and migrants with eosinophilia in primary careRebecca Hall (UK)
PS2.121Change of commuting mode and health behavior after parking lot closure in workplaceSang Keun Hahm (KR), JY Yoon, JA Park, SG Choi, JY Kim, SM Kim
PS2.122Spousal concordance for cardiovascular risks consisting of chronic diseases and health-related lifestyle in KoreaJeesue Han (KR), J-A Lee, Y-S Kim
PS2.123Short stature in men is associated with peripheral arterial diseaseArto Heikkilä (FI), P Korhonen, M Venermo, P Aarnio, H Kautiainen
PS2.124Teenager - a challenge in family medicine practiceValeria Herdea (RO), I Brinza, E Costiug, R Ghionaru, I Muresan, L Barbacariu, L Comnea, R Niculina, C Pop, A Herdea
PS2.125The general ultrasonography as an experimental oncology screening and a comparative statistical analysis of different type of ultrasound methods (Triplex Doppler or Strain Elastography) who can be significant in primary careMihai Iacob (RO), M Ghiris, S Saftescu
PS2.126Prevention of violence and aggression in German General Practice - an interprofessional qualitative study (“Safety GP”)Freya Ingendae (DE), J Steinhäuser
PS2.127Therapeutic cloning andfFuture prospective of regenerative medicineMemet Isik (TR), M Navruz
PS2.128Factors affecting secondhand smoke exposure at home and in workplace among non-smoking Korean adultsEunKyo Kang (KR), JA Lee, SH Yoo, HY Lee, HJ Cho
PS2.129Evidence based medicine in health care professionals’ opinion. A pilot studyRabee Kazan (ES), M Gavagnach, D Ruíz, B de Pablo, M Serra, A Arévalo, X Filella, A Ruíz, V García, MJ Torrejón, JA Allué, N Giménez
PS2.130Blood group does not form a risk factor for tiger mosquito bite Rabee Kazan (ES), M Gavagnach, S Quintana, R Guitart, N Curcó, M Serra, N Giménez
PS2.131Takayasu arteritis manifested as effort angina and diagnosed after detecting coronary ostial stenosis on CT scan - case reportRabee Kazan (ES), S Sanchez, S Yun, M Murillo, M Julia, M Rey Seoane, C Herranz, I Santsalvador
PS2.132Values and competencies in specialized medical training: healthcare professionals visionRabee Kazan (ES), J Alcaraz, D Ruíz, E Arroyo, M Gavagnach, M Serra, A Arévalo, B De Pablo, S Sánchez, S España, M Rodríguez, N Giménez
PS2.133Contents analysis of clinical preventive services delivery in out-patient clinic of department of family medicineKyoung Jin Kim (KR), B Lim, S-H Yoo, JA Lee, YS Kim
PS2.134Experiences of healthcare workers in dealing with TB patients in a primary care setting in Singapore: a qualitative studyPatricia T Kin (SG)
PS2.135EQuiP Summer SchoolsUlrik Bak Kirk (DK), Z Klemenc-Ketiš, A Nguyen Van Nhieu
PS2.136The interactive ePDF to social media in family medicineUlrik Bak Kirk (DK), L Pinho-Costa
PS2.137Out-of-hours telephone consultations in a rural primary care setting of Northern GreeceSpyridon Klinis (GR), E Symvoulakis
PS2.138Chest X-ray (signs and radiological patterns) - essential knowledge for a family doctorElena Klusova (ES), D Sánchez Fuentes, P Martín Pérez(3,5), JM Helguera Quevedo
PS2.139Factors associated with patients with hypertension achieving their LDL-cholesterol goal in a multi-ethnic Asian populationKim Hwee Koh (SG), CC Goh, SCP Goh, YLE Koh, NC Chuan Tan
PS2.140Differences in serum homocysteine levels according to seropositivity of Helicobacter pyloriMihee Kong (KR), P Song Ho, K Hyeon Ju
PS2.141A group of gneral pactitioners in charge of persons in mental health institutions: limits of the work and ethical reflexionsJean-Claude Leners (LU)
PS2.142Pruritus and skin disorders in elderly patients with type II diabetes mellitusTheocharis Lepenos (GR), M Liarou, D Zavos, D Mpellos, D Mostrous, A-T Vyllioti, M Tatarida, K Koukoumpanis, C Cholevas, D Moriki
