True linksProgramme No.Paper TitleAuthors
KA01Family doctors with heads and hearts: a global perspectiveMichael Kidd, President of the World Organization of Family Doctors, Adelaide, Australia
KA02Diagnosis: an impossible but essential taskPaul Glasziou, Centre for Research into Evidence-Based Medicine at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia
W01How to prevent overdiagnosis in general practice
W02From diagnosis to formulation of a shared understanding: development of a new method for primary care clinicians to engage with mental health problems in the 21st century
S01.1Introduction gastroenterology in primary care Bohumil Seifert (CZ)
S01.2Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: an updateRoger Jones (UK
S01.3Irritable bowel syndrome Jean WM Muris (NL)
S01.4Dyspepsia and peptic ulcer disease Lars Agréus (SE)
S01.5Constipation and diarrhoeaNiek de Wit (NL)
S01.6Coeliac disease Knut-Arne Wensaas (NO)
S02.1Allergy education needs in primary care: results of a questionnaireDermot Ryan (UK), D Church, N Lomidze, M Batsiou, M Gómez, K Nekam,
E Angier, R Gawlik
S02.2A tale of a GP with Special Interest (GPwSI) paediatric allergy clinic in the communityIsobel El-Shanawany (UK)
S02.3Managing the high risk atopic childMich LaJeunesse (UK)
S02.4An approach to the wheezy infant in primary carePatrick Bindels (NL)
W03The Vasco da Gama Movement General Meeting
OP01.1Patient screening tools associated with prediction of depression remission at six monthsKurt Angstman (USA), G Garrison
OP01.2Use and costs of laboratory tests in primary health care in the Vantaa City, in FinlandSirkku Vuorma (FI)
OP01.3The too frequent repetition of some blood tests generates inappropriateness and increases costsPiero Salvadori (IT)
OP01.4Predictability of CBC parameters for heavy drinking according to the facial flushing

Hyun Chul Joung (KR), JS Kim, HJ Yang, SS Kim, SJ Yoon, JW Chang
OP01.5Clinical decision algorithm of Urinary Incontinence in primary health careJoana Pinto de Sousa (PT), L Fonte Dias
OP01.6Validity of alcohol use disorder identification test - Korean revised version for screening alcohol use disorder according to DSM-5 CriteriaJung Wei Chang (KR), JS Kim, JG Jung, SS Kim, SJ Yoon, HS Jang
OP02.1Familial risks of glomerulonephritis - A nationwide family study in SwedenDelshad Akrawi (SE), X Li, J Sundquist, K Sundquist, E Fjellstedt, B Zöller
OP02.2Inhalation technique assessment and inhaler device satisfaction in asthma patientsRita Pedro (PT), F Carvalho
OP02.3Facing the diagnosis of myocardial infarction: a qualitative study of Croatian patient experienceGoranka Petricek (HR), J Buljan, G Prljevic, M Vrcic Keglevic
OP02.4Stability of the frequent exacerbator – a Danish nationwide register-based studyMette Mørch Klemmensen Reilev (DK), J Lykkegaard, A Halling, J Vestbo, J Søndergaard, A Pottegård
OP02.5Ongoing statin therapy during hospitalization for acute myocardial infarction. Learnings for general practitioners and cardiologistsGhena Shabana (SE), G Nilsson
OP02.6Primary prevention of Luxembourgish GPs: are they a risk group amongst the mean population?Xavier Bairin (LU)
W04A demonstration how to manually examine a patient with arm-, shoulder- and neck-pain and a talk about the different reasons for these symptoms
OP03.1Is stress related with poor glycaemic control in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2?Valerija Bralic Lang (HR)
OP03.2A Mobile and Web-Based Clinical Decision Support and Monitoring System for Hypertension and Diabetes in Primary Care: A Study ProtocolVildan Mevsim (TR), A Kut, Ö Kart, O Yilmaz, AÖ Altun, I Yürek
OP03.3The effectiveness of a cardiometabolic prevention program in general practices offering integrated care programs including a patient tailored lifestyle treatmentMonika Hollander (NL), L Eppink, M Nielen, I Badenbroek, D Stol, F Schellevis, N de Wit
OP03.4Cardiovascular fitness in young males predicts risk of idiopathic venous thromboembolism in adulthoodBengt Zöller (SE), H Ohlsson, J Sundquist, K Sundquist
OP03.5Cardiovascular features and comorbidity in patients diagnosed with hypercholesterolemiaMaría Candelaria Ayuso (ES), I Párraga, JM Del Campo, J Rabadanes, F Lago, JM Téllez, JM Ferreras, S Morena, F Escobar, M Blasco, JJ Pérez, A Villena
OP03.6Diabetes type 2 in Seltjarnarnes Health Center, retrospective study 2003-2013Gudbjartur Ólafsson (IS)
S03Better diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections in general practiceLars Bjerrum (DK), Morten Lindbæk (NO), Chris Buttler (UK), Ildikó Gágyor (DE), Ingvild Vik (NO), Marianne Bollestad (NO), Carlos Llor (ES), Anne Holm (DK), Gloria Cordoba (DK), Pernille Brunsgaard (DK), Theo Verheij (NL), Akke Vellinga (IE)
W05Basic dermoscopy for general practitioners
W06Difficult to control asthma
W07Infectious diseases and family medicine in the era of migrating populations
W08The tight relationship between mental health and family violence: practice and training implicationsEUROPREV and WONCA Special Interest Group on Family Violence Joint Workshop
W09The contribution of family medicine to global health
OP04.1Predictors of depressive symptoms in bereaved caregivers: a nation-wide prospective cohort studyMette Kjærgaard Nielsen (DK), MA Neergaard, AB Jensen, P Vedsted, F Bro, M-B Guldin
OP04.2Reducing health inequalities through health promotion interventionsMarta Sastre Paz (ES), M Cob Yagüe, L Alvarez Castel, C Ramos Martín, O Borrego Hernando, ML Romero Abellán, C García Atienza
OP04.3Managing patients with chronic depression in primary careFlorian Wolf (DE), A Freytag, S Schulz, T Kühlein, J Gensichen
OP04.4Identifying attitudes toward patients with medically unexplained symptoms in Slovenian family medicine physiciansVojislav Ivetic (SI), K Pasic, P Selic
OP04.5Effect of acculturation and gender on self-rated health in immigrants from Iraq to Sweden – the MEDIM population based studyLouise Bennet (SE), M Lindström
OP04.6Dementia care mapping: a tool for general practitioners to improve non-verbal communication with persons with dementia in nursing homes

Jean-Claude Leners (LU)
OP05.1An RCT of a biomarker blood test in lung cancer using the EarlyCDT-Lung test in Scotland: provisional data from the 1st 10 000 patientsFrank Sullivan (CA), E Farmer, F Mair, S Treweek, D Kendrick, C Jackson, C Robertson, K Vedhara, C McCowan, J Robertson, R Littleford, H Sewell
OP05.2Overdiagnosis of asthma in adults in primary careIngrid Looijmans (NL), M Zakhimi, T Verheij, N de Wit
OP05.3Different strategies for excluding pulmonary embolism (PE) in primary care.Wim Lucassen, H van Weert
OP05.4The impact of spirometry in the Ebeltoft Health Promotion Study (EHPS)Lene Maria Ørts (DK), A Løkke, A-L Smidt Hansen, T Lauritzen, A Sandbæk
OP05.5The primary care integrated ambulatory: an efficient methodology to teach medical students family practice and family medicine core valuesGraziela Moreto (BR), J Carvalho Moura, D Bivanco-Lima, ML Sales, R MDGallotti
OP05.6Cough, an unusual presentation of a gastrointestinal tumor

Tiago Tavares (PT), M Rocha, A Pinho, M Ferreira, M Correia, P Vasconcelos, AP Pinheiro
OP06.1Criteria validity of the Danish Major Depression InventoryMarie Germund Nielsen (DK), KS Christensen, M Vestergaard, E Ørnbøl, P Bech
OP06.2Family physicians taking care health care workers - is self-reported history of chickenpox a reliable marker for varicella zoster virus (VZV) immunity?Eva Tai-Kwan Au (HK), SKP Lau, DSM Lo
OP06.3Self-reported symptoms and healthcare seeking – results from a population based surveySandra Elnegaard (DK), A Fischer Pedersen, R Sand Andersen, DE Jarbøl
OP06.4The Bermuda Triangle of child and adolescent mental healthPhilip Wilson (UK), G King, A Roberts, C Mearns
OP06.5Diagnosis and management of elder abuse by family physicianHumbert de Freminville (FR), V Dumortier
OP06.6Consultations for mental problems in general practices with and without mental health nursesTessa Magnée (NL), D de Beurs, P Verhaak
W10Measuring diabetic care: what are good indicators?
OP07.1Disease course of lower respiratory tract infection with a bacterial aetiology in primary careJolien Teepe, BDL Broekhuizen, K Loens, C Lammens, M Ieven, H Goossens, P Little, CC Butler, S Coenen(2,5), M Godycki-Cwirko, TJM Verheij
OP07.2Anti vaccination movement in Indonesia: belief, knowledge and attitudeHardisman Dasman (ID), T Hidayatullah
OP07.3Reduction in antibiotic prescribing in Swedish primary care. A retrospective study of electronic patient recordsMia Tyrstrup (SE), A Beckman, S Mölstad, S Engström, C Lannering, E Melander, K Hedin
OP07.4Diabetes mellitus and latent tuberculosis infection: to screen or not to screen?Joana Barreira (PT), R Carvalho, AF Lima, V Guedes
OP07.5Prediction model for proper use of antibiotics in symptomatic patients with suspected urinary tract infection in primary care: observational studyGloria Cordoba (DK), V Siersma, M Mäkelä, L Bjerrum
OP07.6Lifestyle habits in patients with established cardiovascular diseases - EUROPREV III studyMateja Bulc (SI), C Brotons
OP08.1Which procedures are performed by primary care physicians? – A comparison of specialists in family medicine and general internal medicineKristina Jäkel (DE), B Brandt, K Goetz, J Steinhaeuser
OP08.2Procedures, tests and medical equipment in Nordic general practiceTorunn Bjerve Eide (NO), J Strand, C Björkelund, E Kosunen, P Vedsted, EO Rosvold
OP08.3Characteristics of transitional incidents between hospital and general practice: a survey studyJudith M Poldervaart (NL), M van Melle, K Murphy, N de Wit, D Zwart
OP08.4Associations between organisational factors and implementation of recommendations regarding spirometry utilisation in general practiceJette Videbek Le (DK), J Lykkegaard, LB Pedersen(1, 2), H Riisgaard, J Nexøe, J Søndergaard
OP08.5Transitional patient safety in The Netherlands: the TIPP studyLeida Reijnders (NL), C Erkelens, M van Melle, J Poldervaart, N de Wit, D Zwart
OP08.6Payment for medication reviews did not lead to better medical treatment in the elderly: an observational studyHelena Ödesjö (SE), J Thorn, J Fastbom, S Björck
W11GPs for PIDs – a workshop on how to increase the awareness of primary immunodeficiencies among General Practitioners

S04.1Global clinical, economic, social and ethical implications of inappropriate medication use and polypharmacy (IMUP). An overviewEva Topinkova (CZ)
S04.2Can we relieve family physicians' frustration facing barriers to de-prescribing?