PS2.143Whose decision? Antibiotic use in primary careJohanna Lindell (DK)
PS2.144Nicaraguan war experience during contra-revolution is associate to Functional Dyspepsia and Irritable Bowl Syndrome. A Population-Based Study in Nicaragua. Ricardo Llanes Luño (ES), EM Peña, M Hernández, M Malta, L Cortes, DR Morgan
PS2.145Towards the Goal of a Healthy University in Hong Kong: The Pilot Health Promotion ProjectsSze Mon Dana Lo (HK), TKE Au
PS2.146Vitamin D: a new therapeutic weapon for inflammatory bowel disease?Pedro Lopes (PT), D Correia
PS2.147Sick by what we eat?Beatriz López Serrano (ES), PM Cortés Durán, P Medina Cuenca, A Cabrera Benavides, R Ramón Menéndez
PS2.148Not just a simple painLilian Tomás Ortiz (ES), IM Martinez, EM Fernandez, MS Fernandez, C Celada, S López, MD Navarro, R Luquin
PS2.149A different type of hyperlipidemiaGiovanna Lovatón Villena (ES), A Guarido, E Gregorutti, C García
PS2.150Breastfeeding and risk of breast cancer: what is the evidence?Isabel Machado (PT), H Machado
PS2.151Diabetic retinopathy and pregnancyIsabel Machado (PT), H Machado
PS2.152Renal Cysts In Adults: An Approach In Primary Health CareHelena Machado (PT), I Machado, S Domingues
PS2.153Diabetes Mellitus, When and how to evaluate the foot .Helena Machado (PT), I Machado, S Domingues
PS2.154Healthy Communities - nationwide project in Slovakia: 'The work we do, the support we need'Peter Marko (SK), E Jurgova
PS2.155Autism, a different reality – Case reportPatrícia Marques (PT), M Salgado, A Alexandre, J Leal, A Cabaça
PS2.156Machado-Joseph diseasePatrícia Marques (PT), M Salgado, A Alexandre, J Leal, A Cabaça
PS2.157A lost cause after a right searchIsabel María Martínez Ardil (ES), EM Fernández, MS Fernández, C Celada, S López, L Tomás, A Martínez, F Agüera
PS2.158Whispering painIsabel María Martínez Ardil (ES), EM Fernández, MS Fernández, C Celada, S López, L Tomás, R Gómez, F Agüera
PS2.159Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound in Carpal tunnel syndromeAlbino Martins (ES), AF Vilaça, F Guimarães
PS2.160Interstitial cystitis – review of the medical treatment approachAlbino Martins (PT), AF Vilaça, F Guimarães
PS2.161How should i ask for consent?Vasco Martins (PT), I Correia, R Feliciano
PS2.162Hypochondria – the lost diagnosis?Célia Mata (PT), A Poças, S Almeida
PS2.163A misleading anemiaAna Luísa Matis (PT), A Cardoso
PS2.164An extraordinary discoveryAna Luísa Matias (PT), A Cardoso
PS2.165Are we meeting needs of children with complex health needs in the primary care UKTahir Mehmood (UK)
PS2.166Polymorphous light eruption: an underdiagnosed photodermatosisAlexandra Mendonça (ES), A Dantas
PS2.167An evolving case of a myeloproliferative disorder in a youngsterAlexandra Mendonça (ES), A Dantas
PS2.168Addison disease - how to get there?Adriana Meneses (PT), A Coelho Rodrigues, S Castro Alves
PS2.169Does internet addiction make us obese? Cross-sectional study in university studentsVildan Mevsim(TR),U Yildiz, K Mustan, T Gunvar
PS2.170Utilization reasons of complementary-alternative medicine (CAM) on patients who have chronic diseases in primary care settingsVildan Mevsim (TR), MA Kilic, Sema Kilic, E Yildirim
PS2.171An exploratory trip in the training needs of General Practitioners (GPs) in forecast of the new organizational structureMaria Milano (IT), S Miozzo, R Polverari
PS2.172The knowledge from the experience: the voice of caregivers in the family careRamona Polverari(it), M Milano
PS2.173The health needs assessment in clinical office and at home: observational studyMaria Milano (IT), V Marmora
PS2.174Primum non nocere: the ethical volunteerSophie Mylan (UK), RN Modi, E Clark
PS2.175Adequate prescription of anticoagulant direct action in a health area of Andalusia, Spain José Ignacio Moscosio Cuevas (ES), M Barquilla Calderón, I Arjona Burgos, V Llamazares Muñoz, M Rioboo
PS2.176A GP community facing overdiagnosisAndrea Moser (IT), G Berloffa, D Ortolani, S Mazzoldi, R Romanelli, M Clerici
PS2.177Compliance of hypertensive patients to management In Kurdistan region, Iraq Johannes Mulder (NL), S Aswad, R Sanaan
PS2.178Starting from back pain as symptom, to a diagnosis of lymphoma. A clinical challenge.Ruth Muñoz Maya (ES), CM Jiménez Herrera, Á Hurtado de Mendoza Medina
PS2.179De-mystifying the vaginal examination. Experiences and attitudes of medical students towards learning and performing vaginal examinationsPushpa Nair (UK), S Burman-Roy, S Radhakrishnan
PS2.180An epidemiologic study in diabetic patients with cardiovascular eventsCristina Navarro (ES), M Fernandez, MC Garrido, P Chinchurreta Capote
PS2.181Doctor I have a lump in my neckRaquel Navarro Hernández (ES), F Amorós Martínez, AM Magdaleno Hernández
PS2.182A case report of acute on chronic tophaceous goutElsa Neves (PT), C Pinto, M Damas, P Alves
PS2.183Experience of quality improvement projects in primary care: the Equip-inspired French summer schoolsAndre Nguyen Van Nhieu (FR), I Dupie
PS2.184Subacute granulomatous thryroiditis - a clinical caseMaria João Nobre (PT), I Inácio
PS2.185Voting for better health in deprived communitiesAnna Quine (KE), G Obuzor, N Nthusi, L Ndomoto, A Hibble, C Tulinius, P Chahal, N Nyanja, S Barasa
PS2.186Inspiring primary care trainees through the Global Health Exchange Project Gladys Obuzor (UK), A Quine, N Nthusi, L Ndomoto, A Hibble, C Tulinius, P Chahal, N Nyanja, S Barasa
PS2.187Is it possible to delay vascular aging?Maria Ines Oliveira (PT), A Portela, G Gama
PS2.188Topical capsaicin for pain in osteoarthritis – an evidence based reviewVânia Patrícia Oliveira Guedes (PT), JP Castro, I Brito
PS2.189Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency – Family studyRaquel Osório (PT), H Fernandes, R Ferrão, H Clemente, T Cafofo, L Fialho, S Santos, E Simões
PS2.190Evaluation of motivational interviewing training for family medicine residencies: Atatürk University Medical Faculty sampleCoskun Oztekin (TR), K Tastan
PS2.191The increase in healthy life years in Portugal - a comparison with NorwayJoana Parente (PT)
PS2.192Distribution of cardiovascular risk factors according to renal function in a population with low incidence of coronary heart diseaseDídac Parramon(ES), M Garcia-Gil, M Comas-Cufi, C Lopez, JL Berdonces, R Sanchez, N Saura, A Julià, A Palomeras, C Ponsatí, S Vancells, R Ramos
PS2.193A look inside a retirement homeJose Antonio Pascual Lopez (ES), PM Martínez López, MH Vidal Giménez, AE Zapata Aparicio, C Zulueta Gómez-Aparici, A Pérez Carrillo, J Aracil Fernández, M Ros Marín, M Hamoudi Yahadih, C Martinez Delgado, A Gómez Hortelano, D López Giraldo
PS2.194What the hell am I doing here? GenderJose Antonio Pascual Lopez (ES), PM Martínez López, MH Vidal Giménez, AE Zapata Aparicio, C Martínez Delgado, A Pérez Carrillo, J Aracil Fernández, M Ros Marín, M Hamoudi Yahadih, C Zulueta Gómez-Aparici, D López Giraldo, A Gómez Hortelano
PS2.195What the hell am I doing here? Why?Jose Antonio Pascual Lopez (ES), PM Martínez López, M Hamoudi Yahadih, C Martínez Delgado, J Aracil Fernández, A Pérez Carrillo, M Ros Marín, MH Vidal Giménez, D López Giraldo, A Gómez Hortelano, C Zulueta Gómez-Aparici, AE Zapata Aparicio
PS2.196Describing sleep apnea as a less known preventable association of stroke in a young manNilesh Pawar (SG), J O’Riordan, S Isaac, F Vasanwala