IGRIMUP Symposium No. 1
Doron Garfinkel (IL)
S04.3The role of nutrition in older adults on polypharmacyDavide Liborio Vetrano (IT), G Onder
S04.4Pay for performance, single disease targets and polypharmacy - The war against IMUP Symposium No. 1Dee Mangin (CA)
S04.5Commercial influence on healthcare and its influence on polypharmacy - The war against IMUP Symposium No. 1Dee Mangin (CA)
S05.1Preventing stroke in atrial fibrillation - the state of the science

Richard Hobbs (UK)
S05.2Lifestyles in primary care: can we help behaviour changes in the real world?Paul Aveyard (UK)
S05.3Is management of lipids important and are statins as good or as bad as reported? A state of the science debate Richard Hobbs (UK)
S05.4Is management of lipids important and are statins as good or as bad as reported? Carlos Brotons-Cuixart (ES)
W12Preparing for a pandemic – lessons from the past, preparing for the future
S06.1Management of Helicobacter pylori infectionLars Agréus (SE)
S06.2Hepatitis B infectionChristos Lionis (GR)
S06.3Hepatitis C infectionCharles Helsper (NL)
S06.4Infections with Giardia lamblia and other gastrointestinal parasitesKnut-Arne Wensaas (NO)
W13Overdiagnosis and overtreatment – a Norwegian attempt to face the challenge.
A position paper from the Norwegian College of General Practice

S07Chronic obstructive respiratory disease 2016. What’s new, and what isn’tJaime C Sousa (PT), Ioanna Tsiligianni (GR), Anders Østrem (NO), J Reid, S Henrichsen, M Román Rodríquez
W14The potential of The Copenhagen Primary Care Laboratory (CopLab) Database. Participate in the brainstorm.
W15Quality improvement 2.0: Online Journal Club meets the family medicine change makers' tweetchat
W04A demonstration how to manually examine a patient with arm-, shoulder- and neck-pain and a talk about the different reasons for these symptoms
OP09.1“Praksismatch” - a recruitment campaign by the Danish society of young primary care doctorsChristina Svanholm (DK), A Holm, K Lewandowska, K Lorenz Johansen
OP09.2Changes in the knowledge of and attitudes towards family medicine along the degree from students ending in 2014-2015 academic yearMaría Candelaria Ayuso-Raya (ES), F Escobar-Rabadán, J López-Torres-Hidalgo, J Montoya-Fernández, JM Téllez-Lapeira
OP09.3Becoming a general practitioner in Italy: a participatory-action-research to comprehend training education model (core and hidden curriculum)Nicola Pecora(IT), L Cuccuru, V Forte, G Marini, A Mereu, A Panaja, G Volpe
OP09.4A World Health Organization initiative: measurements and indicators of patient, family and community engagement and empowermentFelicity Pocklington (WHO), N Prasopa-Plaizier, H Montenegro, S Barkley, K Aparicio, E Kelly
OP09.5Information sources in health education: a cross-sectional studyPaulo Santos (PT), C Silva, R Oliveira, M Magalhães, L Sá, C Martins, L Couto, A Hespanhol
OP09.6How can we help GPs cope better with the impact of adverse events in general practice (The Second Victim Syndrome)?Andrée Rochfort (IE), Z Ozvacic Adzic, U Bak Kirk
S03Better diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections in general practiceLars Bjerrum (DK), Morten Lindbæk (NO), Chris Buttler (UK), Ildikó Gágyor (DE), Ingvild Vik (NO), Marianne Bollestad (NO), Carlos Llor (ES), Anne Holm (DK), Gloria Cordoba (DK), Pernille Brunsgaard (DK), Theo Verheij (NL), Akke Vellinga (IE)
W16How do we think? Let's give a thought to our medical decision making !
W17Case finding and diagnostics – is mental health problems a problem in primary care?
W18Is it possible to eradicate HCV infections through Primary Care Screening?
W19Facing your challenges in teaching and how humanities could help: a peer reflective workshop
W20Drawing family-circles
OP10.1PTSD: worsening outcomes for comorbid depression- even with collaborative care managementKurt Angstman (USA), A Marcelin, C Gonzalez
OP10.2Social inequalities in health behaviours: a comparative analysisLaurent Rigal (FR), G Bloy, H Panjo, H Falcoff, V Ringa
OP10.3Changes in visit pattern to nurses for patients with diabetes mellitus after the care choice reform in Malmo, Sweden.Carin Tillman (SE), A Beckman
OP10.4Social inequality in disability pension: a study of disability risk in intersections of gender and educationInger Haukenes (NO), JC Skogen
OP10.5Social disparities in diabetes care – a Danish cross-sectional studyAndreas Heltberg (DK), JS Andersen, J Kragstrup, V Siersma, H Sandholdt, C Ellervik
OP10.6Approaches of medical faculty students towards continuing professional developmentZeliha Cansever (TR), UZ Avsar, H Acemoglu, A Deniz
OP11.1A primary care practice network-based, IT-supported care management intervention and its impact on health-related quality of lifeMartina Kamradt (DE), J Krisam, W Besier, C Jacke, R Brandner, J Szecsenyi, D Ose
OP11.2Medical decisions in 372 patient-physician encountersEirik Ofstad (NO)
OP11.3The early orientation of first year students to the teaching hospitalÜmmü Zeynep Avsar (TR), Z Navruz, ÜZ Avsar, Y Cayir, A Yilmaz
OP11.4A cross-sectional study evaluating the predictive value of general practice funding and primary care outcomes in EnglandVeline L'Esperance (UK), D Parkin, M Ashworth
OP11.5Defining prescription quality indicators at primary care level in Portugal: systematic review and Delphi consultationVasco Antonio Jesus Maria (PT), M Fernandes, A Costa, M Cruz, C Ribeiro, L Rebelo
OP11.6Perspectives on Global Health Education in Germany: background, aims and main contents of a proposed undergraduate curriculumStefan Bösner (DE), M Havemann
OP12.1Developing a collaborative care model for people with severe mental illness: intervention theory developmentJon Allard (UK), R Gwernan-Jones, R Bing, L Gask, N Britten, V Pinfold, L England, S Reilly, H Plappert, H Lloyd, L Gill, M Birchwood
OP12.2Effect of CBT and Yoga on Quality of Life: A RCT on Patients on Sick Leave Because of BurnoutAstrid Grensman (SE), B Acharya, P Wändell, G Nilsson
OP12.3What makes collaborative care for depression and anxiety work in general practice? - A literature studyGritt Overbeck (DK), AS Davidsen, MB Kousgaard
OP12.4Postpartum depression, prevalence and risk factors in a multiethnic populationNilam Shakeel (NO), M Eberhard-Gran, R Sørum Falk, K Slinning, L Sletner, AK Jenum, EW Martinsen
OP12.5Groupal dialectical behavioral therapy in supported by Medtep digital platform in borderline personality disorderJosefa Maria Panisello Royo (ES), C Sanchez, V Perez, J Suñol
OP12.6Population profiling & case finding in primary care - two sides of the same coinAlan Thompson (USA)
W21Health inequalities related to socio-economic status : how primary care may reduce them
OP13.1Evolution of depressive symptoms in patients starting treatment with antidepressant drugs

María Candelaria Ayuso (ES), I Párraga, J López-Torres, S Morena, F Escobar, A Villena, JM Del Campo, J Rabanales
OP13.2Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of acceptance and commitment therapy and a workplace intervention for workers on sickness absence

Anna Nager (SE), A Finnes, A Ghaderi, P Enebrink
OP13.3Pathogenesis and early detection of inflammatory arthritis: the role of musculoskeletal symptoms, infections and arthritis-related comorbidities in primary careMark Nielen (NL), M van Beers-Tas, J Korevaar, D van Schaardenburg
OP13.4Irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue ten years after a giardia outbreak: a controlled prospective cohort studySverre Litleskare(NO), G Rørtveit, GE Eide, N Langeland, K Hanevik, K-A Wensaas
OP13.5Evaluation of depression and related factors in the medical residentsFatma Goksin Cihan (TR), R Baspinar, R Kutlu
OP13.6General practitioners’ beliefs and attitudes on pathological gamblingPeter Vajer (HU), N Turi-Kovács, F Tamás, L Kalabay
S08.1The impact a Danish Reflective Group had on its membersNiels Kristian Kjær (DK)
S08.2Balint groupsJohn Salinsky (UK)
S08.3Narrative based supervisionJohn Launer (UK)
S08.4Practice inquiry groupsAmiesha S Panchal (USA)
S08.5Group supervision as a part of continuous professional developmentHelena Galina Nielsen (DK)
W22Approaching female sexuality and sexual dysfunction - how to overcome GP's apprehensiveness and difficulties?
S09.1Assessing pros and cons of common strategies to evaluate IMUPGraziano Onder (IT), DL Vetrano
S09.2Prevalence of potentially inappropriate prescribing among older adults: a comparison of the Beers 2012 and Screening Tool of Older Person's Prescriptions (STOPP) criteria versionGulistan Bahat (TR), I Bay, F Tufan, A Tufan, C Kilic, MA Akif Karan
S09.3The Norwegian General Practice Nursing Home Criteria (NORGEP-NH) for potentially inappropriate medication use in nursing home residents. Delphi studyGunhild Nyborg (NO), J Straand, A Klovning, M Brekke
S09.4Updates from the FORTA-group - evaluation of a FORTA-based intervention in hospitalized elderly patients - The VALFORTA studyHeinrich Burkhardt (DE), H Frohnhofen, M Wehling
S09.5The PRIMA-eDS electronic decision support system – a multinational European project
KA03Making healthcare affordable: revisiting and revising the case for general practiceMartin Marshall , Professor of Healthcare Improvement, University College London, UK
S10.1Increasing needs and expectations - challenges to the future primary care sectorGreg Irving (UK)
S10.2How do we meet these future challenges in Slovenia? Igor Svab (SI)
S10.3How to preserve the core values of family medicine in a market model society?Robert Dijkstra (NL)
S10.4An emerging future model for general practiceMartin Marshall (UK)
S11Rationale of health care reformOkay Basak (TR)
S11.1Health care reforms: Croatian experienceMladenka Keglevic (HR)
S11.2Scandinavian health care do not hinder inequality in heathNiels Kristian Kjær (DK)
S11.3Health care reforms: is it more trouble than it’s worth?Dilek Güldal (TR)
W23How to improve research collaboration in general practice among European countries?
S12.1Why is atrial fibrillation important and what reduces risk: a quick update Richard Hobbs (UK)
S12.2Suspected pulmonary embolism: what's new in VTE management guidelines?David Fitzmaurice (UK)
S12.3Practical cases discussion and Q&ACarlos Brotons-Cuixart (ES)
W24A WHO initiative - 'Engaging for effective communication, collaboration and partnership between health professionals and patients: A path to future consultations'
OP14.1Inappropriateness of antibiotic prescription in respiratory tract infections in SpainCarl Llor (ES), JM Cots, A Moragas, B Gonzalez Lopez-Valcarcel, L Bjerrum, A Munck
OP14.2Reimbursement restriction for proton pump inhibitors in patients with an increased risk of gastric complicationsLinda Flinterman (NL), K Hek, L van Dijk, J Korevaar
OP14.3Primary day care antibiotics prescribing and out-of-hours care consumptionKarin Hek (NL), L van Dijk, J Korevaar, R Verheij
OP14.4Drug utilization without consulting a doctor in Edirne: a population studySerdar Oztora (TR), G Nepesova, A Caylan, N Dagdeviren
OP14.5Consumption of statins and cardiovascular mortality in Croatia and four neighbouring countries: preliminary resultsZeljko Vojvodic (HR), M Vrcic Keglevic
S13.1How to deal with alcohol in family medicine consultation?Fernando Leiva-Cepas (ES), EM Romero Rodrígue
S13.2Communication between GPs and patients with mental disorders: a piece of the puzzle for integration mental health into primary careIrina Angela Radu (RO), Ileana Anca Efrim (RO)
S13.3Why addiction is not a disease - new pathways to (multidisciplinary) treat and counsel addicts in primary careCarl Steylaerts (BE), D Gras, A Beich, M Lewis
OP15.1Patient with abuse warning symptoms in primary care – are Polish physicians ready to react?Katarzyna Nessler (PL), A Krzton-Krolewiecka, M Storman, A Windak
OP15.2Follow-up of young patients after acute poisoning by substances of abuse: a comparative cohort study at an emergency outpatient clinicMette Brekke(NO), OM Vallersnes, M Bjornaas, C Lund, D Jacobsen, Ø Ekeberg
OP15.3Consumption of anti-depressive drugs in primary care in Denmark, Sweden and Norway – a register based comparative study.John Sahl Andersen (DK)
OP15.4Children of long-term sick-listed parents in primary care: an explorative study of their perceived health and needs of care interventionCharlotte Oja (SE), S Ekblad, M Holmsved, K Sahin
OP15.5The effect of antenatal breastfeeding education on maternal and infant healthYasemin Cayir (TR), ABG Pirim, M Navruz, Z Akturk
W25The Opinion Piece
W26Healthy ageing: how can family doctors apply motivational interviewing to change behaviour (Workshop)

W27Antibiotic resistance - a need for antibiotic stewardship and a European GP-network on antibiotic resistance?
S14Public health focused model programme for organising primary care servicesMagor Papp (HU)
W28Designing the perfect primary health care system - comparing international primary health care systems to decrease health inequalities
W29Point of care ultrasonography (POC-US) in family medicine - present and perspectives
OP16.1Necessity of improving lactating mothers` dietCamelia Paun-Grigore (RO), SA Alexiu, MI Nanu, F Moldovanu
OP16.2Preschool children in the out-of-hours primary care services – a population-based study of factors related to calls considered irrelevant by GPsGrete Moth (DK), L Huibers, MB Christensen, P Vedsted
OP16.3Preventing obesity in children aged 0-5 years regarding the general childrens health programme in general practice. A Systematic Review

Anne Claudi (DK)
OP16.4PETALE®, a detection software for hearing disorders screening in children, proof of conceptJean-Claude Soulary (FR), A Cazeneuve, F Billiaert
OP16.5The background of the success of Turkey’s struggle with tobacco use: a panoramic vision from 1990Murat Navruz (TR)
W30Meeting the demands of universal coverage through a family centred approach: the case of primary health care services in Palestine