PS2.197Stroke versus simple partial crisis a purpose of a case reportJuan Paz Galiana (ES), JP García Paine, J Bueno Fonseca, LA Calleja Cartón
PS2.198Welcoming in the program more doctors for BrazilAdriano A Pedrosa (BR), M Nunes, CS Engelsdorff
PS2.199Urinary infection: correctly treated? Let´s find it out!Laura Peiro (ES), A Araujo, Y Ortega, C Fuentes, P Chamizo, F López, I Pascual, M Vázquez, N Ruiz
PS2.200What do you carry in your medical briefcase?Laura Peiro (ES), F López, A Araujo, C Cardozo, M Vázquez, Y Ortega, JL Arévalo, N Ruiz, P Chamizo
PS2.201Feet in multiple paths - diagnosis of multiple myeloma in primary health care Mara Eliana Pereira (PT), T Ferreira e Ferreira, G Costa Neves, S Borges, R Costa, C Dias, C Serrano, H Santos
PS2.202Time consumed by interruptions in FM consultation Mara Eliana Pereira (PT), T Ferreira e Ferreira, G Costa Neves, S Costa, L Lucas, T Matos
PS2.203Mediterranen boutonneuse fever in primary careBeatriz Perez Gonzalez (ES), P Gonzalez Zambrano
PS2.204Contraception in hypertensive women: a quality improvement studyCatarina Pinho (PT), J Teixeira, A Nogueira
PS2.205Patients with Bariatric Surgery Criteria: a primary care studyCatarina Pinho (PT), T Martins
PS2.206Assessment and record of cardiovascular risk in hypertensive patients: a quality improvement studyCatarina Pinho (PT), A Couto, A Nogueira, J Teixeira, S Rebelo
PS2.207Pain management, long-term care and palliative care in home visit teamsBruno Pinto (PT), H Monteiro, R Pombeiro Silva, S Ângelo
PS2.208Attitudes of Portuguese women concerning breast cancer screening exams - a population-based nationwide cross-sectional studyPedro Pinto (PT), M Esteves, C Martins
PS2.209ADHD or just plain rudeness: what’s the GP’s role? About a clinical caseVera Pires da Silva (PT)
PS2.210Violet project: tools and tipsRosanna Polvere (IT), R Pedale, A Piscopiello, M Zamboni, A Latino, MT Vaccaro, C Cricelli, R Michieli
PS2.211Primary health care for inhabitants with mental disorders in state social care centerAndris Pucejr (LV), S Svikle, M Kozlovska, L Kozlovska, S Gintere
PS2.212Preventive check-ups - problems and challenges in the rural areas - experience from the Republic of Serbia Darinka Punosevac (RS), M Mojkovic
PS2.213Vitamin D deficiencySerhat Purcu (TR), M Mert, A Khaznawi
PS2.214Therapeutic efficacy in acute bronchiolitis: salbutamol or adrenaline?Rita Ramalho (PT), H Canilhas, S Grilo Lourenço, T Pereira Leite, D Rodrigues
PS2.215Genetic case in Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseaseArantxa Oliver Ramírez (ES), A Del Ángel Arroyo Sebastián, MJ Crespo Tudela, MJ Sánchez Romano, G Céspedes
PS2.216Primary care follow-up of chemotherapy/radiotherapy receiving cancer patientsNele Rasschaert (TR)
PS2.217Managing my patellofemoral pain' - the creation of an education leaflet for patients Michael Skovdal Rathleff (DK), C Barton
PS2.218Subclinical and established target organ damage in patients enrolled in the study IBERICANDaniel Rey Aldana (ES), GC Rodríguez Roca, Á Díaz Rodríguez, J Vergara Martín, J Polo García, C Murillo Jelsbak, T Rama Martínez, I Gil Gil, FJ Alonso Moreno, Ao Alonso Verdugo
PS2.219Evaluating the degree of adherence and satisfaction with oral anticoagulant treatment with AVK, according to the degree of INR control in the field of primary care in Galicia. ANFAGAL + StudyDaniel Rey Aldana (ES), A Rey Rañal, A Pita Sánchez, E Alonso Mougan, I González Yebra-Pimentel, JM Moreno Moreno, MJ Aquino Acuña, M Portela Romero, M Gutiérrez Novoa, MA Gómez Soto
PS2.220Long term anticoagulation therapy management in Primary Health Care: a one year experienceFlavio Ribeiro (PT), AL Matias, T Fernandes