OP17.1Effectiveness of a multi-faceted implementation strategy to increase usage of the diagnostic primary care guideline for deep venous thrombosisAnna EC Kingma (NL), HF Van Stel, R Oudega, KGM Moons, GJ Geersing
OP17.2Appropriate diagnostic imaging - assessment of the quality of referrals from general practice

Merethe Kirstine Andersen (DK), T Torfing, W Ulrichsen, J Lykkegaard, A Munck
OP17.3Proneurotensin can significantly predict cardiovascular disease and diabetes in females - Malmö Preventive ProjectAyesha Fawad (SE), O Melander, P Nilsson, M Melander
OP17.4Overdiagnosis in general practice as a category mistake resulting from lack of theory about the personStefan Hjorleifsson (NO), C Dowrick
OP17.5Chest pain in primary care: Predicting coronary artery diseaseSinead Wang (SG), J Yap, A Ang, SW Quah, CS Sin Lee, CW Ooi, LF Fang Teo, LF Low, S Barbier, P Goh, T Chua, NC Chuan Tan
OP18.1GPs with special interests (GPwSI): an added value for quality improvement?Liesbeth van der Jagt (NL), G-J Vrielink
OP18.2General practitioners’ perspectives on tailored communication skills trainings – results from focus groups in GermanyStefan Wilm (DE), S Steinhausen, V Leve, F Vitinius, M Langenbach, A-W Bödecker, H Pfaff, U Becker, E Neugebauer
OP18.3Burnout on family medicine practice: the relative benefits of biofeedback therapy (Qi Gong)Ana Moreira (PT), J Castro, N Pinto, MJ Pinho
OP18.4An Italian proposal: “Scegliamo con cura” a proper communication as a resource for both patients and family physicians

Simonetta Miozzo (IT), C Gado, L Aimetti, S Bianchi, P Guerra, F Lupano, P Mathieu, P Rossi, S Quadrino, G Ventriglia
OP18.5Effectiveness and security of corticoesteroids injections in primary care. Analysis of the first 100 patiensGuillermo F del Carlo (ES), M García Lareo, JM Baena Diez, VC Forero Chaves, ME Burbano Sánchez, A Larrañaga Cabrera, R Villar Bello, N Moreno Muñoz, AG Pérez Cervera
W31The elephant in the room: challenges for healthcare providers in addressing domestic and gender based violence
OP19.1Practice variation in surgical procedures and IUD-insertions among general practitioners in NorwayAndreas Pahle (NO), D Sørli, P Halvorsen, I S Kristiansen
OP19.2Effects of numerical information on cervical screening intentions in HPV-vaccinated women: A randomised studyMie Sara Hestbech (DK), D Gyrd-Hansen, J Kragstrup, V Siersma, J Brodersen
OP19.3Sociodemographic features and smoking status in female infertilityRuhusen Kutlu (TR), FG Cihan
OP19.4Acceptability of recommendations for screening for varicella in primary care emergency consultations and inmunization degree in women of childbearing ageSandra María Ayude Díaz (ES), R Martínez Liñares, N Otero Leiro, S Pérez Cachafeiro, M Ocampo Fontangordo
OP19.5At the crossroads: general practice education in ChinaDan Wu (HK), TP Lam
S15Pre-school child health assessments – what are they for?Philip Wilson (UK), Kirsten Lykke (DK), Marit Hafting (NO)
W32Learn how to become family medicine changemakers
ISGetting your work published - meet the Editors!
S16Nordic research network for children and adolescents – GPs and prevention, diagnosis, effective treatments, next of kin and family health teamsOle Rikard Haavet (NO), Kirsten Lykke Nielsen (DK), Philip Wilson (UK), Frøydis Gullbrå (ES), Mina Dahli (NO), Anette Hauskov Graungaard (DK)
S17Harms from screening for life-threatening diseasesJessica Malmqvist (DK), Mie Sara Hestbech (DK), Bruno Heleno (PT), Minna Johansson (SE), John Brodersen (DK)
W33The Hippocrates and Family Medicine 360° Exchange Programmes incorporating the Claudio Carosino and Hippocrates Exchange Prizes
S18Time for a change ('Het Roer Moet Om')Stan van den Buijs (NL), Peter de Groof (NL), Matthijs Donner (NL), Lucas Fraza (NL)
S19Research by new and future GP’s Rosy Tsopra, Ana Luisa Neves, Ivana Babic, Shérazade Kinouani, Peter Sloane - Vasco da Gama Movement
OP20.1Classifying European models of primary health care organisation, what best describes the structure of your PHC system?Ana Belen Espinosa Gonzalez (UK), B Delaney
OP20.2Mindfulness group therapy in primary care patients with depression, anxiety or adjustment disorders: randomized controlled trial and follow-up studyJan Sundquist (SE), Å Lilja, K Palmér, AA Memon, X Wang, LM Johansson, K Sundquist
OP20.3Relationship between health literacy level and breast cancer knowledge and screening behavior of womenCandan Kendir Çopurlar (TR), M Kartal
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W34What keeps the family doctor happy?
OP21.1Is vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy associated with birth weight and other anthropometric measures?Åse Ruth Eggemoen (NO), AK Jenum, I Mdala, KV Knutsen, P Lagerløv, KI Birkeland, L Sletner
OP21.2Associations between vitamin D deficiency, leg muscle strength and grip strength in an immigrant populationLena Granlund (SE), M Norberg, A Ramnemark, C Andersson, M Lindkvist, E Fhärm
OP21.3Hippocrates 2.0 - how Hippocrates exchanges can benefit the host doctor, community and health care system?Cristiano Figueiredo (PT), V Sharma
OP21.4Perceived stress, multimorbidity, and risk for hospitalizations for ambulatory care-sensitive conditions: a Population-Based Cohort StudyAnders Prior (DK), M Vestergaard, DS Davydow, KK Larsen, AR Ribe, M Fenger-Grøn
OP21.5Level of competencies of family physicians from patients’ viewpoint in post-war KosovoGazmend Bojaj(KV), K Czabanowska, F Skeraj, G Burazeri
W35Clinical teachers, like Monsieur Jourdain, do clinical reasoning all the time without knowing it, but how can they teach it?
W36Theoretical framework for a study of WONCA women: influencing professional resilience of female family doctors during lifecycle transitions
W37Integrating health care in Skåne University Healthcare: how we went wrong and how to do it right again
W38‘GP take care’: a self-care workshop
S20Integrated healthcare organization in academic oriented Julius Health Centers, The NetherlandsKarolien van den Brekel-Dijkstra, Monika Hollander, Bertien Hart, Ingrid Looijmans, Niek de Wit
S21Updates of quality improvement strategies in the Nordic countries - retrieval and analysis of data in changing the processes of careJörgen Månsson (SE), Klas Winell (FI), Janus Laust Thomsen (DK), Tor Carlsen (NO), Malin André (SE)
W39Barriers and facilitators to implementation of clinical practice guidelines
S22.1Risk factors of UI associated with pregnancy and deliveryGuri Rørtveit (NO)
S22.2Risk factors for urinary incontinence in elderly womenDoreth Teunissen (NL)
S22.3The eContinence Project and the mobile application Tät® for treatment of stress urinary incontinence - will it influence access to care? Eva Samuelsson (SE)
S22.4E-health from women's perspective: a systematic reviewCarmen Verhoeks (NL)
W40Selecting and allocating our future GP colleagues
S23.1The role of primary care databases in developing asthma and allergy service deliveryDermot Ryan (UK)
S23.2Leveraging datasets and insisting on quality to address unmet research needs - the epidemiologists' dreamJens Søndergaard (DK)
S23.3Routine primary care data - the new crystal ball?Mike Thomas (UK)
S24Organization of the healthcare system in Europe: what facilitates & what impedes the delivery of effective primary care

Multi-national Symposium by Wonca Europe-EGPRN & Wonca World-WWPR on
Mehmet Ungan (TR), Christos Lionis (GR)
W41Lessons from a far off land: The ethics and impact of medical volunteerism in family medicine
W42Can education of GP's be a waste of time?
W43Learn how to become peer health coaches
W44Overdiagnosis and patient harm or how unsafe is striving for certainty? A workshop using advanced quality circle methods - Workshop
EP01.01The significance of the anamnesis in primary care regarding a deep vein thrombosis in a 24 old girlIrune Mantiñan Vivanco (ES), M Hermosa de la Llama
EP01.02Knowledge of nulliparous women healthcare professionals & students about child developmentSaba Sagliker (TR), D Toprak
EP01.03Using medical knowledge sources on handheld computers – a qualitative study among junior doctorsChristian Gerdesköld (SE), I Wårdh, L-E Strender, G Nilsson
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EP01.0840% of adolescents with patellofemoral pain do not seek medical care

Michael Skovdal Rathleff (DK), C Rathleff, J Olesen, E Roos, S Rasmussen, M Jensen
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Michael Skovdal Rathleff (DK), M Matthews, A Claus, T McPoil, R Nee, K Crossley, B Vicenzino
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EP02.05Implementation of the primary care guideline ‘sexually transmitted infections’

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EP03.10The effect of family counselling on anxiety, depression and stress level of disabled children’s mothersMemet Isik (TR), T Sari
EP04.01Like father, like son? – Characterization of children of obese patients from three Family Health UnitsAna Margarida Ferreira (PT), AM Correia, M Rocha, T Tavares, A Madeira
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EP04.06Impact of young-doctors movement exchange program on junior GPs: a qualitative research

Ronen Brand (IL), N van Moppes
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EP05.02E- mail consultations - patients and practitioners have different approaches.Ruth Kirk Ertmann (DK), CS Hansen, KL Christensen
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EP05.04The development of quality circles for quality improvement in Europe from 2003 to 2015 involving 26 European countries

Adrian Rohrbasser (CH), UB Kirk
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EP05.07Development of care coordinator performance measurement tool for the Indonesian family physicians
Retno Asti Werdhani (ID), A Sulistomo, M Mansyur, H Herqutanto, I Wirawan, E Rahajeng, AH Husodo
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EP06.10The use of quality circles as a tool in the taking over of practices by young general practitionersNorbert Král (CZ), J Kovár, B Seifert, J Vojtíšková
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Isabel Roig Grau (ES), G Solanas Bacardit, R Rodriguez Roig, G Esquerra Casas, D Rodriguez Sotillo, C Pardo Fonfria, I Fornell Boixader, F Algilaga Navarrete, R Casas Vilardaga, M Catala Magre
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Adrian Rohrbasser (CH), UB Kirk
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EP09.02A primary care quality improvement initiative to increase influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations in the elderly and diabeticsGrace Shu Hui Chiang (SG), TW Koh, AKK Yeo, KP Sim, TY Tham
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EP10.02Achieving exercise goal amongst multi-ethnic Asian patients in primary care: what is the impact on their control of dyslipidemia?Ngiap Chuan Tan (SG), YLE Koh, CC Goh, SCP Goh, KH Koh
EP10.03Healthcare seeking behaviors among the hypertensive patients in a health care center in StockholmReza Mohammadi (SE), R Morgell
EP10.04Role of family physicians in education and self-management support for patients with chronic heart failureOleksii Korzh (UA), S Krasnokutskiy
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EP11.04Evaluation of quality indicators for type-2 diabetes care in primary careRosario Martinez-Fuerte (ES), L Sierra-Martínez, N Sanz-González
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EP11.10Evaluation of cardiovascular risk of patients with hypertension in a primary care practiceRosario Martinez-Fuerte (ES), L Sierra-Martínez, N Sanz-González
EP12.01Is accessibility to public services damaged in hospitals with private services? The Jerusalem experienceTom Axelrod (IL), MJ Cohen, A Lahad, N Kaidar, M Brezis
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EP12.05A qualitative study on pattern of practice and decision making on palliative sedation among physicians in Thai medical schools