PS2.221The complementary imaging exams in rheumatology 'perspective of family medicine'Joana Ribeiro (PT), C Ambrósio, B Oliveira, P Morgado, A Barcelos
PS2.222Severe hypertriglyceridemia and successful approach in lifestyle modification, a clinical caseJoana Ribeiro (PT), B Oliveira, P Morgado
PS2.223Advantages of a new healthcare model to attend chronicity in primary careSusana Elizabeth Riesgo (ES), BE Riesgo Escudero, D Moriano García, A Carpintero, D Blanco Casas, E Pintado Outumuro
PS2.224Evaluating health seeking behavior of patients regarding ARI in patients older than19 yearsRadmila Ristovska (MK), V Risteska Nejasmic, K Stavrikj
PS2.225The effect of specific foods in the reduction of frequency and/or severity of migraine attacks - an evidence based researchÉrica Rocha (PT), A Pacheco, A Domingues, RS Raimundo Ribeiro
PS2.226Aggressive fibromatosis: a case reportJoão Rocha Palas (PT), J Azevedo, P Coelho, M Santos, A Dias
PS2.227Evaluation of the knowledge of the use of adrenaline pen in a medical emergency - research protocolMartina Rocha (PT), A Correia, A Ferreira, I Figueiredo, P Vasconcelos, T Tavares
PS2.228Characterization of vaccination extra National Vaccination ProgramMartina Rocha (PT), A Correia, A Ferreira, T Tavares
PS2.229Knowledge and attitudes of family physicians of Northern Portugal health centers regarding painSara Rocha (PT), C Rodrigues, S Vieira, S Torres, A Mota
PS2.230Heart attack in a young woman – all about genetics!Sara Rocha (PT), D Ferreira, B Serra, V Costa
PS2.231Graves’ disease – the hyperthyroidism in exhibitionSara Rocha (PT), C Rodrigues, R Regadas, S Vieira, C Baldaia, B Figueiredo
PS2.232Adequacy of contraception in women with hypertensionRaquel Rodrigues (PT), S Araújo, M Rocha, Â Pinho
PS2.233Cord blood stem cells banking and clinical useRaquel Rodrigues (PT), J Diez Carvalho
PS2.234Quality assessment of the application of fecal occult blood tests in a health unitAndrea Rodrigues (PT), E Rocha, M Gomes
PS2.235Erythema multiforme, a diagnostic challengeDavid Rodrigues (PT), M Lopes, S Grilo Lourenço , T Pereira Leite, R Ramalho, H Canilha
PS2.236A clinical case of late complication of gastric bandNélson Rodrigues (PT), P Pereira
PS2.237Exploring why quality circles work in primary health care: a realist review - WorkshopAdrian Rohrbasser (UK), J Harris, S Mickan, G Wong
PS2.238Allergic reaction to the antigen (dried fruits) and its treatment - a case report Isabel Roig Grau (ES), L Valls Cassi, L Cases Ros, N Busquet Sole, A Cuberas Mas, R Rodriguez Roig, X Puigdengolas Armengol, DE Pierre Louis, LY Cortez Bustos, C Leey Echavarria, F Díaz Gallego, I Fornell Boixader
PS2.239Improvements in online medical consultations between primary care service and its specialistsIsabel Roig Grau (ES), A Cuberas Mas, X Puigdengolas Armengol, N Busquet Sole, A Sinfreu Pujol, L Cases Ros, R Rodriguez Roig, G Esquerra Casas, DE Pierre Louis, F Diaz Gallego
PS2.240A new method to contact specialist from the primary care: creating a virtual platform online for medical consultations. Does primary care use it?Isabel Roig Grau (ES), A Cuberas Mas, X Puigdengolas Armengol, N Busquet Sole, A Sinfreu Pujol, L Cases Ros, R Rodriguez Roig, DE Pierre Louis, D Rodriguez Sotillo, C Leey Echavarria
PS2.241Management of patients with ischemic strokeEsperanza María Romero Rodríguez (ES), A Rodríguez Hervás
PS2.242Knowledge, attitudes and practice of primary care professionals about the approach of alcohol: preliminary resultsEsperanza María Romero Rodríguez (ES), A Rodríguez Hervás