Pakwipa Rermyindee (TH)
EP12.06Meeting real patients: a qualitative study of medical students’ experiences of early patient contactAnette Hauskov Graungaard (DK), J Sahl Andersen
EP12.07What’s the role of breast self-examination in breast cancer screening?Rita Teixeira (PT)
EP12.08What kind of health care regulations we need for immigrants and refugees: a new vulnarable group in EuropeAzize Dilek Guldal ((TR), C Lionis, M Keglevic, O Basak
EP12.09Association of education level, daily habits and complications in diabetic patients in a rural area of CreteTheodoros Vasilopoulos (GR), G Arseni, K Chatzinaki, A Papadogiannaki, P Kottaras, M Gelasaki
EP12.10Ebola virus disease in Sierra Leone: local experience & evidence of a preponderance of female survivorsLuke Kane (UK)
The patient's VoiceUlrika Sandén (SE)
KA04The future of primary careProfessor Martin Roland, Director of the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research (CCHSR), Cambridge, UK
W45Head and heart of the family doctor in end-of-life care
W46Chronic care model – are there differences between rural and urban areas in Europe?
W47The renumeration policies within primary care in Europe
S25Timely diagnosis of symptomatic cancer in primary care; where do we stand and can we improve?Nicole van Erp (NL), Henry Jensen (DK), Richard Neal (UK), Niek de Wit (NL), Charles Helsper (NL)
W4845 years of the 'Inverse Care Law': developing sustainable approaches to reducing health inequalities
OP22.1Launch of patient-centered website is associated with reduced health care utilization: a nationwide natural experimentTobias Bonten (NL), W Spoelman, M de Waal, T Drenthen, I Smeele, M Nielen, N Chavannes
OP22.2The implementation of a mobile app for treatment of stress urinary incontinenceEva Samuelsson (SE), L Söderström, M Sjöström
OP22.3Mobile phone text messaging for smoking cessation. Assessment of the effectiveness as an adjuvant tool to health advice. Randomized clinical trialFelipe Aizpuru Barandiaran (ES), R Cobos Campos, A Apiñaniz Fernández de Larrinoa, A Sáez de Lafuente Moríñigo, N Parraza Díez, I Pérez Llanos
OP22.4Self-triage by a smartphone application for consulting the out-of-hours primary care clinic - practical, safe and efficient?Alike van der Velden (NL), N Verzantvoort, T Teunis, T Verheij
OP22.5Doctor, you’ve got mail: the impact of email in primary health assessmentLara Diogo (PT), A Viegas, J Campelo, A Rodrigues
OP22.6Patients’ experiences of internet mediated cognitive behavioural therapy for depression in primary care – a qualitative studyAnna Holst (SE), S Nejati, C Björkelund, MCM Eriksson, D Hange, M Kivi, C Wikberg, E-L Petersson
OP23.1Ethical dilemmas in general practice - FM - a workshopManfred Maier (AT)
OP23.2Neglect: one of our greatest challenges in pediatric careArne Graff (USA)
OP23.3Teaching quality and safety to family medicine trainees – best practice examplesZalika Klemenc-Ketis (SI), Josephine Buchanan, Ivana Babic
OP23.4Teaching with heads and hearts: the ethical way of teachingPatrick Tabouring (LU)
OP23.5Cooperation of family medicine and public health on preventive program on chronic non communicable disease in South East EuropeLjubin Sukriev (MK), K Stavric, B Bergman-Markovic, D Punosevac
OP23.6Metabolic syndrome burden in hypertensive patients registered through the panel support tools for chronic disease surveillance in eHRsLjiljana Majnaric (HR), S Sabanovic, S Bekic, D Stolnik, T Solocki, T Zelic
W49Challenges in the use of classifications in general practice
OP24.1Transitional patient safety from a patient’s perspective: the Transitional Risk and Incidents Questionnaire (TRIQ)Judith M Poldervaart (NL), M van Melle, H van Stel, N de Wit, D Zwart
OP24.2Implementing an electronic medication overview in BelgiumHannelore Storms (BE), K Marquet, K Nelissen, L Hulshagen, J Lenie, R Remmen, N Claes
OP24.3Expectations and experiences of UK family doctors prior to European exchange placementsEugene Tang (UK), V Welsh, K Whalley, H Willoughby, B Bridgwood
OP24.4Primary health care reforms: an assessment of the implementation of family medicine in TurkeyAna Belen Espinosa Gonzalez (UK)
OP24.5Why and when do Danish medical doctors choose to become a general practitioner?

Karolina Lewandowska (DK), NK Kjær, G Lillevang
OP24.6Struggle for control: GPS in Nordic health care systemsRandolph Quaye (USA)
S26How can we best respond in primary care to domestic violenceKelsey Hegarty (AU), Maggie Evans (UK), Anna Dowrick (UK), Lodewijk Pas (BE)
W50Get involved with WONCA – a symposium to shape policy and advocacy for WONCA World
W51What do patients expect from eHealth? – let the patients tell us!
W52The consultation kit: five cards and a package
OP25.1Survey Email Scheduling and Monitoring in eRCTs (SESAMe): a digital tool to improve data collection in clinical trialsTrygve Skonnord (NO), F Steen, A Fetveit, M Brekke, H Skjeie, A Klovning
OP25.2Can we do clinical research in primary care? The experience of an urban primary health care centerAnna Soteras (ES), M Puig, L Pardo, I Moral, H Serrano, D Fernandez, C Brotons-Cuixart
OP25.3PBRNs - present and future of general practice researchAnna Dania (FI), J Martikainen, P Mäntyselkä
OP25.4Knowledge of and attitudes towards family medicine of Spanish medical students who completed the degree in the academic year 2014-2015María Candelaria Ayuso-Raya (ES), F Escobar-Rabadán, J López-Torres-Hidalgo, J Montoya-Fernández, JM Téllez-Lapeira, F Campa-Valera
OP25.5Measuring the family physician’s role in the health care for individual patients - results from a pilot studyWolfram Herrmann (DE), C Heintze
OP25.6Adaptation of General Medical Council's multi source feedback questionnaire for physician to a Swedish context - Translation, qualitative - and psychometric analysis

Eva Toth-Pal (SE), J-E Olsson, S Ekblad, BC Bertilson
OP26.1Effects of a randomised culturally adapted lifestyle intervention on cardio-metabolic outcomes in diabetes-prone Iraqi immigrants to SwedenFaiza Siddiqui (SE), A Kurbasic, U Lindblad, PM Nilsson, L Bennet
OP26.2Adolescents experience with pain in daily life: a qualitative study on ways to cope and the use of over-the-counter analgesicsPer Lagerløv, EO Rosvold, T Holager, S Helseth
OP26.3Immigrants’ self-reported affilliation with the regular general practitioner scheme: Survey of an emergency outpatient clinic population in Oslo, NorwaySven Eirik Ruud (NO), P Hjortdahl, B Natvig
OP26.4The migrants and refugees in Italy. EUR HUMAN: a European project to combat inequalitiesPiero Salvadori (IT), D Aarendonk
OP26.5Family doctors’ knowledge of and attitudes towards migrant healthcare across Europe and beyondHannah Fox (UK), EYH Tang, D Shah, C Gajria
OP26.6Improving primary health services delivery in multicultural context at Hakunila Health Center in Finland. (Health Services Improvement Intervention, Pilot Project - Part.I)

Anastasiya Verho (FI), M Sormunen, I Pulkkinen, H Hotakainen, M Vanhala, H Sköönilä, P Sopanen, S Nurmi
OP27.1Type 2 diabetes mellitus management in primary care: can Romania learn from the British system?Mihai Mara (RO), C Derrett, D Toma, A Balan
OP27.2Cost effectiveness considerations concerning Incretins in diabetes type 2Michael Craftman (SE), K Vaegter, N Pihlström, D Jansson
OP27.3Process and outcome indicators for the integrated care of type 2 diabetes in the Province of Reggio Emilia, ItalyFabio Pignatti (IT), M Greci, V Manicardi, D Pedroni, P Ballotari
OP27.4Implementation of a community-based exercise program for patients with type 2 diabetes on primary care: Diabetes em Movimento® ProjectPaula Neves (ES), R Mendes, C Junqueira, R João, B Badim, J Ribeiro, J Porfírio, J Silva, A Almeida, N Sousa, P Subtil
OP27.5Level of physical activity in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus compared to controlsMaria Alba Herrero Mateu (ES), M Catalán Adell, E Ortega Martínez de Victoria, Z Herreras Pérez, M Piñol Martínez
OP27.6Can I ask you about your weight? An international collaboration to support obesity-related behaviour change educationKathleen Leedham-Green (UK), E Smyrnakis, A Wylie, M Chourdakis, A Stephenson
OP28.1Development of a tool facilitating existential communication between general practitioner and cancer patients – a multi-phased development procedure.Elisabeth Assing Hvidt (DK), J Søndergaard, D Gilså Hansen, F Olesen, L Bjerrum, J Ammentorp, C Timmermann, H Timm, T Palshof, S Pedersen, NC Christian Hvidt
OP28.2GP-perceived barriers for discussing existential issues with cancer patients – a focus group study.Elisabeth Assing Hvidt (DK), J Søndergaard, D Gilså Hansen, F Olesen, L Bjerrum, J Ammentorp, C Timmermann, H Timm, T Palshof, S Pedersen, NC Hvidt
OP28.3Evidence of using immunochemical faecal occult blood test on symptomatic patients to detect colorectal cancer in general practiceJakob Søgaard Juul (DK), P Vedsted
OP28.4The effect of Continuing Medical Education in earlier cancer diagnosis on knowledge, attitude and referral behaviour among general practitionersBerit Skjødeberg Toftegaard (DK), F Bro, AZ Falborg, P Vedsted
OP28.5Evaluation of breast cancer risk levels and its relation with breast self-examination on practices in womenRuhusen Kutlu (TR), FG Cihan
OP28.6Cancer survivorship - barriers encountered by general practitioners in IrelandClaire Collins (IE), MT O'Shea, R Codd, M Laffoy
W53Doctor Avatar life lessons for health professionals: a workshop exploring failure to appraise social media outcomes
W54The community approach from primary care consultation
OP29.1Treatment of patients with chronic pain in general practice - results from a prospective APO audit in the North Denmark RegionMorten Ohrt (DK), H Schroll, N Bentzen, A Munck
OP29.2Acute low back pain in primary care. A frequently presenting problem, often poorly managedFrancisco Campillo Palma (ES), V Martinetti, C Avilés Hernandez, FM Parra Martinez, JF Menárguez Puche, D Kennaugh, S Ruiz de Aguirre Maneiro, E Delsors Mérida-Nicolich, M Soler Torroja, PA Alcántara Muñoz, L Galera Morcillo, K Qadeer
OP29.3Opioid drugs in primary care. Observational surveyFrancisco Campillo Palma (ES), V Martinetti, C Avilés Hernandez, FM Parra Martinez, JF Menárguez Puche, D Kennaugh, S Ruiz de Aguirre Maneiro, E Delsors Mérida-Nicolich, M Soler Torroja, PA Alcántara Muñoz, L Galera Morcillo, K Qadeer
OP29.4Knowledge, attitudes and behavior of primary care physicians regarding chronic pain and its treatmentGamze Akyol (TR), T Gunvar, E Teyin, E Yildirim, S Hatipoglu, D Guldal
OP29.5A multifaceted implementation strategy versus passive implementation of low back pain guidelines in general practice: a cluster randomised controlled trialAllan Riis (DK), CE Jensen, F Bro, HT Maindal, KD Petersen, MD Bendtsen, MB Jensen
OP29.6Vicinity to wireless radiation sources and the prevalence of various health problems – a pilot surveyVolkert Siersma (DK), D Nicolaisdottir, L Vivian, O Johansson
W55How GP's attitudes influence patient's self-efficacy
S27.01Screening for potentially inappropriate prescribing in the community pharmacy: development and first results of the GheOP³S-toolEline Tommelein (BE), M Petrovic, A Somers, E Mehuys, K Boussery
S27.02Success rate of training programs for nursing home physicians using Garfinkel method in reducing polypharmacy in nursing homes in IstanbulGulistan Bahat (TR), H Ozkaya, F Tufan, A Tufan, Z Horasan, H Dogan, M Karan
S27.03Assessing a training program for family physicians based on Garfinkel GPGP method as a tool for reducing inappropriate medication use/polypharmacy
Doron Garfinkel (IL), H Kab, a Golan-Cohen
S27.04Trends in prescribing of potentially inappropriate medications to nursing home patients: comparison of three cohortsSabine Ruths (NO), KH Halvorsen, G Selbæk
S27.05The Antidepressant Cessation Trial Study: maintenance vs gradual withdrawal of Fluoxetine in stable depressio

Dee Mangin (CA)
S27.06Excessive polypharmacy in patients with advanced/end-stage cancer - significant negative implications on quality of care & economic burden