PS2.243European code against cancer: knowledge of the Spanish populationEsperanza María Romero Rodríguez (ES), A Rodríguez Hervás
PS2.244Psychiatric emergency managementEsperanza María Romero Rodríguez (ES), A Rodríguez Hervás
PS2.245Misdiagnosis, happy endingSara Isabel Roncero Martín (ES), A Sánchez de Toro Gironés, P Abdeljabbar Paredes, E Sánchez Pablo, AC Menéndez López, L De Castro Peral, LS Bañagasta, A Carrasco Angulo, AB Martorell Pro
PS2.246Chronic illness, stress, heart-healthy habits among health worker area 8Sara Isabel Roncero Martín (ES), A Sánchez de Toro Gironés, AC Menéndez López, L De Castro Peral, E Sánchez Pablo, LS Bañagasta, A Carrasco Angulo, P Abdeljabbar Paredes, AB Martorell Pro
PS2.247AMI (Acute Miocardycal Infarct). Emergengy in primary health centreRoser Ros Barnadas (ES), J Plazas Subirós, R Isern Alibés, C Casanovas Fusté, L Vega Vidal, I Gonzalez Saavedra, A Altaba Barceló, A Boada Valmaseda, E Roig Pitarch
PS2.248Jundice: a symptom to be consideredRoser Ros Barnadas (ES), C Casanovas Fusté, R Isern Alibés, I González Saavedra, A Boada Valmaseda, L Vega Vidal, A Altaba Barceló, E Roig Pitarch
PS2.249Interprofessional collaboration: the approach to effective triageMary Glaze Rosal (PH), MTT Bautista, GL Diaz, E Engeljakob
PS2.250Impact of written information given by family doctor on diabetes control – randomized controlled prospective multicentre trial Ines Rosendo (PT), L Santiago
PS2.251Paleolithic ratio as a novel measure of how Paleolithic a diet is: definitions and calculations from paleolithic and Mediterranean-like diet Björn Rydhög (SE), T Jönsson, S Lindeberg, M Fontes-Villalba, Y Granfeldt, L Frassetto, P Carrera-Bastos
PS2.252Simultaneous cystometry and urethral pressure reflectometry (UPR) provides information of function and dysfunction of the lower urinary tractMarie-Louise Saaby (DK), N Klarskov, G Lose
PS2.253General practitioner run local hospitals in Finland - The basic functions and the role in the hospital systemHenna Saari (FI), O-P Ryynänen, E Lönnroos, S Kokko
PS2.254Use of antidepressants (ATDP) and benzodiazepines (BZD) in over 75 years and institutionalizationJosé Carlos Pérez Sánchez (ES), JA Sánchez Ortiz, N Jorge Martín, I Cámara Bravo, GI Mestre Reoyo, J Gil Zarzosa
PS2.255Patients attending consultation, do they consult any medical item on the internet?José Carlos Pérez Sánchez (ES), A Pedraza Bueno, GI Meste Reoyo, M Espinar Toledo, I Cámara Bravo, JA Sánchez Ortiz
PS2.256Medical referrals to nursing for not delayable attention (NDA)Jose Carlos Pérez Sánchez (ES), N Jorge Martin, M Espinar Toledo, P Barea Sánchez, JA Sánchez Ortiz, MR Rosillo Rein
PS2.257Pediatric assistance in the emergency department of a semi-urban health centreJosé Carlos Pérez Sánchez (ES), R Gamez de la Torre, N Jorge Martín, MR Rosillo Rein, JA Sánchez Ortiz, MA Castaño Fuentes
PS2.258Screening for COPD from primary careNúria Sánchez Ruano (ES), C Colungo, A Hervás, M Sánchez, MC Alvira, E Sánchez, R Sanz, M Ortega, N Garcia, R Conde, N Selvi, L Gene
PS2.259One day with your doctor: a lifestyle intervention led by general practitionersMartin Sattler (LU), R Gomez Bravo, C Vögele, M Aubart, M Barth, S Stranges, M Haag, N Haas, S Rausch, P Tabouring, H Lygidakis, M Terán Diez
PS2.260How do GPs handle advance directives and health care proxies? A questionnaire survey among German GPsRieke Schnakenberg (DE), B Weltermann, D Becka, A Althaus, F Frank, A Sönnichsen, S Wilm, M Bleckwenn
PS2.261LDL levels and statin treatment in diabetic patients at one healthcare centerHugo Silva (PT), V Duarte, C Tinoco
PS2.262System of safety standards in primary care establishment - family medicine teams in canton SarajevoAmira Skopljak (BA), A Novo, E Sacic, M Podzic, I Masic
PS2.263Asymptomatic non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients in GP practiceIlze Skuja (LV), E Skuja, I Stukena, A Lejnieks
PS2.264Vitamin D deficiency and its relationship with thyroid dysfunctionGözen Soguksu (TR), B Duran Tak, C Begüm Üces, D Toprak, M Taskin Egici
PS2.265New knowledge for family doctorsMiguel Sola García (ES), B Girela Serrano, F Leiva Cepas
PS2.266Pneumococcal vaccination in primary health centersMiguel Sola García (ES), E Ruiz García, A Carmona García
PS2.267Pneumococcal vaccine in COPD patientsMiguel Sola García (ES), I Poyato Zafra, JA Marin Relaño
PS2.268Pneumococcal and influenza vaccines connectionMiguel Sola García (ES), L Frutos Muñoz, M Ruiz Ruiz
PS2.269Usual care of panic disorder with or without agoraphobia in general practiceMichael Sommer (DE), J Breitbart, N Schneider, C Brettschneider, H-H König, J Gensichen, TS Hiller
PS2.270Evaluation of labour preference of pregnant women and factors influencing the choiceCemik Isik Sönmez (TR), F Turan Sönmez, AA Sivaslioglu, Z Erdem, P Cura Ecevit, MC Mermerkaya, T Karadag
PS2.271Basal carcinoma cell at paediatric age Gorlin-Goltz syndrome: clinical experience Soraya Iluminada Sotto Rodriguez (ES), AA Gonzalez Muñoz, L Naveira Arrastia, JM Vega Gonzalez, J Vega González, S Fumero Sotto
PS2.272Adopting hypodermoclysis in primary care: a challenge for youPedro Sousa e Silva (PT)
PS2.273Quality indicators to measure physiotherapeutic performance for patients with knee osteoarthritis: an observational studyDavid Spitaels (BE), P Vankrunkelsven, R Hermens
PS2.274Measuring health literacy among very low literate people: a feasibility study with the HLS-EU QuestionnaireHannelore Storms (BE), N Claes, B Aertgeerts, S van den Broucke
PS2.275Differential diagnosis of ampulous diseases: dermatitis herpetiformis an uncommon autoimmune disease due tu gluten intoleranceNatàlia Subirats Duran (ES), D García Hernández, M Jiménez Peinado, A Salvador Mateo, I Acin Pueyo, P Sánchez Salas, J Martínez Téllez, R de Paz Picornell, P Martínez Blanco, A Piera Salmerón, L Eroles
PS2.276Home blood pressure monitoring in primary careGabor Szalo (SE), B Landström
PS2.277Living together the patient's lifeVesna Tabak (HR), B Zivkovic Duvnjak, M Vrcic Keglevic
PS2.278Does work environment and personal experience of doctors affect the discussions of advanced care planning in Singapore?Chee Wei Tan (SG)
PS2.279The experiences and attitudes towards international primary care amongst Family doctors across EuropeEugene Tang (UK), H Fox
PS2.280When the HbA1c does not tell us the truth…Rita Teixeira (PT)
PS2.281Mal de Meleda – description of a case reportRita Teixeira (PT), AM Cabral, MJ Pinheiro, P Morais
PS2.282Evaluation of the relationship between health perception and daily living activities among elderlies living in residential homeNil Tekin (TR), K Sözmen, H Can, M Tözün
PS2.283Over 100 years in Turkey: evaluation of a centenarian woman living in residential home Nil Tekin (TR), M Kartal
PS2.284The Sustainability Agenda: is anyone listening?Jonathan Tricker (UK), C Kenward, F Mortimer
PS2.285Management of anemias in family medicineMaria Tsironi (GR), P Andriopoulos, L Tina
PS2.286Palliative care helps patients with terminal illness live betterDaniela Turkoanje (RS), M Djan
PS2.287Antithrombotic therapy in atrial fibrillation in the elderlyDaniela Turkoanje (RS), M Adam, M Djan
PS2.288Daily clinical practice: cardiovascular risk and statin prescription patterns.Jordi Valldosera Santo (ES), D Borras, D Garola, F Grifoll, A Carbonell, M Miralles, O Ochoa, JM Sabate, MI Herreros