IGRIMUP Symposium No. 3
Doron Garfinkel (IL), N Ilin, A Waller
W56Identifying the patients who will benefit most from care intervention programs
W57Use of new technology in follow-up of patients with chronic diseases in rural areas
S28IntroductionJob FM Metsemakers, Wonca Europe President
S28.1Where do WHO and WONCA meet?Hans Kluge , WHO, Director of the Division of Health Systems and Public Health
S28.2Response to Dr Hans Kluge;s presentationAnna Stavdal, WONCA Europe Vice-President
W58Selective prevention of cardio-metabolic diseases across Europe – current work and future perspectives
S29.1Burden of heart failureRichard Hobbs (UK)
S29.2Diagnosis of heart failure: issues for GPsArno Hoes (NL)
S29.3Management of heart failure: evidence base & recent developmentsArno Hoes (NL)
W59Effects of a public website with evidence based patient information: the example of (GPatHome)
W60Integrated multimorbidity management for your practice: what are enablers and barriers to effective implementation?
W61Physician heal thyself!
OP30.1Call center – an integrated healthcare system in the middle of DenmarkMargrethe Smidth (DK)
OP30.2Community health center (Casa della Salute) reduces healthcare costs and makes happier both the general practitioners that patientsPiero Salvadori (IT)
OP30.3Risk of bias in model-based economic evaluations in primary care: The ECOBIAS ChecklistCharles Christian Adarkwah (DE), P van Gils, M Hiligsmann, S Evers
OP30.4Perceptions of healthcare center professionals about the health of La-Alhóndiga District (Spain) vs perceptions of other professionals and neighbourhood associationsAndrea Artime (ES), C Fondón, V Rodriguez
OP30.5Diagnostic fast track for patients referred from general practice for non-specific, serious symptoms: overview and GP questionnaireEmelie Stenman (SE), K Palmér, J Sundquist
OP30.6Impact of beverages consumption on nocturnal leg cramps in patients over 60 years oldChloe Delacour (FR), J Chambe, F Lefebvre, C Granda, L Epifani, E Bigerel, C Bodot, H Maisonneuve
W62Informed choice - in whose favour?
W63“Being young, staying young” - how to keep scientifically and intellectually active after the training program and during GP/FM’s career
W64How electronic services and automatic data collection help the practitioner save time for the patient
W65Movie clips to bridge doctors’ heads and hearts through empathy: a faculty development workshop

OP31.1Personalized SMS-text messages and check-list for initiation of medication for better blood pressure control: a cluster randomized controlled protocol for check and support studyAapo Tahkola (FI), H Kautiainen, P Korhonen, T Niiranen, P Mäntyselkä
OP31.2Identifying important components for life style changes using an online complex e-health intervention in general practice – a qualitative interview studyCarl Brandt, (DK), J Clemensen, JB Nielsen, J Søndergaard
OP31.3Tele-dermatology in primary health care rural of Posadas (Córdoba)Verónica Arjona García (ES), MC Portero Luque, JL Almenara Abellán, JM García Gersol
OP31.4Eight years of tele-dermatology diagnosis of skin lesions in a rural zoneMaria del Carmen Arias Blanco (ES), F Escribano Villanueva, M Rico Cabrera, J Redondo Sánchez, B Diaz Muñoz, R Salido Vallejo, A Vélez Nieto
OP31.5A new computerized diagnostic algorithm for performing thyroid ultrasound screening by the family doctorsMihai Iacob (RO), M Ghiris, S Saftescu, M Stoican
OP31.6Mobile APP against gender-based violence: an innovative instrument for health professionalsJaime Jesus Castro Moreno (ES), JL Almenara Abellán, AB Gala González, L García de Vinuesa Garijo, JA Ávila Rivera, EM Fernández Moreno, C Álvarez López, L DeTena Moreno Baquerizo, FJ Roquette Mateos, J Segovia Rodriguez, J Santos Romera
OP32.1Shared decision making tools in clinical practice guidelines (CPGs); creating a strong connectionGerda van der Weele (NL)
OP32.2Understanding the body-mind in primary careAnnette Sofie Davidsen (DK), AD Guassora, S Reventlow
OP32.3Shame, honor and responsibility in clinical dialogue about lifestyle issues. A qualitative study about patients’ presentations of self

Ann-Dorrit Guassora (DK), S Reventlow, K Malterud
OP32.4How can GPs counsel vegetarian and vegan patients?Jenny Linster (LU), M Aubart, N Haas, M Flammang, C Schmit
OP32.5Patient-centred general practice – what does it mean?Emil Mørup Langberg (DK), L Dyhr, AS Davidsen
OP32.6Gynecological cancer survivors`views on follow-up after cancer treatmentHeidi Lidal Fidjeland (NO), M Brekke, I Vistad
W66Benefits and harms of general health checks - lifelong learning in general practice: how to read and use scientific literature
W67The development of quality circles for quality improvement in Europe: a mixed methods study involving 26 European countries
W68The (online) patient will see you now, Doc: primary health care for all through telehealth
W69An evidence based approach – a help or hindrance for family doctors working abroad?
OP33.1Reasons for persons not to participate in a cardiometabolic risk assessment and treatment program in general practiceMark Nielen (NL), A Drijkoningen, M Hollander, I Badenbroek, D Stol(0), N de Wit, F Schellevis
OP33.2Validation of an abacus to optimize the dose adjustment of anticoagulants (warfarin and fluindione) among patients with an INR goal between 2 and 3Isabelle Cibois-Honnorat (FR), A Atti
OP33.3Effect of multi-modal approach on obesity management at polyclinic: an interventional clinical trialMemet Isik (TR), AS Khan, U Avsar, Y Cayir
OP33.4Family practice views of managing childhood obesity in primary care: a thematic analysisJennifer O'Donnell (UK), R Foskett-Tharby, P Gill
OP33.5Calcium and vitamin D supplementation: does it prevent bone fractures?

Tiago Tavares (PT), M Rocha, A Correia, A Ferreira, A Pinho, A Pinheiro
OP33.6Integrating the existential dimension in general practice: Exploring the understandings and experiences of Danish general practitioners.Elisabeth Assing Hvidt (DK), J Søndergaard, D Gilså Hansen, F Olesen, L Bjerrum, J Ammentorp, C Timmermann, H Timm, T Palshof, S Pedersen, NC Hvidt
W70Learning needs for cultural competence, so to better understand the role of General Practice in the care for migrants
S30.1The central role of comprehensive geriatric assessment to combat IMUP - lessons from the graded FORTA A2D categoriesHeinrich Burkhardt (DE)
S30.2Patient-centred management of polypharmacy: a process for practice

IGRIMUP Symposium No. 4.

Nina Barnett (UK), K Smith, L Oboh
S30.3Deprescribing – why and how to stop using probably useless or potentially harmful medications in the elderlyJørund Straand (NO)
S30.4How to involve patients in de-prescribing Dee Mangin (CA)
S30.5Clinical outcomes & mortality in community-dwelling elderly people following excessive de-prescribing using the Garfinkel method as compared to controls, 1-5 years follow-up

Doron Garfinkel (IL)
KA05Is there evidence on effectiveness of preventive interventions in older people?Professor Kaisu Pitkälä, University of Helsinki & Helsinki University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland
W71Facing the challenge of multimorbidity: can family medicine create a conceptual model that is fit for purpose?
S31Architecture in Primary Health CareAlec Logan (UK), Andy Law (UK)
S31.1The design challenge: Logan Practice past, present, and futureAlec Logan (UK)
S31.2The architectural responseAndy Law (UK)
S31.3The Houldsworth Centre in actionAlec Logan (UK)
S31.4Reflections and what next?Andy Law (UK)
S32Critical appraised topics by GP-traineesKristel van Asselt (NL), Charles Helsper (NL), Marie-Louise Bartelink(NL)
S33Health literacy in ageing EuropeSkander Essafi (TN), Diogo Fernandes da Silva (PT)
S33.1Prolonging life in Europe, benefits and challengesDiogo Fernandes da Silva (PT)
S33.2Health literacy a strong weapon to improve health statusSkander Essafi (TN)
S33.3IFMSA, Involvement of medical students and young doctors to improve health literacy in ageing EuropeDiogo Fernandes da Silva (PT)
S34.1A review of literature describing the role of primary care during cancer treatment Josi Boeijen (NL)
S34.2The GRIP study - the effects of structured follow-up from primary care during the cancer continuumIetje Perfors (NL)
S34.3The role of the GP in shared decision making in treatment selectionCharles Helsper (NL
S34.4The I-Care study – GP-led survivorship care for colon cancer patientsJan Wind (NL)
OP34.1Statin prescribing according to gender, age and indication: what about the benefit–risk balance?Halfdan Petursson (NO), H Wallach-Kildemoes, H Stovring, E Holme Hansen, K Howse
OP34.2Effects of an intervention (SÄKLÄK) on prescription of potentially inappropriate medication in elderly primary health care patientsCecilia Lenander (SE), Å Bondesson, U Jakobsson, A Beckman, N Viberg, P Midlöv
OP34.3Polypharmacy in the elderly: medications knowledge and self-rated healthTom Axelrod (IL), MJ Cohen, R Goldsmith, EM Berry
OP34.4Knowledge, attitude and practices of general practitioners and physician assistants regarding vaccinations in the elderly in GermanyCarolina J Klett-Tammen (DE), G Krause, S Castell
OP34.5Impact of physical activity on nocturnal leg cramps in patients over 60 years oldHubert Maisonneuve (CH), C Delacour, J Chambe, C Bodot, E Bigerel, C Granda, L Epifani, F Lefebvre
W72Networking for early stage researchers in general practice and family medicine
OP35.1The correlations between task delegation and job satisfaction within general practiceHelle Riisgaard (DK), J Nexøe, J Søndergaard, J Videbæk Le, L Ledderer, L Bjørnskov Pedersen
OP35.2Efficacy and safety of an adjuvanted herpes zoster subunit vaccine candidate in adults ≥70 years of ageRoman Chlibek (CZ)
OP35.3Pneumococcal vaccine coverage in spanish elderly peopleMaría Flores-Copete (ES), M López-García, P Alcantud-Lozano, M Azorín-Ras, E Mudarra-Tercero, M del Campo-Giménez, R Reolid-Martínez, MC Ayuso-Raya, F Escobar-Rabadán
OP35.4Ideal cardiovascular health and psychosocial risk factorsVeera Veromaa (FI), H Kautiainen, U Saxen, K Malmberg-Ceder, E Bergman, P Korhonen
OP35.5Transitional patient safety in The Netherlands: a qualitative study on patient participationLeida Reijnders (NL), A de Bont, J Poldervaart, N de Wit, D Zwart
OP36.1Interested in migraine: Consensus on the attention to patients with migraine in CataloniaAngelina Aumala Aguilera (ES), M Huerta, S Copetti, C Roig, A Aymami, N Fabregat, K Ibrahim Abdullah, R Belvis, E Calvo, C Gisbert, E Barraquer, C Gómez
OP36.2TIA mimics: a systematic review and recent data from the NetherlandsFaas Dolmans (NL), M van den Berg, F Rutten
OP36.3Headache and pregnancy - when the family doctor makes a differenceAna Marques (PT), AM Falcão
OP36.4The role of Memantine in anxiety disoders: an evidence-based reviewAna Marques (PT), N Marins
OP36.5Management of the patient with chest pain, between primary care practice and cardiology guidelinesLiviu Ghilencea (RO), A Iancu, C Bejan, D Balta, D Matei
OP37.1Palliative care and aging: how to build specific service and the role of general practitionerSimone Cernesi (IT)
OP37.2Risk levels among patients with chronic conditions in primary care in Madrid (Spain)Jaime Barrio (ES), C Suarez, I Del Cura, J Sorando, M Gomez, MT Beca, C Lopez, MA Jaime, P Losada, E Sancho
OP37.3Progress in GPs’ confidence in end-of-life care? – a five year follow-up study

Maria Manniche (DK), T Gorlén, AK Winthereik, MA Neergaard
OP37.4Doctors working with dying nursing home patients meet their own existential vulnerabilityKristian Jansen (NO), S Ruths, K Malterud, MA Schaufel
OP37.5Late-life depression is associated with an increased risk of multimorbidity and polypharmacyFloor Holvast (NL), B van Hattem, P Verhaak
W73Menopause, it’s not the end of life!

W74Assessing dementia risk in general practice: what does the public think and what do family doctors need to know?
S35.1Introduction and the early post-diagnostic phase - what challenges do we face as family doctors? Eugene Tang (UK)
S35.2Dementia care across Europe (EGPRN PREDEM Collaborative Group) - what do family doctors think?Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (SE)
S35.3"Frailty management optimisation through EIP AHA commitments and utilisation of stakeholders - FOCUS" - how can family doctors support our dementia carers? Donata Kurpas (PL), A Cano, S Santana, C Holland, M Marcucci, A González, M Vollenbroek, B D’Avanzo, J Apostolo, A Martínez
S35.4"Supporting Excellence in End of Life Care - SEED" - how can family doctors support end of life care for people with dementia and their families?Louise Robinson (UK)
W75Approach to lower urinary tract symptoms in men
OP38.1How do young doctors' clinical experiences from nursing homes provide access to situated learning about dying? A focus group studyAnette Fosse (NO), S Ruths, K Malterud, M Schaufel
OP38.2Sarcopenia screening in primary healthLaia Gené Huguet (ES), M Navarro González, B Adriyanov, C Ramírez Maestre, A Hervás Docon
OP38.3Essential competencies in end-of-life care: a cross-sectional surveyKlaus Bally (CH), S Giezendanner, C Jung, H-R Banderet, IC Otte, H Gudat, D Haller, BS Elger, E Zemp
OP38.4Challenges for general practice: complex multimorbidity patterns in patients aged 55 years and overJudith Sinnige (NL), JC Korevaar, GP Westert, P Spreeuwenberg, FG Schellevis, JC Braspenning
OP38.5Aggressiveness in the primary health care consultation: identification and managementNatalia Pérez (ES), E Klusova
OP39.1Long-term risk of dementia after traumatic brain injury - a population-based cohort study

Mogens Vestergaard (DK), J Fann, AR Ribe, HS Pedersen, M Fenger-Grøn, J Christensen, M Benros
OP39.2Leadership: competency assessment with a focus on advancement of women in medicine

Elissa Palmer (USA)
OP39.3Risk factors and consequences of decreased kidney function in nursing home residents

– a longitudinal study

Beata Borgström Bolmsjö (SE), S Mölstad, M Gallagher, J Chalmers, CJ Östgren, P Midlöv
OP39.4Use of anxiolytics, hypnotics and antidepressants in elderly Oslo residents, Norway – differences between nursing home residents and home-dwelling elderlyAmura Francesca Fog (NO), J Straand, HS Blix
OP39.5Educational intervention in primary care to reduce drug-drug interactions in elderly patients - a cluster randomised controlled trialKatharina Schmidt-Mende (SE), M Andersen, B Wettermark, J Hasselström
W76Young doctor movements engaging in rural health policy
OP40.1Decision-making of general practitioners and practice nurses in providing self-management support to chronically ill patients: a clinical vignette based studyIrene Bos-Touwen (NL), J Trappenburg, I Van Der Wulp, M Schuurmans, N de Wit
OP40.2Health education in COPD patients at a primary care area in PontevedraManuel Castro Pazos (ES), S Pérez Cachafeiro, L F Galiana, J Filgueira Vázquez, A Rodríguez Pomares, F Arias Piñeiro, MJ Sánchez Trasancos, D Portela Antón, Begoña de la Torre Arrate, JL Oubiña Touris
OP40.3Disease-specific clinical pathways – are they feasible and sustainable in primary care? A mixed-methods studyAnders Grimsmo (NO), A Løhre, T Røsstad, I Gjerde, I Heiberg, A Steinsbekk
OP40.4How universities of applied sciences could support public health services in the realization of their mission?Christian Voirol (CH)
OP40.5Evaluating effect of activity levels and socio-demographical characteristics of individuals over 65 years of age on social relationsOlgun Göktas (TR), M Ogulluk, I Arslan, O Tekin, Z Aktürk Ogulluk, FM Keni
OP41.1Multimorbidity in the light of biography – results from the Norwegian HUNT 2 and 3 StudiesMargret Olafia Tomasdottir (IS), JA Sigurdsson, H Petursson, L Getz
OP41.2Problem solving therapy – treating multimorbidity in general practiceKaj Sparle Christensen (DK)
OP41.3Is family physician a member of the family? Physician's aspectEdiz Yildirim (TR), A Kabanli, N Bardakci, D Guldal
OP41.4"Deprescribing": assessing the attitude of patients with chronic diseases towards this concept in public primary healthcare clinics in SingaporeWei Ling Ng (SG), ZWM Tan, YLE Koh, NC Tan
OP41.5Experience of implementation of the integrated care process for pluripathologic chronic patient care access (PCPPC) in a regional health serviceMaria del Carmen Fernández-Alonso (ES), MA Guzman Fernandez, R Martinez Iglesias, S Lleras Muñoz, M Villacorta, F Peña Ruiz
OP42.1Resolution of pigmented lesions of the skin by teledermatology in primary careMaria del Carmen Arias Blanco (ES), B Muñoz Díaz, R Escuder Egea, J Redondo Sánchez, P Escribano Villanueva, S Ruiz Rejano, R Salido Vallejo
OP42.2Alopecia areata in childrenTânia Bairos (PT), A Marques, V Aguiar
OP42.3Diabetic Foot Risk Assessment on Primary Care: Results of a Simplified Clinical ProtocolPaula Neves (PT), C Junqueira, B Badim, R João, J Ribeiro, J Porfírio, J Silva, A Almeida, P Subtil, R Mendes
OP42.4Can we improve our low back pain tackling in our surgery?Jose Miguel Bueno-Ortiz (ES), J-A García-Garcerán, N del Cerro-Alvarez, A Palacios-Colom, F-J Rodriguez-Martínez, J-F Mulero-Cervantes, J Reyes-Jimenez, M-C Santiago-García, A Cánovas-Inglés, M-J Alonso-SaenzdeMiera, M Fernandez-García, J Sedes-Romero
OP42.5Information and advice about place of birth - what GPs in training sayOle Olsen (DK), P Winkler
S36.1Introduction from ChairJo Buchanan, President EURACT
S36.2Preparing trainees for participation in researchFerdinando Petrazzuoli, EGPRN Executive Board & Educational Committee
S36.3Research in specialty training - the current positionZalika Klemenc-Ketis (SI)
S36.4The trainee's perspective on research in STAna Luisa Neves, Rosy Tsopra, Ivana Babić, VdGM
W77We should treat the patients - Not their numbers… - how to fight polypharmacy and reduce IMU in your own practice/clinic?
W78The strength of family medicine research in Europe
W79Multimorbidity in family practice – patient unmet needs and doctor educational needs
W80Benzodiazepines in clinical practice: how to avoid and stop them? A workshop for early career doctors

S37Pearls for clinical practice; management of elderly people with diabetesPinar Topsever (TR), Johan Wens (BE), Xavier Cos (ES), Luc Martinez (FR)
W81A future vision for development of and enhanced collaboration between the Networks of WONCA Europe
OP43.1Medical care for homeless families and migrants: Scandinavian and American approachesMarcia Tanur (USA)
OP43.2Formative evaluation and feasibility trial of a collaborative care intervention for prison leavers with common mental health problemsRichard Byng (UK), C Quinn, T Kirkpatrick, C Lennox, S Brand, J Shaw
OP43.3Care, communication and educational needs of primary care nurses to treat disabled patientsNeree Claes (BE), H Storms, V Moermans
OP43.4How do general practitioners assess self-care in patients with multimorbidity and difficulties in disease management?Mads Aage Toft Kristensen (DK), B Hølge-Hazelton, FB Waldorff, AD Guassora
OP43.5An exploration of infant feeding practices among Western African mothers living in the community in IrelandSarah Brennan (IE), A McFarlane
W82Getting more knowledge and awareness of alcohol abuse in elderly patients
W83Chest pain patient management, two ways-ticket. From family doctor to hospital and back, between guidelines and clinical practice
OP44.1Non-drug and drug therapies of nocturnal leg cramps in patients over 60 years oldMathieu Lorenzo (FR), J Chambe, M Schaeffer, F Rougerie, D Haller-Hester, H Maisonneuve
OP44.2Establishing a Balint Group at University of Luxembourg : a pilot project with trainees in General PracticeMonique Aubart-Schuller (LU)
OP44.3How is selective prevention of cardiometabolic diseases organized in the EU member states?Anne-Karien de Waard (NL), J Korevaar, M Hollander, N de Wit, C Lionis, T Thilsing, A Carlsson, B Seifert, F Schellevis
OP44.4Role of primary care in diagnosis and monitoring of non-valvular atrial fibrillation over 5 yearsFrancisca Rivera Casares (ES), L Pérez Ollero, L Bort Llorca, M Moscardó Suay, S Pérez López
OP44.5Early detection of atrial fibrillation in primary care: a multicenter studyJavier Dario Cabrera Ramos (ES), V Dominguez, P Gracia, A Herrero, G Fluxà, J Hoyo, C Fuentes, A Altes, AM Pérez, B Coll-Vinent
W84Managing plantar fasciitis in primary care - the role of patient education and exercises
W85The elderly muscle: from muscle soreness to sarcopenia and how to diagnose or treat it in general medicine?
W86Position paper - palliative approach in primary care from European perspective
W87Medication management in the last phase of life
W88Introducing desirable system-wide quality indicators to incentivise integration across and beyond the health system, using alliances led by primary care
OP45.1Pain-related emergency care presentations by patients with terminal cancerSarah Mills (UK), B Smith, D Buchanan
OP45.2Social inequality in awareness and beliefs about cancer in the Danish populationLine Hvidberg (DK), AF Pedersen, C Wulff, P Vedsted
OP45.3Differences in cervical cancer screening between immigrants and non- immigrants in Norway – a primary health care register-based study

Kathy Ainul Møen (NO), S Qureshi, B Kumar, E Diaz
OP45.4Psychological distress in caregivers to terminally ill patients in a nation-wide population-based study. What is the role of pre-loss grief symptoms?Mette Kjærgaard Nielsen (DK), MA Neergaard, AB Jensen, P Vedsted, F Bro, M-B Guldin
OP45.5A trainee in the office for a month: what are the challenges for the new clinical teacher?Marie-Claude Audétat (CH), V Muller-Juge, A-C Pereira Miozzari, C Gillabert, J Sommer-Bühler, A Rieder
OP46.1Robots for the elderly - a possibility?Ana Nunes Barata (PT)
OP46.2The longitudinal effect of stroke on cognitionEugene Tang (UK), S Harrison, E Green, C Price, B Stephan
OP46.3Insomnia: how to deal with it without falling asleep. Concepts, diagnostic and treatment approaches.Elena Klusova (ES), N Pérez, JM Rodriguez Martinez, AM Pedro Pijoan, R Garcia-Gutierrez Gómez, E Álvarez Porta, D Botaro, A Helmfelt, N Sánchez Prida, I Borque Roda, A Artime
OP46.4The WONCA Europe Book of TitlesCarl Steylaerts (BE), I Svab
OP46.5(Cost)-effectiveness of antivirals for influenza-like-illness in primary care: Set-up and progress of the ALIC4E trial in 17 European Countries

Alike van der Velden (NL), J Cook, H Goossens, T Verheij, CC Butler
W89Do old people have sex?
W90Do you talk with your patients about their wishes and expectations around the end of their life?
OP47.1Medication management strategy for older people with polypharmacy: the GP's perspectiveJudith Sinnige (NL), JC Korevaar, J van Lieshout, GP Westert, FG Schellevis, JC Braspenning
OP47.2Improving safe storage of methadone in the home. An initiative augmenting the effectiveness of information provision, to keep children safeTanya O Shea (IE), JA Horan, MC van Hout, M Gooney
OP47.3Transitional patient safety: characteristics of transitional incidents, solutions and challengesLeida Reijnders (NL), J Poldervaart, N de Wit, D Zwart
OP47.4Implementing evidence - based tools to improve patient safety: creating a plan for your primary care officeElissa Palmer (USA)
OP47.5Potential rabies exposure incidents & vaccination prevalence amongst tourists and expatriates in Phnom Penh, CambodiaLuke Kane (UK)
W91Decision aid - a tool for a patient and for a doctor?
OP48.1Vast majority of elderly people with multiple diseases can be treated at home, thanks to the mobile home visit teamKarin Träff Nordström (SE), E Thorén Todoulos, M Olsson, L Stavenow, L Kennedy, P Midlöv
OP48.2"It's in God's hands…"Andreia Fernandes (PT)
OP48.3Experience of the set-up of an integrated care process for pluripathological, chronic, complex patients (CPPCP) in a healthcare área in Castilla y LeónRaquel Gomez Bravo (ES), S Rizzo Raza, A Ruiz de Temiño de la Peña, G Vega Tejedor, E Izquierdo Delgado, M Andrés Calvo, D Rey García, D Rodríguez Pérez, MC Fernández-Alonso, I Martin del Bosque, R Martínez-Fuerte
OP48.4Frailty indicators and preventive GP home visits to elderly patients. Result of an audit in Danish general practice