PS2.289Beware the spider! About a casePilar Valverde Vallejo (ES), J Palacios Castillo, D Ruiz Rueda
PS2.290Doctor, want Meperidina pleasePilar Valverde Vallejo (ES), J Palacios Castillo, D Ruiz Rueda
PS2.291Infectious mononucleosis and corticosteroids. Yes or no?Pilar Valverde Vallejo (ES), R Narbona Fernandez, J Palacios Castillo
PS2.292Management of Atrial fibriLLation INcluding anticoagulation in primary care – study protocol of the cluster randomized controlled trial ALL-INCarline van den Dries (NL), R Oudega, F Rutten, Svan de Leur, A Elvan(3), K Moons, G-J Geersing
PS2.293Influenza vaccination: causes of negative attitudes of the population of a rural area of CreteTheodoros Vasilopoulos (GR), G Arseni, K Chatzinaki, A Tsireka, D Vasilakis
PS2.294Views and attitudes of teens in matters of preventive medicine in a rural area of CreteTheodoros Vasilopoulos (GR), G Arseni, I Trahanatzi, M Koutsouridaki, P Zampakidou, M Gelasaki
PS2.295Headache as a cause for attending the emergency department in a rural area of CreteTheodoros Vasilopoulos (GR), G Arseni, D Varthalis, N Kontarakis, I Poulorinakis, D Vasilakis
PS2.296Sleep disorders among the elderly in a rural area of CreteTheodoros Vasilopoulos (GR), G Arseni, D Varthalis, N Tsakountakis, P Zampakidou, N Kontarakis
PS2.297Influenza vaccination campaign for homeless people in the city of Lisbon - an experience reportInes Venancio, R Fernandes (PT), C Afonso, E Caires, V Salgueiro, P Magalhaes, D Cunha, I Simoes, B Flor de Lima, T Sá, H Martins
PS2.298Just a shoulders pain? Think againSandra Ventura (PT), M Gomes, S Gomes
PS2.299Cancer risk assessment in primary care - pilot studyReka Vernes (HU)
PS2.300Female sexual dysfunction and hypertension in a primary health care populationAna Filipa Vilaça (PT), A Fernandes, I Esteves, V Peixoto, J Bouça, A Vieira
PS2.301Predictors of depression and anxiety disorders in infertile patientsAna Filipa Vilaça (PT), J Bessa, AP Pimentel
PS2.302Think beyond the initial diagnosisAna Filipa Vilaça (PT), V Peixoto, AF Pimentel, A Martins, F Guimarães
PS2.303Clinical characteristics of acute coronary syndrome patients visiting department of general medicine in a teaching hospital of Japan Hiroaki Wakakuri (JP), Y Hosokawa, K Akutsu, H Hyodo, T Yamamoto, T Ohara, W Shimizu, M Kawai, M Yasutake
PS2.304Successful treatment of supraventricular tachycardia with a new, modified Valsalva manoeuvreJohan Wallentin (DK)
PS2.305Prevalence and impact of anxiety disorders in primary care patients presenting with chest pain: an Asian perspectiveSinead Wang (SG), MK Chau, J Tan, ND Togeman, XY Tan, I Kiamel, NM Yusof, ER Chris, PL Chia, S Sung, T Chua, NC Tan
PS2.306The effects of continuity on quality of diabetic care at a family practice clinic in Thailand: a retrospective cohort studyChathaya Wongrathanandha (TH), R Kanhasing, T Anothaisintawee, S Hathirat
PS2.307Polypharmacy vs polypragmasy in geriatric populationAmra Zalihic (BA), G Pivic, A Mijic Maric
PS2.308How many patients take the medication without a prescriptionAmra Zalihic (BA), G Pivic, A Mijic Maric, N Pinjuh Markota, M Pivic
PS2.309Streptococcus gallolyticus infection silent debut, severe evolutionMarilena Constantin (RO), M Neata, L Stefan, E Acatrinei, M Enyedi, M Nica, C Voinea, P Calistru
PS2.310Systematic review evaluating influence and efficiency of Telemedicine on patients’ adherence to life-style modifications, disease prevention and managementLiga Kozlovska (LV), M Kozlovska, S Gintere, G Ticmane, R Vintere, D Misina
PS2.311Point-of-care ultrasound in general practice: a literature reviewCamilla Aakjær (DK), J Vela, MB Jensen