Henriette Kirstine Lund Christensen (DK), T Kristensen, J Lykkegaard
OP48.5Dementia management in the primary care setting across Europe: the EGPRN PREDEM study.”EGPRN connected”Radost Asenova (BG), F Petrazzuoli, H Thulesius, N Buono, S Vinker, T Koskela, T Frese, JK Soler, C Iftode, D Petek, P Unalan, M Hanzevacki
W92New evidence – change of practice? A workshop about patient information, patient values and shared decision making; with place of birth as case
EP13.01Chronic pain in primary health care – how do we diagnose and treat our patients?Åsa Niper (SE), BC Bertilson
EP13.02Accuracy of three different point-of-care test in general practice (GP) in Denmark – preliminary resultsPernille Brunsgaard (DK), A Holm
EP13.03Children's pain and use of pain killers - association with mother's healthAnette Hauskov Graungaard (DK), V Siersma, K Lykke, R Kirk Ertmann, LE Knudsen, J Fangel Jensen, M Mäkelä
EP13.04Even the children could be seriously ill!Mirica Rapic (HR), M Rapic Mrgan
EP13.05Climate change and health, what´s the role for the family doctor?Kasper Eplov (SE)
EP13.06Is it useful taking arterial pulse to detect asymptomatic atrial fibrillation in primary care?Maria del Carmen Arias Blanco (ES), J Redondo Sánchez, J Martínez de la Iglesia, E Martín Riobó
EP13.07A streak of bad luckHelder Sousa (PT), AC Almeida, L de Pinho Costa
EP13.08Varicella pneumonia in immunocompetent adult.Beatriz Guerrero Barranco (ES), N Rivera Rodríguez, M Berenguer Callejón, D Ámez Rafael
EP13.09The impact of smoking on rheumatoid arthritis activityAida Cengic (BA), S Hebibovic, S Sokolovic, S Kasumagic
EP13.10The use of complementary and alternative medicine for cancer patients in primary careRakesh N Modi (UK), LV Chapman
EP14.01Is a good relationship with primary care associated with decreased need for hospitalisation?Karin Ranstad (SE), P Midlöv, A Halling
EP14.02“The top five” list

The Italian project for appropriateness in General Practice

Simonetta Miozzo (IT), L Aimetti, S Bianchi, C Gado, P Guerra, F Lupano, P Mathieu, S Quadrino, P Rossi, G Ventriglia
EP14.03A teaching experience: keep calm and train minor surgeryInmaculada Álvarez (ES), R Álvarez, D Garcia, S Lancho, L Romera
EP14.04Quality of care in a primary care practice: use of quality indicators in patient with COPD

Rosario Martinez-Fuerte (ES), L Sierra-Martínez, N Sanz-González
EP14.05Reflecting on UK primary care: what can be learned from our international neighbours?Ula Chetty (UK), K Whalley
EP14.06Development of a valid and reliable quality measurement tool for general practitioner and nurse-led telephone triage in out-of-hours careDennis Schou Graversen (DK), MB Christensen, AF Pedersen, L Huibers
EP14.07Follow-up consultation through healthcare kiosk - a new way to deliver care for stable chronic disease patients in primary careJuliana Bahadin (SG), G Ng, E Shum, N Tan
EP14.08Video Consultation in General Practice - Patients' PerspectiveBrian McEllistrem (IE), M Clifford
EP14.09Investigation in primary care: how to act before an inspection by the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

Rosa Vinas (ES), MM Forés, I Zamora, A Vinas, SE Riesgo, A Perez
EP14.10Electronic patient information: a log file study of its use by citizens and health care providers in FinlandHelena Liira (AU), I Kunnamo, O Saarelma, S Treweek
EP15.01Promoting continuity of care: enablers and barriers for new family physicians to work in regular family practiceJulie Loslier (CA), A Roy, M Breton
EP15.02Reinforcing partnership between cancer patient, general practitioner and oncologist during chemotherapy –a randomised controlled trialTheis Trabjerg (DK), H Jensen, J Søndergaard, J Sisler, DG Hansen
EP15.03Hormonal war: menopause 51.4Sara Isabel Roncero Martín (ES), A Sánchez de Toro Gironés, AC Menéndez López, L De Castro Peral, E Sánchez Pablo, LS Bañagasta, A Carrasco Angulo, P Abdeljabbar Paredes, AB Martorell
EP15.04Mirabegron in the treatment of BPH – an evidence-based reviewJorge Freitas (PT), A Alves
EP15.06Deciding if lifestyle is a problem: GP risk assessments or patient evaluations? A conversation analytic study of preventive consultations in general practiceAnn-Dorrit Guassora (DK), SB Nielsen, S Reventlow
EP15.07Teledermatology: application of new technologies in primary careClara Vilavella (ES), E Lopez, R Quinta, E Saul, E Miñana, N Abellan, A Maresma, P Sin, G Balmont
EP15.08A general look at pharmacogenetic and its futureOnur Ozturk (TR), I Fidanci
EP15.09"No time to lose": costs of determination with capillary method of glycohemoglobin A1c in primary careJuan Cabre (ES), J Vizcaino, R Sagarra, L Dudasu, L Torrente, A Lopez
EP15.10Connecting the national electronic prescription system with an electronic medical records system: targets and potentials within the period of austerityIoanna Tsiligianni (GR), D Kounalakis, F Anastasiou, K Makri, M Meramveliotakis, R Pateli, C Petraki, D Prokopiadou, I Stefanaki, N Tsakountakis, T Vasilopoulos, C Lionis
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EP16.02Prenatal exposure to antiepileptic drugs and use of primary healthcare in childhood: a population-based cohort study in DenmarkBodil Hammer Bech (DK), AM Lund Würtz, C Høstrup Vestergaard, D Rytter, J Christensen, M Vestergaard
EP16.03Doctor: why does my face swell? Should I take it seriously?Mara López (ES), L Romera
EP16.04Low back pain during pregnancy

Martina Rocha (PT), T Tavares, A Correia, A Ferreira, M Almeida
EP16.05Actinomyces infection in women using copper intrauterine device (IUD) in a primary care health centerCristina Navarro (ES), S Reviriego, M Fernandez
EP16.06“Cervical cancer screening: how we do it, to whom and when”Angela Alves (PT), A Silva, J Castanheira, P Coutinho, V Gomes
EP16.07“ Now I will stop using my intuition and only follow checklists” - healthcare professionals´ experiences with drug utilization reviewsKatharina Schmidt-Mende (SE), J Hasselström, M Andersen, B Wettermark, P Bastholm-Rahmner
EP16.08Cytomegalovirus in pregnancy: should family doctors order this serological test?Carla Pina (PT), C Mata, S Vidal
EP16.09Symptoms and signs of ovarian cancer in women presenting to primary careMarie-Louise Ladegaard Baun (DK), F Bro, G Ørtoft, P Vedsted
EP16.10Prevalence of symptoms of depression and anxiety in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: cross-sectional study in primary health careFlávio Guimarães (PT), AM Barros, J Correia de Sousa
EP17.01Evaluation of renal function in home care patientsAlper Sunnetci (TR), D Yilmaz, G Soguksu, D Toprak
EP17.02Potentially inappropriate prescriptions of chronic consumption of Proton Pump Inhibitors : Are we doing it right?Nora Selvi Miralles (ES), MA Herrero Mateu, N Sánchez Ruano, A Company Barceló, P Gracia Alonso
EP17.03Evaluation of vitamin D levels in home care patientsGözen Soguksu (TR), D Yilmaz, A Sunnetci, E Asan, B Duran Tak, D Toprak, E Karaca
EP17.04What is the relationship between vitamin D and obesity?Ana Margarida Correia (PT), A Ferreira, M Rocha, T Tavares, E Borges
EP17.05Prevalence of risk factors and incidence of cardiovascular disease recurring cases in primary careJuan Cabre (ES), J Frigola, L Torrente, J Vizcaino, C Chancho, A Lopez, R Sagarra, J Garcia-Rosello
EP17.06How ICT can describes frailtyAndrea Moser (IT), M Clerici, D Ortolani, G Visentin
EP17.07How to apply experiences for a healthy lifestyle - a Pilot ProjectEmmanuela Fernandova (CZ), H Matejovska Kubesova, P Kellner
EP17.08Debunking myths and misbeliefs in medicine: educating patients to take evidence-based health choicesAlessio Platania (IT), M Cannarozzo, J Vucak, D Italiano, Y Mariani Borrero, S Bressy
M Joao Nobre, M Freitag, R García-Gutiérrez Gómez
EP17.09Prevalence of depression in patients with hypothyroidism in Health Care Center MostarGordana Pivic (BA), D Prce, M Pivic, A Zalihic
EP17.10New roles in primary care practices; a solution for future healthcare challenges?Mieke van der Biezen (NL), E Derckx, M Laurant
EP18.01Team work in primary care: managing personalities with enneagramInes Rosendo, L Constantino, AM Bigotte, J Canais, C Matias
EP18.02How can we overcome the challenges of being a GP woman in RomaniaIleana Anca Efrim, C Bakri, IA Radu, L Agata Toc, D Toma, R Tanasescu, M Pircalabu, S Alexis, R Zoitanu
EP18.03ASPIRE global leader programCandan Kendir Çopurlar (TR), CM Thomas, K Hoedebecke
EP18.04The possibilities of the organising an international course on the development of research capacities in GP/FM? Workshop Mladenka Vrcic Keglevic (HR), H Tiljak, G Petricek, R Pavlov
EP18.05Why do we drink?Marta Velgan (EE), H Grauberg
EP18.06Patient safety in primary care, GPs can come aboard!Isabelle Dupie (FR), A Rochfort, A Nguyen van Nhieu
EP18.07Multi-PAP trial: How can we improve drug prescription in patients with multimorbidity and polypharmacy in primary care? Study protocolBarrio Jaime (ES), MA Prados-Torres, Il Cura-González, JD Prados-Torres, A Calderón-Larrañaga, F Leyva, E Escortell-Mayor, B Poblador-Plour, T Sanz-Cuesta, P Barnestein
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EP18.09Practice support for patients with chronic conditionsUlrik Bak Kirk (DK), J Gensichen, A Rochfort
EP18.10The effect of lifestyle change in blood pressure control among hypertensive patientsMyung Hwa Yang (KR), JA Lee, Y-S Kim, S Sunwoo, HW Park
EP19.01Late-life depression: a diagnostic challengeVasco Martins (PT), I Correia, P Henriques, R Feliciano
EP19.02Priority setting in patients with cancer and comorbiditiesAnne Beiter Arreskov, AS Davidsen, AH Graungaard, J Søndergaard
EP19.03The GP's role with the terminally ill patientsPetra Kánská (CZ)
EP19.04Home blood transfusions - a feasible trans-sectoral collaborationCamilla Aakjær (DK), I Duvald, C Skjærbæk
EP19.05Family mobile phone otoscopy in diagnostics of otitis media (Family mOTO -Study)Nora Erkkola-Anttinen (FI), H Irjala, M Laine, A Ruohola
EP19.06Heart failure´s comorbidities and polypharmacy in patients over 65 yearsAna Ruiz Garcia (ES), E Perez Nicolas, M Clemente Garcia, C Donato Ripoll, ME Ruiz García, D Khazzoum Collado, M Mora Moya, J Garcia Saez, M Perez Adelantado, A Fuertes Fortea, FJ Tarazona Santabalbina, P Oliva Femenia
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EP19.08Chronic use of benzodiazepines in the elderly and strategies for its discontinuationFlavio Ribeiro (PT), T Fernandes
EP19.09The invisible enemySara Matos (PT), B Prucha, M Moreira
EP19.10Analysis of the participation in psychoeducational groups in primary health careIsabel Roig Grau (ES), E Albero Sanchez, R Rodriguez Roig, G Esquerra Casas, D Rodriguez Sotillo, A Girona Amores, I Fornell Boixader, F Diaz gallego, N Busquet Sole, A Cuberas Mas
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EP20.02Physicians' attitudes and perceptions about Benzodiazepines: Portuguese National SurveyJoana Oliveira (PT), I Neves, M Fernandes, O Santos, VAJ Maria
EP20.03The importance of the survivorship care plans for cancer in primary careCélia Mata (PT), C Pina, S Vidal
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EP20.06Metabolic syndrome prevalence among the elderly: secondary data analysis from annual health check-upsFuangfa Benjaoran (TH), N Namvichaisirikul, S Kaewpitoon, S Churproong, R Loyd, W Sinjariyanon, P Subhaluksuksakorn
EP20.07Systematic review evaluating patients’ adherence to life-style modifications, disease prevention and managementLiga Kozlovska (LV), M Kozlovska, S Gintere, G Ticmane, R Vintere
EP20.08Diagnosing heart failure with NT-proBNP in general practice: lower costs and higher precisionIvar Sønbø Kristiansen (NO), C Bugge, EM Sæther, A Pahle, D Sørlie
EP20.09Antibiotic prophylaxis in intra-uterine device insertion: is there any evidence?Joana Teixeira (PT), C Pinho, A Nogueira, AT Fernandes
EP20.10Can impedance cardiography replace echocardiography in assessment of left ventricular function in patients with heart failure?Elzbieta Kaszuba (SE), S Scheel, H Odeberg, A Halling
EP21.01Portuguese Community Engagement Project’s Survey – understanding the health and cultural needs of a marginalised immigrant community in LondonCristiano Figueiredo (PT), V Sharma
EP21.02Prevalence of tobacco use and profile of tobacco users in primary care practices in GreeceChristos Lionis (GR), S Papadakis, C Garvilaki, C Vardavas, I Tsiligianni, M Symvoulakis, A Pipe
EP21.03Impact of socioeconomic position and geography on the use of mental health services - for patients with common mental disordersAake Packness (DK), L Hastrup, E Simonsen, M Vestergaard, A Halling
EP21.04Preventing gender violence, a community experienceMaría del Pilar Marcos Martínez (ES), MR Tomás Almarcha, B Poveda Sentenero
EP21.05Training researchers in general practice; experiences from the The Norwegian Research School of General PracticeElin Olaug Rosvold (NO), J Straand, S Ruths, A Klovning, JA Sigurdsson, H Melbye, G Rørtveit
EP21.06Chronotherapy of the combined antihypertensive therapy - which the evidence?Ana Luísa Matias (PT), A Correia, S Almeida
EP21.07Are the adolescents who sleep the least more or less active compared to their peers? A Cross-sectional study among 15-year oldsMaroje Soric (HR), M Misigoj-Durakovic
EP21.08Vaccination as an example of unequal access to health care and medicalization of women's healthNina Monteiro (PT)
EP21.09Andalusian public health system general practitioner trainees' knowledge of gender based violenceJavier Segovia Rodríguez (ES), J Santos Romera, FJ Roquette Mateos, JL Almenara Abellán, JJ Castro Moreno, C Portero Luque, V Arjona García, E Salas Sánchez, E Navarrete Dominguez
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EP22.01What the hell am I doing here? Financing and neuropysichiatric diseaseJose Antonio Pascual Lopez (ES), PM Martínez López, J Aracil Fernandez, C Martínez Delgado, C Zulueta Gómez-Aparici, A Pérez Carrillo, AE Zapata Aparicio, M Ros Marín, MH Vidal
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EP22.03Implementation research in general practice – an example. Introducing a tool for systematic assessment of depression in nursing home patients Kristina Riis Iden (NO), A Aamland, K Malterud
EP22.04Which respiratory conditions are most frequent in elderly patients? Is there any correlation with sex?José Ángel Sánchez Ortiz (ES), N Jorge Martín, A Bernad, A Pedraza Bueno, JC Pérez Sánchez, MR Sánchez Pérez
EP22.05Hypertensive patients: the reality of a primary care doctor's patient listSusana Rios (PT), S Sá
EP22.06Morbidity trends of dementia registered in Croatian family practice and anti-dementia drug utilisation, 2005 – 2014Dobrislav Simic (HR), Z Bendekovic
EP22.07Quality of anticoagulation control in patients within theTaonet program: the experience in our local health centerEduardo Guija Villa (ES), R Rodríguez Rodríguez, B Muñoz Torres, A Hernando Mallol
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EP22.09Chronic facial skin lesionsAlexandru Claudiu Coman (ES), EB Zapata Ledo, A Delgado Garcia, J Flores Torrecillas, RM Requena Ferrer, E Esteban Redondo(3), P Gea Fernandez
EP22.10Bridging anticoagulation: primum no nocereRita Teixeira (PT)
EP23.01Tools and methods(T&M) for measurement quality and safety. Current state of art.Jan Kovar (CZ), P Vanden Bussche
EP23.02Effects of yogic exercises on physical capacity and health in patients with obstructive pulmonary diseaseMarian Papp (SE), P Wändell, P Lindfors, M Nygren-Bonnier
EP23.03Opportunities to increase value: The semFYC experienceM Mercè Marzo-Castillejo (ES), S Tranche, J Basora, JM Bueno
EP23.04The standard measurement of HDL-C levels not enough in diabetic patients? Time for a new approach?Katarzyna Nessler (PL), A Windak
EP23.05Determinants for preferences for lifestyle changes or medication and beliefs in ability to retain lifestyle changes. A population-based surveyDorte Ejg Jarbøl (DK), PV Larsen, D Gyrd-Hansen, J Søndergaard, C Brandt, A Leppin, BL Barfoed, JB Nielsen
EP23.06NYGP - Nordic Young General Practitioners

(Workshop or Symposium????)
Christina Svanholm (DK), UB Kirk, E Stura, K Saikonnen, M Tomasdottir
EP23.07Epidemiological study on the smoking habits of high-school students in certain areas of CreteTheodoros Vasilopoulos (GR), N Tsakountakis, G Arseni, D Varthalis, I Trahanatzi, R Patelli
EP23.08From deep psyche to skin deep Helder Sousa (PT), L de Pinho Costa, AC Almeida
EP24.01Effectiveness of an educational strategy on implementing clinical guidelines among Spanish residents of family medicine (EDUCAGUIA): clinical trial by clustersJaime Barrio (ES), I Cura-González, JA Lopez-Rodriguez, M Morey-Montalvo, E Ojeda-Ruiz, G Ariza-Cardiel, B Román-Crespo, JF Ávila-Tomás, R Ferrer-Peña, E Polentinos-Castro, R Rodríguez-Barrientos
EP24.02Vaginal administration of estrogens in postmenopausal urinary incontinence – evidence-based reviewMaria Ines Oliveira (PT), S Moreira, M Barbosa, H Rocha
EP24.03Efficacy of home-based non-pharmacological interventions in depression treatment: A systematic review and network meta-analysisThunyarat Anothaisintawee (TH), K Sukhato, A Dellow
EP24.04Body mass index and chronic non-communicable diseases in primary health protection Elvisa Smajic (BA), A Beganlic, S Brekalo-Lazarevic
EP24.05Should we be testing for Mycoplasma genitalium in General Practice?Astrid Robinson (DK)
EP24.06The direct and indirect healthcare costs of lung cancer CT screening in DenmarkManja Jensen (DK), V Siersma, JH Pedersen, J Brodersen
EP24.07Comparison of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome as a optimal criteria for metabolically obese, normal weightDong Wook Jeong (KR), Hyerim Hwang
EP24.08Menopausal symptoms: development and dimensionality of the MenoScores Questionnaire (MSQ)Kamma Lund (DK), F Boch Waldorff, V Dirk Siersma, J Brodersen
EP24.09The time schedule of primary care transformation in Central and Eastern Europe between 1900-2010Maciek Godycki-Cwirko (PL), A Kowalczyk
EP24.10Evaluation of Digoxin users presenting to emergency serviceFeruze Turan Sönmez (TR), CI Sönmez, S Inci, D Öztas, H Günes, H Kandis, A Saritas
KA06Inequalities in healthAssociate Professor Bernadette Kumar, Department of Global Health, Institute for Health and Society, University of Oslo, Norway
KA07From individual to collective efforts towards health equity or what family medicine can learn from Canada geese?Associate Professor Katherine D Rouleau, University of Toronto, Dall Lana School of Public Health, Toronto, Canada
S38.1Health needs, views on and experiences with healthcare of refugees and other newly arriving migrants throughout their journey in EuropeMaria van den Muijsenbergh (NL), T van Loenen, C Dowrick, C Lionis
S38.2Health problems of Syrian refugees in IstanbulAral Sürmeli (TR), UT Tolunay
S38.3Healthcare for refugees in hot spot Lesbos, GreecKyriakos Maltezis (GR)
S38.4Oversight of guidelines for refugee care - a summary
S38Expert panel discussion with the audience: how to provide affordable good quality care for refugees in primary careGuus Busser (NL), Christos Lionis (GR), Chris Dowrick (UK), Sylvia Mennink (NL)
W93Being a good-enough GP for non-heterosexual people (LGBT- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people)Janecke Thesen (NL), Gunnar F Olsen (NO), Mari Bjørkman (NO)3, Dilek Güldal (TR), Özden Gökdemir (TR), Gamze Akyol (TR), Neslişah Gaffuroglutan (TR), Ülkü Bulut (TR)
W94GPs leading innovations for Inclusion Health: creating integrated pathways to care for marginalized people
W95Family violence: helping family doctors on basic steps to better identify itNina Monteiro (PT), Sara Rigon (IT), Ula Chetty (UK), Christofer Patrick Reichel (A), Elena Klusova (SP), Özden Gökdemir (TK), Hassna Errami (FR), Ana Nunes Barata (PT), Raquel Gomez-Bravo (SP), Alexandra Tsipou (GR), Yusianmar Mariani (UK)
W96Using comparative experiences of Turkish and Irish general practice as a basis for designing the model consultation
OP49.01Use of emergency CCRE by patients with terminal cancerSarah Mills (UK), B Smith, D Buchanan
OP49.02The perception of equity of care by European GPs involved in the quality fieldHector Falcoff (FR), D Rambaud
OP49.03Z ICPC2 trend in GP health centers in central Portugal between 2009-2013Liliana Constantino (PT), I Rosendo, LM Santiago
OP49.04The Global Health Exchange Fellowship, pilot programmeGladys Obuzor (UK), A Quine, N Nthusi, L Ndomoto, A Hibble, C Tulinius, P Chahal, N Nyanja, S Barasa
OP49.05Attitudes towards the elderly among the young family physicians in TurkeyTugba Onat (TR), C Kendir Copurlar, M Kartal, N Tekin
OP49.06Nurse practitioners as a response to future challenges in out-of-hours primary care and its impact on general practitioners’ caseloadMieke van der Biezen (NL), R van der Burgt, M Laurant
W97WONCA Special Interest Group on Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine
EP25.01Prevalence of drug-related problems in residential care facilities for the elderly: a systematic reviewHannelore Storms (BE), K Marquet, B Aertgeerts, N Claes
EP25.02Identification of post-stroke cognitive impairment in the UKEugene Tang (UK), C Price, C Exley, B Stephan, L Robinson
EP25.03Beliefs and attitudes in changing lifestylePekka Mäntyselkä (FI), J Savolainen, A Dania, H Kautiainen
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EP25.08Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction in primary and hospital careBjörn Eriksson (SE), M Edner, U Dahlström, P Wändell, L Lund, P Näsman
EP25.09Systematic inventive thinking "inside the box": practical approach to creativity, innovation and problem solving to advance educational and professional goalsElissa Palmer (USA)
EP25.10Treatment with statins prior to first time myocardial infarction, with special reference to patients with previously diagnosed cardiovascular diseaseGunnar Nilsson (SE), E Samuelsson, L Söderström, T Mooe
EP26.01Depression and risk for atrial fibrillationMorten Fenger-Grøn (DK), M Vestergaard, ET Parner, L Frost, DS Davydow
EP26.02The perception of elderly Turkish migrants about the healthcare services in Denmark and TurkeySuzan Yazici (TR)
EP26.03Trauma in Greek correctional facilities over the period of 2012 to 2014: A GP experienceVasilios Stoukas (GR), G Sakellariou
EP26.04Management of patients with excesssive alcohol consumption in primary care: results of alco-ap studyEsperanza María Romero Rodríguez (ES)
EP26.05Medical students internship experience: an educational activity on puberty and sexuality in a public school of a Brazilian underserved areaAna Rosa Murad Szpilman (BR), TV Ribeiro, LB Nóbrega
EP26.06Evaluation of the e-learning module “The Sexually Transmitted Disease Consultation”Linda Bos-Bonnie (NL), M Kijser, V Pigmans, J van Bergen, N van Dijk
EP26.07Child abuse. “Only it is recognized what is known”Elena Klusova (ES), N Pérez López, R Garcia-Gutierrez Gomez, M Teran, JM Rodriguez Martínez, E Álvarez Porta, AM Pedro Pijoan, I Borque Roda, A Artime Artime, D Botaro
EP26.08Pocket guide for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease appointmentsTânia Varela (PT), M Prudente, J Vaz Ramires, L Batista
EP26.09Economic evaluation of the effects of routine use of NT-proBNP in general practice in North Denmark RegionTamana Afzali Abubaker (DK)
EP27.01Adhesive shoulder capsulitis, treatment with corticosteroid, corticosteroid with distension or watchful wait; a randomized controlled trial in primary careSatya Sharma (NO), A Bærheim, A Kvåle
EP27.02A workshop on medical knowledge. A qualitative study on how mindlines develop and their link with clinical guidelines Sietse Wieringa (NO & UK)
EP27.03Family medicine, elderly and palliative care, a great exchange opportunity

Simone Cernesi (IT)
EP27.04Nordic Research Network on children and adolescents in general practiceAnette Hauskov Graungaard (DK), O,R Haavet, P Wilson, K Lykke, R Kirk Ertmann, F Gullbrå, R Åbenhus, P Lagerløv, MK Kousgaard Andersen, M Brouer, M Piiksi Dahli, R Køster Rasmussen
EP27.05A workshop to discuss a self-regulating learning template for trainees in general practiceSyeda Madiha Sharaf (LU)
EP27.06The use of narcotic analgesics in a comprehensive
palliative care center
Huseyin Can (TR), G Utlu, Y Utlu, YC Kaplan
EP27.07The awareness of serotonin syndrome regarding
combinations of serotonergic agents in the
comprehensive palliative care center